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  1. No one is going to improve their health if the PM2.5 situation doesnt improve.
  2. There are a number of occurrences that get repeatedly reported in Thailand. I’m very aware of how easy it is to criticize from a computer terminal but you would think that somewhere, someone would do something to limit the pm25 problem, dog attacks, soldier deaths, road accidents, teachers beating school kids etc, etc. But, as you say, <deleted> all gets done and it all carries on as before. Im reminded of Mr Watchman remarking "We have given masks out - What more can we do?" to a reporter when asked about the smog problem in Bangkok last year.
  3. Hi, I would be extremely grateful for a little advice. Long story short, my son (M1 in a government school) has learning dificulties to the extent that he cannot get to grips with Maths or Science. He had tests last week and failed both. Today he and (actually , quite a few of his peers) have to re-test. I can't get any logical answers form anyone about what happens if he fails again. Do schools kick low performing students out? Does he just get a low grade? I would like to be clear so as to prepare. His Mum doesnt seem to care one way or another and is reluctant to ca
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