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  1. No need to go to Immigration for 90 days report. You can report online or by registered mail with return stemped envelope
  2. As long as you get paid abroad and pay taxes abroad, no problem.
  3. As for monthly income, you need to show at least 60k THB.
  4. Send the filled form (download from internet)+Copy of your Passport pages. add a stamped envelope with return address and send by registered mail 2 weeks before time due. You will receive the confirmation by mail. I do it all the time.
  5. Health administration chiefs anywhere in the world, always worry and always spread anxiety and apocalyptic prophecies. They want to cover their asses. They don't give a s**t about the economic havoc and the psychological damages.
  6. Once again we see the grumpy choir of foreigners spitting in the well that we all drink from. Again I ask myself why all those miserable ex patriates, who suffer so badly in this country, don't pack their belongings and return to their precious homeland.
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