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  1. Pattaya residents urged to vote Sunday PATTAYA:--Central Pattaya residents urged their neighbors to get out and vote on March 24. Yuparat Phuwong, secretary for the Democracy Development Election Center group, and Jirawat Plukjai, president of the Chumsai Community, led the March 19 march up and down Third Road. The campaigners did not endorse any candidate or party, but simply urged people to cast ballots in the general election on Sunday. They said voting is a civic responsibility and those who don’t, will forfeit their right to complain about politics and the workings of government. The Democracy Development group works to educate voters on the electoral process and the implications of not voting. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  2. National Elections on Sunday PATTAYA:--he first national elections since 2014 take place this Sunday, after which a new legislature will be formed and a new prime minister will be named. There will be a heavy law enforcement turnout to make sure the elections run smoothly and to quell any possible violence. To help ensure safe and smooth elections, the law prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages will be in effect. This means that, by law, bars must be closed by 6:00 p.m. (1800 hrs.) Saturday night, March 23 and remain closed until the election is declared over on Sunday, March 24. The “no alcohol rule” applies to all entertainment areas, including restaurants, although restaurants may remain open if they do not sell alcohol. It is also prohibited to give away free alcoholic beverages, even at private parties. Election laws of municipalities (year) 2482, amended 2523, section 12CH states: “as of 18:00 hours on the day before the election until the end of the day of the election, it is forbidden for anyone to sell, distribute, give away alcohol or have parties or social events that have alcohol served” Section 76 states: “whoever breaks this law is subject to a fine of no more than 10,000 baht or jail of no more than 1 year or both” -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  3. Former Yala police chief takes over at Pattaya’s top cop PATTAYA:--Traffic and crime-suppression police greeted their new boss with flowers at Pattaya Police Station. Pol. Col. Prawit Chorsang took over March 18 from Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech, who was named deputy commander of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police. Prawit was the police chief in strife-torn Yala Province and is one of 1,450 top Royal Thai Police officers reshuffled into new positions this month. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  4. Nong Plalai offers pet vaccinations PATTAYA:--Nong Plalai provided rabies vaccinations for pets to prevent the spread of the disease across the subdistrict. Public-health workers hosted the free vaccination event March 18 at Wat Nong Ket Yai School. Event leader Warunee Rueankaew said the vaccinations are offered annually to residents. With Banglamung District previously declared a “red zone” for the disease, immunizing pets is even more important, she said. Nong Plalai also works to vaccinate stray animals, Warunee added. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  5. 2 hurt in Sattahip road wreck SATTAHIP:--Two people were hurt when their pickup truck flew across Sukhumvit Road’s center median and slammed into oncoming traffic. Driver Sarawuth Chobtham, 27, and Chonthicha Jintanakul, 18, were both taken to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center following the March 16 wreck in front of the Air and Coastal Defense Command. A Honda City and Nissan March traveling in the opposing lanes were damaged, but people inside were unhurt. Witnesses said Sarawuth lost control of the vehicle in the rain and drove his Ford Wildtrak across the median. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  6. Encroaching billboard removed PATTAYA:--Pattaya removed a large advertising billboard on Thepprasit Soi 11 following complaints from motorists that it partially blocked the road. Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat led workers to the area to check angles and sign placements March 14. They found a 15-sq.-meter billboard installed 20 meters high on steel posts. But the base encroached on the street, leaving little room to turn around it. The billboard was removed to widen the road for motorists. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  7. Tour bus loses wheel PATTAYA:--Two cars were damaged when a wheel flew off a tour bus carrying Chinese tourists in Najomtien. A Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by Radsamee Kulalai, 45, and a Toyota Vigo plate driven by Jamnien Sangngam, 37, both suffered dents. No one was injured. Bus driver Eakachai Seranon, 60, said he was bound for a Sattahip tourist attraction when he heard a strange noise from the back of the coach. He then heard the accident on Sukhumvit Road at the Ban Amphur intersection March 12. Inspection showed the 8 lug nuts holding the wheel had sheared off. