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  1. I work in a pub kitchen which has an open gantry, it is noticeable that the volume of conversation in the bar gets louder as the evening progresses, so alcohol would have a lot to do with it. I do find it amusing that an Isaan lady can be having a quiet conversation with the person next to her, only to spot someone across the road and strike up an ear splitting, long distance conversation with them!!
  2. My lady friend works in a factory in Pathum thani making parts for the motor industry, most of her co workers are female, her sister works in a factory down in Amata city and again most of the workers on the factory floor are female. I am not qualified to generalise about what the young men do, I'm happy to leave that to the experts, but a hell of a lot of physical work, whether it be factory, construction or agricultural seems to be done by the women.
  3. OP, have you had any general check ups on your heart or general health? I am in my mid 50's and had a couple of feelings that there was something up with my body. Most of my life I have worked manual jobs and that has kept me relatively healthy, but for most of the past year have been on furlough in the UK and have been gaining weight. My parents both have/ had heart issues. I went to see my GP, not something I have done regularly, and have been prescribed statins and referred to a cardiologist who will be doing an angiogram next week.
  4. Well the poor old BBC had to relegate this "sensational" story to a 15 second video clip of Ruth Davidson making a bit of a fool of herself. Not sure what the eventual outcome will be, but at the moment it seems like those who want to see Sturgeon fall on her sword over this, may well be disappointed.
  5. Do you think that there would be any interest in this at all if a foreigner wasn't involved? This is a news article on a forum aimed at foreigners in Thailand.... I'm sure the German will escape jail with a relatively small fine* *Small in comparison to his (I'm guessing here) wealth and the implications of this happening in his home country.
  6. It could be that the sinovac version isn't reported to be effective, or even potentially dangerous. Isn't that why the PM couldn't take it?
  7. Not sure why my post is in the form of reply to your post, so I do apologise..... Anyway I am currently watching Nicola's evidence presentation and don't really understand why the BBC are making such a big deal about this. It seems that she may well have technically made a few procedural mistakes, but don't , so far see anything that would warrant resignation. Her prepared statement was, as expected by someone used to this , assured and competent. The questions from the floor don't seem to be the sort to place her position in any kind of danger.
  8. I assumed most members are either obese or elderly men, I certainly tick one of the boxes!!
  9. The amount required and how they reached such a figure was explained in the article. How realistic or accurate it may be is, of course, debatable.
  10. It seems that the missing person hadn't filled the form out correctly. Whether this means that the information provided was completely false, as even partial entries like a name for example could be matched with flight manifests giving payment details, passport numbers etc. Unless this person was a foreign national with no home address in the UK then surely they can trace this passenger. If not, why the hell is the UK still allowing random people to enter the country?
  11. Without any additional information, how do you determine that this documentation issue was down to incompetence or inefficiency? There are 2 parties involved here and surely Korea has to supply the correct documentation with the consignment, and this issue would not come to light until the goods arrive in the country. I know I won't be winning any POTY prizes with my stance, but quite frankly darling etc etc.
  12. In the article it said that the sinovac wasn't suitable for the over 60's , although I thought that was what the French and Germans were saying about the AZ version. It is all very confusing and I will be the first to admit that I'm not an expert epidemiologist.
  13. I thought they had plans to make the AZ vaccine in Thailand and also use the sinovax version. That's 2 options there straightaway.
  14. I read the article and the link. It says that the vaccine shipment had a certificate of use applicable to South Korea and not Thailand. You cannot just tippex out one country and replace with another. Me you or anyone else on this forum could not say for sure how this happened. Perhaps Thailand bought some excess stock from Korea, maybe the Koreans exported the wrong batch. Whatever happened, no government would inject its population with a vaccine which wasn't certified for use in their country, and I doubt you would volunteer to take an uncertified v
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