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  1. Naklua road repaved PATTAYA:--Pattaya repaved the road in front of the local Disease Control Department office, which had deteriorated into a swampy mess. A work crew spent two days laying crushed rock in front of the office by Lan Po Public Park Feb. 5-6 and covering it in asphalt. The road was severely pockmarked by potholes, which filled with water and dirt during rainstorms, making the entire street a muddy swamp. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  2. Burapa Bike Week rocks, rolls Feb. 14 PATTAYA:--Burapa Bike Week returns to Pattaya next weekend with big bikes and hard rock. At a Jan. 19 press conference Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and Prasan Nikaji, president of the Burapa Motorcycle Club, announced the official schedule for the Feb. 14-16 event at the Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium. The event again will feature a ride for peace called Stay Strong 2019 on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. Bikers will leave the Soi Chaiyapruek 2 stadium and travel along Pattaya Beach Road to Jomtien Second Road and back. The theme of “all people are relatives” will emphasize fun activities on two stages. One stage will feature classic rock from legendary guitarist Lam Morrison and tribute bands doing Guns N’ Roses and ACDC music as well as heavy metal headbangers Syteria from the U.K. and reggae band Inner Circle from Jamaica. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  3. Baht bus, taxi drivers lectured about ripping off tourists PATTAYA:--About 500 baht bus and taxi drivers learned basic first aid and were lectured about overcharging and unruly behavior in a meeting with top Pattaya city officials and police. Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome opened the Feb. 8 meeting with representatives of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, the Chonburi Land Transport Department and Pattaya Police Station. The songthaew, motorcycle taxi and metered-cab drivers were told of the criminal penalties for ripping off tourists, behaving badly, blocking traffic and driving recklessly. All the drivers then received lessons in primary first aid and CPR. Pattaya officials also called on the drivers to work together to promote tourism and be the “eyes and ears” of police out on the streets to cut crime. (PCPR) -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  4. Pattaya prison readies first family-visit day for 2019 PATTAYA:--Pattaya Remand Prison will host its first family-visit days of 2019 March 25-29. Warden Watcharawit Wachiralurphan said Feb. 6 that well-behaved inmates meeting certain requirements will be able to meet with family members face-to-face and share a meal together. The visits are aimed at easing family tensions as well as giving prisoners incentives to be well-behaved. Eligible for visits are first-time offenders sentenced to prison terms of 10 years or less. Visitors must be blood relatives or spouses. Family members wishing to visit must submit applications with a copy of their Thai identification card or passport from March 11-15. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  5. PEA cleans up Soi Paniadchang wires PATTAYA:--The Provincial Electricity Authority organized and rehung low-hanging utility wires on Soi Paniadchang. Pattaya’s complaint center had received many complaints about the internet and telephone lines hanging so low they were snagged by vehicles or even obstructed pedestrians. The city directed the PEA to clean up the mess, bringing in telephone and cable-television technicians to help clean up the wires and hang them at a correct height. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  6. Pattaya launches random checks to enforce new anti-smoking rules PATTAYA:--Pattaya has begun daily random checks around public buildings, restaurants and other public places to enforce amendments to Thailand’s anti-smoking laws that took effect Feb. 3. Buppa Songsakulchai of the Public Health Department’s Consumer Protection Office, said city hall regulation-enforcement officers are checking schools, public parks, beaches and other sites ensuring that smokers stand at least five meters from prohibited areas. Promulgated in November, the amendments to the 2017 Tobacco Control Act and a 2018 Public Health Ministry directive extends no-smoking zones in and around government agencies and state enterprises to five meters. Those caught lighting up in prohibited spaces face fines of up to 5,000 baht. Warnings will be given first. