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  1. Hi guys I've been back in the UK since July. I am now considering coming back for a holiday in May I want to fly to Thailand spend a week or two and there then fly to India and maybe spend a few months there then return back to the UK. I'm concerned about the amount of visas I had before so I'm thinking is Thailand really worth it and maybe just go to India. This is my visa history London Tripple Double Vientiane 2 singles Vientiane 7 singles Savannakhet Then a 30 day land crossing and a 30 day extension Then in a new passport a 30 day land crossing and a 30 day extension I wasn't working in Thailand before I was living off rental income from property in the UK. If I was to take a little bit of documentation like bank statements and rental contracts would that prove that I had enough income to support myself before. I've had to land crossings within the last year that's my main concern. Thanks Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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