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  1. I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with the substance of that original news article but on a personal level...., I've taken to flying into Singapore and taking the train up the peninsular..., stopping off at specific places of interest(to me) on the journey northwards, through Bangkok and then on to Chiang Mai and/or Nong Khai....., and various side trips are very easily done. Back in the day, the main determinants in my choosing to fly Thai International was that I could fly directly from my capital city, flying time was around my tolerance limits..., flights were cheaper and the service seemed better(staff happier/less stressed)..., also, I think frequent flyer points were more generous back then. But, Thai flights slowly, incrementally changed some few years ago when 'trailer park' families, groups and couples started bypassing Bali and flying TG from Perth, directly into 'Bangers' to get their third world jollies. TG flights became chockers with them. I ended up using up all my ff points..., swearing off Thai and looking for alternatives.., so glad I did. Mini rant over.....,
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