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  1. A post and a reply has been removed, you need to be VERY careful what you post on here: 1) You will not express disrespect of the King of Thailand or any one member of the Thai royal family, whether living or deceased, nor to criticize the monarchy as an institution. By law, the Thai Royal Family are above politics. Speculation, comments and discussion of either a political or personal nature are not allowed when discussing HM The King or the Royal family. To breach these rules will result in an immediate ban.
  2. A troll meme has been removed along with the person that posted it
  3. Some troll posts also off topic posts removed and flames. Stay on topic please or risk suspension for continued off topic troll posts Democrat Joe Biden chooses U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for White House running mate
  4. Rimmer


    Off topic posts removed, poster is asking if the shop is closed, that is all.
  5. Thai visa does not support commercial youtube vloggers this topic is closed. Please when you see rubbish like this posted on here, report it and we will deal with it //CLOSED//
  6. The entire topic has nothing to do with Chiang Mai //CLOSED//
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