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  1. Hey ... thank you very much. I'm writing down in my small black book the directions you gave. I'll peruse the Internet and take a look at what you said. Sounds like good advice. Thank you again, stay safe and healthy and smart, and best wishes to you and your FAM. Steve
  2. Hello, My Thai Wife's homeland is west of Tha Bo, which is west of Nong Khai. We spend a lot of time there, from our condo in BKK. Years ago on Mainland USA, I rode a Honda Shadow Aero (1100cc) many times each week all over West Texas, and I took the Honda 3-day professional motorcycle handling course. Excellent Training as I am very comfortable on a bike. Now, I want to explore Issan areas and west -- but on a motorcycle. * Is there a reputable rental place in Nong Khai? * Any experience riding in the Northeast part of Thailand? Maybe go down to KK and over to Khao Kho? * Specifically, how long should I plan to ride to Nong Khai to Chiang Mai? Where to hotel-up? What to see? * Even Better -- is there, possibly, a motorcy Club in ISSAN somewhere? I love to ride with others, too. Please share your experiences and pictures if you have any. I'd love to hear of your knowledge. Tell some stories, too!!! I'm planning now for the end of the year, if Thailand continues to open-up the country and control the Virus. Thank You and Best Wishes for continued good health, Steve
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