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  1. I also drug it up from the depths, the early ones are very mediocre the writing is poor and plots are hardly believable. They improve immensely as you get more up to date and are then quite OK
  2. A post al in caps has been removed also a reply
  3. Some off topic posts attempting to hijack the topic have been removed, topic is NOT about China: Three dead as woman beheaded in knife attack at French church
  4. Off topic post about UK pensions has been removed please DO NOT try to hijack topics like this
  5. A grammar police post has been removed And now a post discussing moderation has been removed. Did you read the rules when you signed up at all?
  6. A conspiracy troll post has been removed: UPDATED NOTICE TO MEMBERS POSTING ON THAIVISA AMID COVID-19 - 25 MARCH 2020 In addition to the guidelines posted below and those detailed in the Thaivisa forum rules and following the announcement that Thai government will invoke emergency powers in order to help deal with the COVID-19 situation in the country, Thaivisa requests members posting on the forum to abide by the following: Do not post news or any form of content, including video, audio, images, social media posts that contains messages that may cause people to be a
  7. A personal attack and replies has been removed
  8. A personal attack leading to acrimonious bickering and replies has been removed
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