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  1. Something Blinky Bill said triggered a thought in my mind about all the drinking mates that I have known and remember since being in Chiang Mai, specifically those who have passed on I would like to start a list of those I remember here in Chiang Mai and would like all other local members to chip in and add the names they remember. Just add them onto the list and in this way maybe all of us together or by ourselves can have a drink and say salute, salude, old buddy, I remember and miss you. Here is the start of the list I would like to remember, add to it if you like and see how many we can remember. Salute Good Buddies Skipper Andy the Scot J. B. Gross Jeremy Roger Morton Allister the Scot Jack Wall Rick Cherry [ Dr. Lic ] Crickett ........ way before her time add on guys and gals
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