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  1. Topic is about PWA NOT owning land and houses
  2. Rimmer

    Eye Glasses

    The shop is just about opposite Mr DIY right? I just bought a pair in there, very good they are too, just have to be sure they do not sell you the very expensive lenses, normal lens should be about B800 plus frame but some of the lens prices go way up above that if you let them talk you into it.
  3. A post with multiple unattributed quotes has been removed, please do not do this it is against forum rules and screws up replies later on
  4. Off topic/personal attacks have been removed. You will stop this none sense now please
  5. Thai Visa does not support commercial video bloggers or free advertising for them //CLOSED//
  6. Please do not cross post to multiple forums, thank you //CLOSED//
  7. I play bluegrass 5 string banjo also bluegrass guitar and have done for over 55 years but am down in Pattaya if you ever get that way at all. Several bluegrass musicians live in this area. Six months is a very short time to get into jamming or for learning five string Scruggs picking. I am always very happy to play and help another musician learn Bluegrass.
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