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  1. Two things in your post are a bit troublesome , especially here in SEA .... Exercise and honesty . 55555
  2. I'm sure we've all heard that saying. .....but talk about amazing!!! For those out there with nothing to do, and an extra heartbeat of two .... Check me out. Say you should live to be about the ripe old age of 75 years and not get too scared to much along the way or your wife doesn't aggravate you too much during the blissful years and you have an average heart beat of 75 beats per minute......Do you realize that your heart would beat non-stop for about 2,958,552 000 times, hopefully ....non stop !!! Get the calculator out. Now is that an amazing piece of machinery/organ, or what ???
  3. Check Gunther's Guts out in Doi Saket. If you Google it, try " G & M Butcher Chiang Mai ", you will get better results
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