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  8. Wife calls cops on thieving, drunk husband SATTAHIP:--A jilted Sattahip woman called the cops on her alcoholic husband after he took all her gold and dumped her. Cambodia native Tieree Part, 38, told police she had been married to a Thai man named Song, 54, for five years. She worked as a vegetable seller and he furniture maker. But he is a drunk, she told police, and after a recent fight he left her, taking her three gold necklaces, a gold ring, a pair of 3-baht-weight gold earrings, 10,000 baht cash and her mobile phone. She said she called her spouse, asking him to return her savings, but he refused. So she went to police to file a theft report. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  9. Truck hauling gas cylinders overturns in Najomtien PATTAYA:--Three people were injured when a six-wheeled truck carrying 70 gas cylinders overturned in Najomtien. Empty tanks ranging in size from seven to 48 kilograms scattered across Sukhumvit Road in front of the Najomtien Sub-district office March 14, causing a massive traffic backup and fears of a gas explosion. None occurred. Truck driver Pisit Pongsura, 56, and coworkers Nongnooch Noiprai, 40, and Rawin, 44, were hurt and taken to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center. Pisit told police he was taking the empty tanks to be refilled in Sattahip, but was cut off by another vehicle. He swerved and the top-heavy truck overturned. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  10. Public health workers hit Nirun Condo after dengue report PATTAYA:--Pattaya public-health officers sprayed pesticide and educated Nirun Condo residents after a case of dengue fever was reported there. Technical officer Tapanee Srita along with Disease Control Department and public-health volunteers fumigated the condominium’s property and dropped abate into standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Officers distributed pamphlets and talked with residents about the perils of dengue and what can be done to prevent it, such as eliminating the watery breeding rounds where mosquitoes multiply. Health officers also advised people of the symptoms of dengue – chronic fever, nausea, red spots, bleeding and joint pain – and advised anyone experiencing such ailments to seek medical care immediately. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  11. 2 lost cyclists rescued from Takhiantia forest CHONBURI:--Two Bangkok mountain bikers had to be rescued after getting lost in a Takhiantia forest. Exhausted but unhurt, Satjapong Pattanasukasan and Pongsak Sittitham, both 39, were found by a search party of about 20 rescuers and residents after four hours deep in the Song Pi Nong forest March 14. Satjapong said he had biked in the jungle famous for mountain biking about 10 years ago and came with a friend to do it again. They parked at Tumpratun and cycled into the forest in the morning. But the two wandered off the set path and found themselves lost and unable to get back to the road. With it getting late, they called a friend to ask for help Satjapong said he got lost because he didn’t realize the forest hand grown and changed in 10 years. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  12. Samae San ‘Soul Hunter’ carries 289th corpse SATTAHIP:--Samae San’s so-called “Soul Hunter” carried his 289 body back to shore after an engineer died aboard an oil tanker anchored off the Sattahip District fishing town. Arom Ninsa, 64, has made a career of ferrying the dead back from fishing and cargo ships on his fishing boat, a job few Thais want due to superstitions about ghosts. The latest passenger was Ruam Kotakangplu, 62, who was found dead in his bunk aboard the Tinmanee, which was moored two nautical miles off Samae San March 19. The Phetchabun native’s remains were taken to Sattahip Km. 10 hospital for a postmortem exam and to await collection by his family. When not assisting police and paramedics for the past 30 years, Arom is a fisherman who also scavenges for valuables dropped overboard. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  13. Big C complies with order to restore sidewalk PATTAYA:--Retail giant Big C has been ordered to restore a sidewalk it demolished for an entrance to its new minimart on Third Road. A permit presented by Big C Super Center Public Co.’s Pattaya giving its contractor permission to cut down trees and bulldoze the sidewalk was never signed by Pattaya City Hall, said Jirawat Plukjai, president of the Chumsai Community. The retailer said it needed to create an entrance to the store by removing the sidewalk. Pattaya officials have told the retailer to refile its application for the new Big C Mini shop on Third Road at Soi Chalermprakiat 16. Jirawat and other residents complained that the work removed shade trees that residents liked and created commuting problems due to the demolished footpath. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
  14. Convicts clean Nongprue Canal PATTAYA:--Nongprue put prison inmates to work dredging a local flood-drainage canal. Thirty well-behaved convicts serving time at Pattaya Remand Prison were dispatched to work with a subdistrict crew at the Nongprue Canal March 20, cleaning out garbage, eliminating weeds and cutting water hyacinth. Mayor Mai Chaiyanit and prison warden Wachirawit Wachiralerpan who oversaw the operation said the canal linking the Nongprue Temple area with the sea is vital drainage conduit for the upcoming rainy season. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-22-03--
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