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-launches-random-checks-to-enforce-new-anti-smoking-rules-246273 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  7. Hobbled for years, Dolphin Roundabout fully reopened to improve traffic PATTAYA:--After years of being crippled, Pattaya’s Dolphin Roundabout has been restored to its original working design. Pattaya blocked off lanes of the landmark traffic circle in 2015 to prevent vehicles from circumnavigating the roundabout, arguing that it would improve traffic flow. In fact, it made congestion worse. It has taken four years, but the light bulb finally went on for traffic planners and police who now have fully reopened the traffic circle for most vehicles. Traffic police inspector Pol. Maj. Aruth Sapanon said Feb. 9 that large vehicles – specifically tour buses – will be barred from the roundabout during evening rush hour on weekdays and after 7 p.m. on weekends. Drivers of smaller cars and trucks and motorcycles can go around in circles to their hearts’ delight. Aruth said the reopening is conditional and will be evaluated again at the end of next month. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/hobbled-for-years-dolphin-roundabout-fully-reopened-to-improve-traffic-246257 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  8. Jaywalkers ignore Pattaya traffic lights, for good reason PATTAYA:--With most of the city’s pedestrian-crossing lights broken for the past decade, Pattaya’s tourists can be forgiven for jaywalking. That hasn’t stopped some locals from complaining about those crossing against the light on North Road by the Terminal 21 shopping mall. They say it slows down traffic and risks accidents. The signal – which allows people to cross the busy thoroughfare to catch baht buses headed to Sukhumvit Road and the Pattaya Bus Station – actually does work. But the 15-second delay before the light changes to green apparently is too long for many visitors. Of course, frequent visitors to Pattaya probably just assume the light is broken, as so many are. A random check on Beach Road found one of two lights broken with a police officer doing the work of a mechanical light outside the Soi 9 police station and Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/jaywalkers-ignore-pattaya-traffic-lights-for-good-reason-246269 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  9. East Pattaya locals complain herd of wild boars roaming area PATTAYA:--Soi Khao Talo residents want Pattaya to help catch 30-40 wild boars roaming the nearby woods eating trash and biting people. Residents of Eakmongkok 4/1 village met with Nong­prue Sub-district Councilman Metasit Samala Feb. 4, saying that construction workers living nearby originally had a couple boars as pets. But they bred to create a herd as large as 40 animals. Residents complained the wild pigs rummaged through trash bins and even bit a few people. They want Pattaya to catch the animals and restrict them to a pen where they can be cared for and not bother people. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  10. Pattaya Beach rebuild to wrap by March – Marine Dept. PATTAYA:--The promised year-end completion date for the rebuilding of Pattaya Beach came and went without a word from city hall, but officials are now vowing the work will wrap this month. Pattaya Marine Department Director Ekaraj Kantaro said Feb. 7 that contractor Marine Construction Co. is down to the southernmost 100 meters of beachfront. Only leveling of the sand and sand bag work remains. Once complete, the Marine Department has set its sights on Jomtien Beach as the next target for erosion mitigation. The Marine Department has requested a 590-million-baht budget for a restoration project to cover three kilometers of Jomtien. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  11. BPH issues PM 2.5 warning for at-risk Pattayans PATTAYA:--Bangkok Hospital Pattaya warned pregnant women, the elderly and those suffering chronic illnesses to take extra precautions as Pattaya battles poor air quality. Dr. Supakit Vechapanitch, director of health promotion, suggested that at-risk groups should avoid areas with high concentrations of particulate matter measuring 2.5 microns or smaller. Topping that list is Bang­kok, which has been strangling on the so-called PM 2.5 for weeks. Pattaya’s air quality is markedly better, but has at times reached the lowest of the unhealthful levels. Supakit said exposure to too much PM 2.5 – typically by sitting in traffic or working in factories – can cause short-term coughing and burning in the throat and nose. Long term, the microscopic dust, which cannot be filtered out by the body before it embed in the lungs, can cause dyspnea, bronchitis, gastrointestinal problems and lung infections. The doctor stressed there is no-short term cure – other than the rainy season – for the record air pollution. Thailand must change and enforce its environment regulations and people must care more for the environment, he said. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
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