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  1. A couple of posts have been removed: 8.) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities.
  2. Multiple off topic posts that hijacked the topic leading to bickering and personal attacks have been removed, please stay on topic, in case you forgot here it is again. How are the bars, restaurants, agogos, massage shops, gentleman clubs and any business doing during covid?
  3. A post suggesting a well known pseudoscience conspiracy site has been removed as it is not allowed on here. Also removed is a conspiracy troll post and a reply
  4. A post has been removed also replies: 1) You will not express disrespect of the King of Thailand or any one member of the Thai royal family, whether living or deceased, nor to criticize the monarchy as an institution. By law, the Thai Royal Family are above politics. Speculation, comments and discussion of either a political or personal nature are not allowed when discussing HM The King or the Royal family. To breach these rules will result in immediate ban. Linking to external sites which break these rules will be treated as if you yourself posted them.
  5. A post has been removed, easier for everyone if you don't snip a quoted reply and or multi quote, both of which can lead to confusion further down the topic. 5. Please do not quote multiple nested quotes. Quote only the relevant section that you are discussing. Moderators will snip excessively long nested quotes. 16) You will not make changes to quoted material from other members posts, except for purposes of shortening the quoted post. This cannot be done in such a manner that it alters the context of the original post.
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