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  1. Your preparations to leave don't sound too in depth, you have no idea where to go and your research amounts from googling beaches on Bali and asking unspecific questions to strangers on the internet. If it hasn't been done already, I call troll/click bait.
  2. If he can't afford Thailand, I reckon that rules out Malaysia!
  3. If you have the rental agreement with plate number and model etc, I'm sure you can. Perhaps the OP didn't have this, hence the need for the owner to attend.
  4. Sadly it seems that Sygenta make the stuff in the UK, where its is banned for domestic use. I have read that the use of paraquat is increasing in the US, where it has a restricted use tag, largely to weeds becoming resistant to round up.
  5. All Thais, or just some of the ones you know who have murdered people?
  6. Shoulder to shoulder? Either you're really short or not great at identifying ladyboys!!
  7. Don't caddies usually stand behind the golfer when they're playing the ball?
  8. Plenty of indigenous UK scumbags, you find loads of them in Wetherspoon pubs.
  9. A little unlikely given that they only new him by the sound of his name. Immigration can't be expected to ask every Chinese visitor if their name is kukko.
  10. I think sometime back in the past, in 7-11 training, cashier's were pressed on the importance of bagging everything. It took time for the west to adapt and I'm sure Thailand will catch up. The big thing in the UK now is the cellophane wrapping around fresh produce and the lack of recycling opportunities for it, some supermarkets are providing bins for this and are looking at better ways to package products, but I'm sure it will need to be cost effective.
  11. Do they physically force you to take a bag and call the police if you refuse? My Thai isn't great but I always manage to leave a store bagless if I want. Most staff understand "no thanks" or "it's ok" at the counter.
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