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  1. Yeah, could be. The consulate was closed on Monday (public holiday) so maybe ? But even on Tuesday afternoon there wasn't that many people in there. Even on their website they do not clearly say (like for the Vientiane embassy) that application must be submitted in the morning only, they say that the visa section is opened between 8:30 - 11:30 and 13:30 - 15:00 so, and the results are day+1 / afternoon, so... weird ?
  2. Uh ? I thought there was a limit of 2 visa exempt / calendar year, but what now !?
  3. Nope. I know it's surprising but : i've seen and talked with several people who were submitting application in the afternoon and i am 100% sure of that. Maybe it's not official but they were accepting it anyway, i'm 1 million % sure, I've seen them at the counter, asked them, I've seen their forms, i've heard them talking with the embassy staff at the counter and so on, what i'm saying is not a guess or a maybe, it's a fact. That really <deleted> me off BTW because : 1) They were slowing down the ppl like me who were just here to collect their passport 2) I had failed to submit my app on Thursday morning so went back on Friday morning, not knowing that i could have done it on Thursday afternoon, then the embassy was closed on Monday, i lost my flight ticket, had to stay 3 more days in Saigon so i was really <deleted> when i saw a bunch of people applying in the afternoon. Anyway i wouldn't recommend anyone to plan a trip for an afternoon application, that's probably not official and maybe when there's too many people waiting they don't accept afternoon applications, who knows ?
  4. I submitted my application in the morning but next day i went back to pickup my passport at 13:30, there was already about 30+ people waiting in line, took me like around 45 minutes to get to the counter.
  5. Jumping in : I was there last week. No appointment required, and i've seen a bunch of people submitting application in the afternoon (i thought it was morning only, but apparently you can do afternoon too). Don't forget to bring a bank statement, they were asking for 3 months bank statements even for TR visas. Don't forget to bring USD with you, they don't accept VND or THB (and only undamaged bank notes).
  6. Thanks for the answers : @ubonjoe, i'll probably do my extension at Changwatana, anyway i still have 3 months to make up my mind and get my paperwork ready, i'll try to update the results here. @spider : Yep, well, i'm a bit quite too young for a retirement visa, the marriage process can be a pain in the ass, but lots of friends have done it without "major" issues so i'm confident.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yep so far i got the 90 days entry from a single non-ed visa, no extension done yet, brand new just stamped 2 days ago. So, hang on, are you saying that i could in theory get a 1 year extension (marriage) with my ED visa ? Interesting !? What worries me is that if i do that, my visa will still be marked as "ED" visa, they wrote down in Thai on the visa "student visa at xx school" so if at some point and for any reason i gotta leave the country for a few days, on my way back at the airport the IO might get confused and think i'm using a re-entry permit with an ED visa and deny me ? They get me really worried 2 days ago, it's ridiculous, i'm thinking about toasting a new ED visa that i just got.
  8. Soo, here's the million dollar question (with details) I've been bouncing between FR and TH for the last 3 years (like 6 months / 6 months more or less). Eventually i decided to settle (again) to TH a couple of months ago, so i bought 1 year TH languages courses with ED visa in a "real" school in BKK, went back to France for 2-3 months, then went to Vietnam to get my visa. Getting the visa in Ho Chi min was a mess and getting through the immigration in suva was even worst, a fa*cking nightmare. (that's my first ED visa ever) I'm really sick of it, the last 3 times i crossed the border in Thailand in 2018 / 2019 they always threatened to send me back, questioned me over and over, that time they said they'll deny me and asked for my boarding pass (really pooped my pants), at the end she said she putted a warning in her system, spent 15 minutes typing on the computer, said that was the last time i was allowed to cross the border (i guess she meant for 2019 but i wasn't feeling like asking details was a good idea for somehow). So here we go : I just decided that getting married + marriage visa was the "right" thing to do *crying* I got 2 93+ years old grandmas that sadly won't get much older and i dont want to be in a situation where i have to fly out of Thailand for X days with a re-entry permit on my ED visa, not knowing if they'll let me in again. Would it be a problem to switch from ED to marriage visa, i guess as long as you got all the paperwork in order it "should" be okay but you never know right ? My ED visa is brand new, just crossed the border 2 days ago. PS : I'm starting to believe the GF works for the immigration, well done, you finally got what you wanted !
  9. Hello folks ; I'm looking for feedback from people who "recently" had some help from lawyers or "agents" in order to register their new SME business in Bangkok. I know they all kind of offer the same classic A-Z package which includes everything from name registering to VAT registration and so on (that's what i'm looking for at least). Would be more like general questions : How long does the process takes Days ? Weeks ? Months? How much would a standard SME (51 % thai / 49% foreigner) business registration costs ? Not asking for a precise price, i know it all depends, but overall how much would be a fair price at +/- 20% ? What's your lawyer / agent's name and website ? What else !? Yah i know "you could do it yourself" please no, i'm willing to pay to get it done properly. Thanks !
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