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                                                I really wish that they come out with their idiotic,  (non)logic

                                                news a little earlier, I need a good laugh with my morning coffee.

                                                (Not that they don`t have other hilarious stories to tell, but please,

                                                 make them official in the morning!)





                               Mr. Meeseeks!



                 Regarding your posting 8 hours ago:  Please, crawl back under your stone,

                 if you think you are better than the guy sitting at the next table in your eatery.


                 A little modesty can go a long way. I would not sit anywhere near your table.

                 Eat Humble Pie, please Sir! You are embarrassing yourself!


                      Anyway, Cheers!!

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  3.                                       So, now we have a hotline so we can become squelers!

                                          And they (highway patrol) can just sit back with their 

                                          phones in their AC huts and doing nothing, as usual. 

                                          Another joke of the day. Keep it coming. I like to start

                                          my day with a joke and the news here never let me down!






                                   It took some time today to give me my daily dose of smile 

                                   from ThaiVisa, but I finally got it! As many have already stated,

                                   there`s plenty of space between their ears!!





                                          This reminds me of a guy in Heathrow, having a violin case (or a guitar case),

                                          exclaiming he had a machine gun inside(!?), and wanted the case to be going 

                                          onboard as a carry on!  Well, surprise! He did not go anywhere, with a flight!

                                          He went straight to the police station cells, for a few days, and had to pay

                                          alot to the airline company, for delaying the departure of the plane, could it

                                          be more than him.  Banned for life on this airline company! Serves him well!

                                          You don`t joke about this things, when it comes to airports and airplanes.


                                          If the departure is delayed, deal with it, have another beer and relax. You are

                                          not alone! 





                                                 Dear friends!



                        Don`t worry, there will be other requirements tomorrow, or next week!

                        They are working HARD to streamline and make things easy/hard.

                        It never stops!!  Surprises, good or bad, coming up, every day!





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                   Medical scientists said some 4-5 years ago:


                   "The question is not IF there will be a pandemic.

                    The question is WHEN, because it will come."


                   And of course, nobody payed attention to this warnings!



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                      Which reminds me of the story, as it goes:  A captain on a cruiseliner,

                      approaching the Suez channel from the mediterranean side, going south,

                      went on the PA-system and said: If you go over to the starboard side, and look out,

                      you will see Port Said (port side)!  Lovely!!







                        Ubon Joe!


             Have this anything to do with people who have a non-o visa, staying 

             here on a "married" extension? Very confused, never really clear,

             and with something like 2 hours notice!! 

             Or has it to do with people on the tourist amnesty?

             I fail to see that they want the whole population with "retirement" extension

             and "marriage" extension people jump in their cars and drive lika maniacs (Thai Style!)

             to beat the deadline (today!).  If anyone can clarify, it will be you!!

             Sorry if I seem daft, but it is mostly clear as mud!




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                            In most european countries, it`s mandatory to have lights on,

                            and therefore the car factories, I:E., Japan, S.Korea and China

                            are implementing this thing, to the countries (that have this "law") 

                            they are exporting their cars. So, when you turn the key, your car, 

                            the light (low beam) goes on.


                            The thing with lights (in daytime, heavy rain, fog) is for you to see

                            the oncoming traffic, as well as they will see YOU!


                            How hard can it be (with LOGIC?)








                         The "authorities" never fails to give me a good laugh, every day!

                         Keep it up, I need another laugh tomorrov morning again, with

                         my coffee. And in the afternoon, having another laugh with my friends

                         (both Thais and Farangs) about the hard work the big guys are doing,

                         to make this beautiful country look like, well, we don`t know.

                         It`s hard to make everything makebelieve, but there it is!



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             One more thing: Yes, working at sea for many years gives you

             credential, simply because you learn all the time. Life is a school,

             it don`t end when you go out of ordinary school before 20-yearsome.

             Every day you learn something (if you want).






          Please, enlightning me what knowledge you have about how ships

          behave in different circumstancies, regarding storms, or other difficult

          problems, rising in high sea or even in dead calm waters.

          44 years at sea, I`ve seen everything. I can show you pictures of a car ship

          capsize in the port of Antwerp, when being alongside, and tied up!

          The reason for this? Loading or discharging cars, the Chief Officer must be

          at the panel that opens or shut valves, that will keep the ship at even keel,

          operating the ballast-system, filling or empty the tanks as the op. goes on.

          He failed! Simple as that! And risking others life. People working in the engine,

          what chance do they have, going about their business, maybe a piston overhaul,

          and suddenly their world turns upside down, literally! Absolute terror!!

          The ship was a Grimaldi car ship. You might find something if you googling,

          or mayby not, not good PR to be on youtube for the company.


         I can tell you, you have NOTHING to teach me, regarding Safety at Sea!




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