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  1. There’s a lady on my soi who feeds the local strays 2 times per day. So, obviously they congregate. My main concern isn’t getting attacked so much as they’re really not aggressive, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just that the soi is a doggy minefield morning and night. Combined with a lack of street lighting and it gets messy sometimes.
  2. Thailand takes delivery of imported goods. In what way is it historic? Or am i being overly cynical?
  3. surely, this is the sort of thing to be considered before marrying / getting her pregnant?
  4. lots i would do differntly if given the chance, but, all in all, I can't complain.
  5. Must admit to never having heard of bone conductor ear phones. I do tend to listen to music on my daily skytrain commute to Silom every day and normally, go for the “stepping off the flight deck” look with Bluetooth headphones. I do feel a bit of a helmet but this sounds promising. Will give them a go. Cheers for the review.
  6. This guy was my son’s muay thai coach. He coached him for over a year and was extremely good with him. He even came to our home to train him from time to time. My lad lost his grandfather last week and is dealing with loss for the first time in his life. As you can understand, he is devastated. The motive is in the Thai language newspapers if you are curious / bored enough to go looking but I can tell you that he was a good man, an excellent coach, especially good with younger kids and was well respected He leaves a wife and a baby boy. RIP coach.
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