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  1. All of them appear to be critical of the Thai education system!!
  2. The yellow stuff is probably Hollandaise sauce, creating a local version of eggs Benedict. Looks tasty and quite expensive for a breakfast.
  3. That video was very silly, how does not having any checked luggage get you to immigration any quicker? The silly Aussie going on about the car is boring, also if he had the 20000 baht on him then he could have bought the ticket. As they say down under, the whole thing is a crock of sheet. If 10000 people subscribe to this imbiciles YouTube channel then I don't really know what to say.
  4. We're doing ok without Brees at the moment, so maybe there's something in this religious stuff after all!!
  5. I had my sister in law getting very touchy feely with me one time, I am absolutely certain that it was a test. If I were a complete cad, I would have taken full advantage of the situation, but I am a stubbornly loyal sort of guy and although she is a fine looking lady, I just wouldn't/couldn't go there. My mother in law is very hands on, although not in an obviously sexual manner, more in a nursey, motherly kind of way.
  6. You seem to have anger issues, you should chill a little about things that really don't matter that much.
  7. Tourists don't have any extra hassles regarding immigration or bureaucracy. The strong baht against many foreign currencies may be a factor, but your 2 week holiday maker would probably have no idea what a TM30 is, if that is what you mean by hassles.
  8. I did see the bit about the boat on a reef, the poster needs to prioritise his information.
  9. I never went there and don't really know what a tomtom is, but I feel your pain. Chin up old boy, I'm sure you'll find a new coffee outlet in Gommorah, or is it Sodom?
  10. Would the hotel have to record your stay, regardless of who did the registration? I would have thought that if they didn't report then they could be fined for not complying, if immigration were alerted.
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