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  1. Not only "Thainess" but human nature in general, I'd say. Show me one person who didn't wish they had more money.
  2. Why would you need to explain this to your Thai GF? I assume you got this story from an English translation, probably here, so the report is going to be sketchy at best. And, pardon my innocence, but who was to blame for these 2 deaths?
  3. Theresa May has given parliament 2 chances to vote on her proposals and if she doesn't get the boot, may well give them another chance to change their minds.
  4. Perhaps BA have a lower 'leaving Bangkok surcharge" than Emirates, as I've looked at several dates flying from Glasgow and Emirates is far cheaper each time. On a side note, when I booked my latest trip I noticed that in the breakdown, the return flight was a fair bit higher than the outward trip, I assumed that was due to me coming back during the Easter holidays.
  5. A place you say you've never been to, Issan, that is. Oops, Enki beat me to it.
  6. I fly Emirates to and from Glasgow, they are considerably cheaper than BA and most other airlines, barring the multi stop global adventures. I booked direct with the airline online. It may be relevent to state that my flights are Glasgow to BKK rather than originating in Thailand.
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