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  1. I think it is suggested the loans still sit at 40Bn but the banks, or whom ever last creditor was, sold the loans for liquidity of 12Bn, so the new creditor will still try to get 40Bn worth of dosh from the asset debtors, and as they are non-performing and debtor cannot re-finance/negotiate, the new creditor will initiate the reposession of the assets - at least that's how I read the article. For the original creditor, the debts were now only 12Bn "face value" (sidenote; the term was from the article, not my own wording ) worth, and wanted to not handle the repo-procedures or renegotiate tho
  2. Was it just yesterday an asset house buying 12Bn non-performing assets with face value of 40Bn - some people make money out of other peoples' distress always.
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