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  1. yes plus the heat of the day can be added possibly causing additional drowsiness or inattention....
  2. People need to understand the World Health limit for 2.5 is 20 so how does Thailand deal with levels above 20? Simple they just raise the 2.5 safety level to 50 lol.
  3. good place if you are mainly here for mongering and staying indoors... however if you so a study you will see now there is terrible air quality here for the high season starting november and ending around march... the result of traffic, burning and factories.... not a good choice for the long run...
  4. Give the current pollution the only places worth considering depending on budget are south of hua hin. Just research all ares down there.
  5. question is where was justice for the last years? ten million dollars later... interesting timing...
  6. I see said the blind man to the deaf dog listening to the radio.
  7. yeah i wouldn't be too confident that future problems may not arise as this poster was still included within the past guidelines for the income letter.
  8. I don't understand your point. I am saying if you have worries or situations that leave you to believe that immigration could come see you anytime at 4 am in the morning when you are legally here then there is something wrong with the system. Time for a change. No hysteria here just common sense.
  9. Interesting and the chinese in all their wisdom serve you a hot glass of water when you ask for a glass of water lol.
  10. When you have thoughts like this it is truly the time to find another country. Thailand is not welcoming anymore.
  11. They will jack up the fine for farangs and let the Thais drive by in their window tinted cars and four on a motorbike not helmets.
  12. Save them from what? Although Israel refuses to enter any nuclear proliferation treaty and denies having any it is well known that Israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons.
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