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  1. Not sure about Thailand, but in the UK there is a seemingly random selection of items whose price is tracked to determine inflation, it would be impossible to track the prices of every single item sold. Perhaps your specific items are not on the list. It seems that oil prices account for a big chunk of the low inflation rate.
  2. Or come up with loop holes, backed up by awkward and embarrassed health spokespeople and fellow cabinet members who are instructed to follow the party line.
  3. What is the age limit? Just googled it, under 55 years old for 1st donation (I'm guessing in Thailand) And 60 is the upper limit. There are weight and health clauses as well.
  4. You would expect an apology if you exposed yourself to a teenage girl? You're as bad as the OP. I spent some time with a bar girl a while back, she was a very open minded lady in some circumstances, but I had some swimming shorts which got very clingy when wet and the poor girl was absolutely mortified and rushed to me with a towel to cover the offending area. Showing your man bits in public or in front of a teenage girl is a big no no full stop.
  5. Sounds like the president of the USA, I thought Reagan and the 2 Bush's were bad but the current potus makes them look like Gandhi. It's sad that despite his apparent dislike of China, I believe that he admires the absolute power the government has and uses at times of dissent.
  6. I bet you have an impressive wardrobe of yellow vests The richer, "hiso" folk probably don't do a lot of strumming or other manual labour, so not really an issue.
  7. Being such a clever clogs, you would have thought you would join, or even create a Laos visa forum for superior expats express their sadness at living there.
  8. One of the girls appears to be dressed as a nun in the photo, I've never found that look particularly exciting and, to be honest, school girl uniforms used to excite elderly men seems a bit pervy too.
  9. I have smoked for over 40 years, although haven't had a drag since just before the lockdown in the UK. To negate the urge I have been taking a few nicotine lozenges a day. Given the odd theories I have read here, I may well be super immune to this virus!!!!!
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