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  1. A troll post and an off topic post removed
  2. Billboards blocking motorists’ view on Siam Country Club PATTAYA:--Soi Siam Country Club residents are calling on Nongprue Subdistrict to remove billboards blocking the view of motorists. Ad signs have been placed on both sides of the road at the corner of the street and Soi Pornprapanimit 7 at the Rattnakorn Wanasin Market. The signs outside Mityon Co. and a 7-Eleven on the opposite side of the street – plus a food vendor who has set up a stall on the corner – completely block the view for motorists entering and exiting Pornprapanimit 7. Local claim most, if not all, the billboards are illegal and alleged the food vendor also is illegally encroaching on public space, so they called on Nongprue officials to immediately address the complaints. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-08-23
  3. Please stay on topic: Thai tourism in trouble: And competitor Vietnam is "scary" for Pattaya
  4. Baiting troll posts leading to a personal attack have all been removed
  5. Topic is going around in circles //CLOSED//
  6. City-wide roadwork leaves Pattaya traffic in gridlock PATTAYA:--Citywide roadwork has Pattaya residents up in arms with locals claiming city hall is making bad traffic even worse due to poor planning. From the southern end of Beach Road to Second Road near Central Road to Sukhumvit Road in Naklua roads have been dug up, holes left with barriers and lanes closed in a patchwork of projects that leaves no area free of congestion. Residents say Pattaya officials should limit roadwork to a single zone at a time and not wreck the entire traffic grid simultaneously. City hall countered that it received budgets for various projects from laying drainage pipes to burying electricity lines and that the budgets must be spent. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-08-22—
  7. There is also what could be a 737 with a Star Alliance logo on the side. The demon painter is just getting started on that one so don't hold your breath for an original paint scheme Not a derelict aircraft but among all the other military stuff on the site tucked away at the back is this incredible old Chinese two handed fire pump.
  8. Not sure what this is all about but someone who knows absolutely nothing about original aircraft color schemes has been let loose with cans of paint and brushes on these old aircraft. They are located on the on the northbound carriageway of the 331 Highway about three clicks south of the Silver Lakes turnoff.
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