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  1. Some off topic posts have been removed, topic is about: Recommendations For A Family Doctor In The Jomtien Area
  2. Some off topic posts and replies have been removed
  3. Some baiting/off topic troll posts removed, please discuss the topic not other posters
  4. Multiple off topic bickering posts and replies have been removed
  5. I know a few pool owners around here (Ban Ampur area) and all seem to all pay around B2500. From what I see the help mostly tip in some hydrochloric acid which is a lot cheaper than chlorine but eats the grout so you get to re grout your pool every few years. Buy a vacuum brush, pipe and test kit, a drum of chlorine and some soda ash, easy to do it oneself
  6. Naklua road repaved PATTAYA:--Pattaya repaved the road in front of the local Disease Control Department office, which had deteriorated into a swampy mess. A work crew spent two days laying crushed rock in front of the office by Lan Po Public Park Feb. 5-6 and covering it in asphalt. The road was severely pockmarked by potholes, which filled with water and dirt during rainstorms, making the entire street a muddy swamp. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  7. Burapa Bike Week rocks, rolls Feb. 14 PATTAYA:--Burapa Bike Week returns to Pattaya next weekend with big bikes and hard rock. At a Jan. 19 press conference Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and Prasan Nikaji, president of the Burapa Motorcycle Club, announced the official schedule for the Feb. 14-16 event at the Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium. The event again will feature a ride for peace called Stay Strong 2019 on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. Bikers will leave the Soi Chaiyapruek 2 stadium and travel along Pattaya Beach Road to Jomtien Second Road and back. The theme of “all people are relatives” will emphasize fun activities on two stages. One stage will feature classic rock from legendary guitarist Lam Morrison and tribute bands doing Guns N’ Roses and ACDC music as well as heavy metal headbangers Syteria from the U.K. and reggae band Inner Circle from Jamaica. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
  8. Baht bus, taxi drivers lectured about ripping off tourists PATTAYA:--About 500 baht bus and taxi drivers learned basic first aid and were lectured about overcharging and unruly behavior in a meeting with top Pattaya city officials and police. Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome opened the Feb. 8 meeting with representatives of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, the Chonburi Land Transport Department and Pattaya Police Station. The songthaew, motorcycle taxi and metered-cab drivers were told of the criminal penalties for ripping off tourists, behaving badly, blocking traffic and driving recklessly. All the drivers then received lessons in primary first aid and CPR. Pattaya officials also called on the drivers to work together to promote tourism and be the “eyes and ears” of police out on the streets to cut crime. (PCPR) -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-15-02--
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