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  1. So we have ivermectin used safely for decades and proven effective against parasites and now possibly viruses. And we have a host of rna vaccinations representing a new and completely different method of operation without the full amount of testing done in the past. I am not saying that vaccines will not work against covid but I am also saying ivermectin may do the trick. Big pharma has never liked simple cost effective solutions. And imagine the egg on the face of those who pushed lockdowns etc. if a simple tablet like ivermectin worked. We don't know for sure bu
  2. The natureal environment here would lend itself to rich vegeataion and beauty if they let it but everything is ripped down, paved an covered in concrete. Phuket has 200 times the beauty because they didn't rip away what the tourists came here for - lush greenery and good beaches. Even Bangkok looks like an oasis comparted to Pattaya.
  3. I think you are the one overthininking this I am just pointing out an inconsistency lol
  4. not really if you look at the policies regarding social distancing and riding in busses etc. why are golfers allowed to ride in carts with no distancing, gather in groups of up to four etc. I am just pointing out the inconsistency.
  5. Good replies this confirms that the strategy employed is not consistent. If two people sitting outside a condo is a violation than four people riding in a golf court must be no different? Why the exception for golf courses?
  6. Given the current guidelines not allowing sitting on the beach, walking with a beer, swimming in a pool, wo people outside a condo, gyms closed etc. can anyone provide a rational explanation why Golf Courses are allowed open? It is my understanding that Golf Courses throughout Thailand are open. This makes absolutely no sense in light of the current guidelines.
  7. and they are streaming across the u.s. border by the thousands each day and untested... seems a lack of consistency or thought out policies.
  8. could easily be an attempted murder charge in many countries but likely settled to a lesser charge....
  9. Like that park near bali high they built the guy putting it in was saying phuket would be jealous what a joke has anyone seen it or actually used it nothing more than a big sidewalk with a few non shade easily managed palm trees lol
  10. yeah what was the real cost about 10 million baht at best I wonder where ther rest went
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