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    Over large troll meme and reply removed
  2. A smart Alec post trying to make a joke of this sad event has been removed
  3. Libelous and other posts removed and the topic is now //LOCKED//
  4. Local students scoop top in Thailand Awards SATTAHIP:--2 learners from Garden International School have received prestigious awards from Cambridge Assessment International Education to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the summer 2019 Cambridge examination series. Students Vedant Iyer and Ellen Dowling were awarded the ‘Top in Thailand’ accolades for their examination results in Coordinated Science and English World Literature, respectively. The high achieving students are due to receive their awards at a prestigious, ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards’ ceremony in Bangkok on the 27th of November, with the other high achieving students in attendance. Read more: https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/local-students-scoop-top-in-thailand-awards-266891 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-10-16--
  5. Premature jumbo born at Nong Nooch SATTAHIP:--Nong Nooch Tropical Garden celebrated the early birth of Pung Sangduan, a female baby elephant, the second birth there this year. On Oct 13 at 9am, MD Kampol Tansajja performed the Kwan (good spirit) ceremony to give good karma to the infant, born 3 months before schedule on Oct 2 at 1.15am to 16-year-old mother Plai Maimuang and 19-year-old father Pung Sangdao. Phra Khru Kasemkittisophon, Abbot of Wat Samakkeebanpot, chanted verses of the Buddha’s auspicious victories, anointed the baby’s forehead, sprinkled holy water, and named her, “Pung Sangduan”. Read more: https://www.pattayamail.com/news/premature-jumbo-born-at-nong-nooch-266895 -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-10-16--
  6. Sounds like they got the engine running video-1571190051.mp4
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