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  1. Yea that's an option too, thanks for the hint. You guys think what I told above is not a good solution? Repeated below: I have dual nationality of two EU countries and the other embassy can give me the COR. But now I can not be sure what the DLT would say about the COR document being tied to another passport and not the one that my visa is in. I guess nobody knows the answer to this question since it would be a very uncommon thing to do? I hope it would be ok under the circumstances since it's my only option and I can show them both passports and explain.
  2. Ok that sounds great. I didn't know there are DLT agents. I would definitely not mind paying for an agent for an easier way to get a 5 year licence. How can I use one of those agents?
  3. Sorry I just noticed that they went in to the wrong thread. I'm the OP of both of the topics and they were supposed to go into this one: Could you please move them there, since I had some valuable info and questions that you deleted from here?
  4. I'm on a five year licence now, but I mean the next one will be a 2 year due to the fact that I have a TR visa. Many people seem to think it's ok to drive one year after the licence has expired but that's not exactly correct. I mean the idea is that you can renew the licence within a year after expiry but not legally drive with an expired licence. At least if you have an accident or need to claim insurances there can be issues. I don't have a pink ID. I'm on an STV visa now. I've actually found a tricky solution to the Certificate of Residence issue. I have dual nationa
  5. Not overdue yet. Expiry at the end of this month and my appointment at Sukhumvit DLT in April. I mean I have no idea if they would give me the new 2 year licence even without the certificate of residence, but it's clearly stated as one of the documents to bring. So unlucky with this since I heard a few reports that you can get the COR at immigration offices in other provinces just fine with a TR visa.
  6. So I went to BKK immigration on Tuesday and quite interestingly the requirements were totally different to reports here. They seem to have no system in place since different immis ask for different documents. - No covid insurance extensions needed. They did look trough both insurances but seemed to be interested only in the 40k/400k health insurance which I had valid. - They ask for an official receipt of ASQ stay. The government certificate and an official booking and payment confirmation + a pay slip from my credit card was not enough. To me this was most amusing! - TM3
  7. Went to Muang Thong Thani to extend visa today and wanted to get the Certificate of Residence for my driving licence renewal that's booked for April. They said it's ipossible without Non-immigrant visa – they can not do one for TR visa holders. I called my embassy, as it's advised in many places that it's the right place to get one for DLT matters. They said they can not do it either. Not sure why but they insisted that they can't help. Now I'm in a real mess because I need it to renew my licence. Anybody have some helpful advice what I can do in this situation? Thanks!
  8. Thanks I'll try to go early. There was a lot of discussion in the STV visa extension thread and there's absolutely no consensus or guidelines on what's needed. Ubonjoe's opinion was actually that nothing out of the ordinary TR stuff should be required, but then there was this guy who was asked for an extended covid insurance for the next 90 days which costs around 10,000b (at least the one I got for the first 90 days from my entry date till now) and also a rental agreement etc. That was in Nonthaburi tho. Reports from Pattaya/Jomtien claim no extra documents were asked. Well, I'll know in a fe
  9. So got my appointment done. The system is surprisingly easy and fast to get a confirmation ticket. The funny think is that for STV, no documents are mentioned so as we've been talking endlessly in the STV extension thread, nobody really knows what they want to see. I hope nothing except normal TR visa form, one pic and passport – who knows. Would suck to have to go twice but there's always that possibility when it's a mystery what's needed.
  10. Thanks. Maybe I'll give it a try. Any idea what happens if you're late?
  11. So this is interesting. I know the topic here is about retirement visas, but I was going to go and try to extend my STV without a booking this week at Muang Thong Thani. Does anyone know if that's fine? I mean they do take walk ins too right? Just thinking that the booking confirmation seems to clarify what is needed for extension (which in the case of STV nobody seems to know). There reason I would prefer not to book a time is that it's not easy to estimate how long it takes for me to drive to Muang Thong Thani. Can be 30min or 1.5 hrs.
  12. Anyway, I'm going this week to check if I can get it done without the mentioned documents, so then I still have time before my visa expires if there really is a need to buy a new covid insurance. Can someone confirm if it's necessary to make a booking for STV extension appointment? I would prefer to just go there without an appointment time because it's impossible to estimate the driving time to get there. At least a friend who extended TR said he had no booking and there was no queue at Muang Thong Thani (that is where STV's are extended also right?)
  13. Has anyone renewed their 5 year drivers licence lately? Mine is expiring in March and I need to get it done soon. I'm just wondering is it as simple as going there with the old licence and you just pay for the next 5 year licence? Last time I renewed my first 1 year licence to this 5 year one, I remember it was pretty much that simple – if I remember correctly. But now with all the discrimination towards foreigners, who knows? Could anyone advise on this? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I was already going for the Honda CRV and I decided to test drive the Mazda CX 8 just in case. I was very impressed about the driving experience so now I'm not so sure anymore which one to go for. I do also like how the CRV drives but the CX8 has some other benefits like the more stylish interior and exterior compared to the CRV. Then again the size of the CRV is more suitable for me as it's a lot shorter but still has about the same storage capacity. Also, I really like the Honda service center around my house so it's not an easy decision to change to Mazda. Does
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