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  1. My Father-in-law told me we change about every five years in the 'state of persons' we really are. I think he is correct. My wife and I go home to Australia after me living full time in Thailand for four years on Wednesday for a period of three months. I need to go home to mend a few fences with people and not neglect everyone as I have done for so long as in some ways. I feel some things in Thailand have changed and I need a 'time out' to look back at things to see how they are. My biggest worry is to be in my 60's and 70's and be refused health coverage. If I start to prepare things now, it is something I can do over a few years as in move. There is no fear in this post as I have lived here in Thailand now for 10 years and do love the place. I have seen a winding down of many fellow farangs over the years and I think it is the fact of getting older and wondering about the 'what if's' are going to get you. What if this happens -- What if that happens. I do have the money to stay here till I die but I am also looking at what will be best for me in my later years in life. My wife will look after me and for that, I am lucky but for all of us, we are so different in character that these issues will all affect us differently. I do not really want to go from Thailand but while I am young enough to have a look with my wife at something different for a few months, I will use this break to see how much Australia has changed. I may be running back here real quick after three months with my tail in between my legs saying, ''Lord what was I thinking'' as in reality, I do not know what I am returning too and that has me slightly stressed.
  2. It is a shame but this is the way the world is shaping up. People tend now to get off over this. I am a 'live and let live' type of guy but a lot of people get pleasure out of seeing hurt. Three years ago I got very mentally sick and it took my wife a few days to find me. We had just married, my medications were not working and I was not well at all. My current friends at the time thought it was a real laugh that I was paranoid and not with it; they got a sense of pleasure and a 'laugh' out of the fact I was not doing well in my life at this time and when I did get well with the help of my wife, I saw what had happened and dumped those people from my life. They were happy to see me in harm's way. Sometimes people do not want the best for you as it covers up the problems they are having with there lives. It is a mixture of all above
  3. The OP sounds like a smart person. He analyzed a choice after making a mistake and corrected it. Good on him. Takes balls to do that. I am in the process of taking my wife home to Australia for 10-12 weeks to see how we go. I myself want to analyze how my wife handles the West (her English is excellent and her possibilities of getting good work are high). Much like the OP, I wonder what is going to happen to the fact of Health Insurance after I get in my 60's. I would like now to look at a plan B, even if I do not have to use it at this current time. My wife's Visa is good for a year with the fact I can apply for PR while she is onshore if we decided to stay longer. I am 50 this year and have a choice now where I could stay in Thailand using cheaper health insurance premiums until I was 60 and then return home to Australia with my wife that would have PR and thus, having protection in my old age with Australia's health care system. My wife mainly wants to stay in Thailand until her elderly parents die. I think after this, she would most likely fit in well with our Australian lifestyle but until we try, I do not know. I would still be able to return to Thailand say for three months every year using Travel Insurance. I do love Thailand but the question I ask myself almost daily is if I am sick here, am I going to be worrying all the time that my insurance will pay out? Is that a happy way to live? I do not know yet but it has me thinking. I hope the OP finds happy travels. This has been a great thread.
  4. For the past three years, my wife has bathed me daily/washed my hair (or when she is not working and makes time for it) and it is nice. Same goes for the clothes - they are always put out for me to wear after the shower.
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