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  1. I have been two or three times and the coffee is not good and expensive for what you get. I love my coffee and will pay extra for something good but it is not worth it. I use to go to a Mom and Pop store in Santiham that had a coffee shop tacked on the end to it. The coffee brewed from that shop kicked ass as was only 40 baht a cup. It has since closed down. Another shop that I liked but have not been for a long time was Phuphiang Coffee. It use to have a basic breakfast and the coffee was okay. I used to go a lot to Ma-Chill Coffee but the prices are expensive now. In my village we have a coffee shop called Grow Coffee and it is as good as anything in the city for 40 baht.
  2. You come to my village and see all the masks yet they cram together at the market like sardines. Go to Central Festival, people everywhere, no such thing. Hasn't been since the start of all this rigmarole. This is in Chiang Mai.
  3. I would have not minded too much if my wife and I got stuck in Australia. The Australian Government has done a fine job with everything. Still, I knew once the airports closed down, there would be no way back to my home in Thailand for a long period of time so the wife and I made the choice to stay here. Nothing for me has changed apart form temperature checks and signing in at shops and wearing a mask. Life just goes on and I spend time reading this forum most days to catch up on news and gossip. I still read most days, watch a little TV, paint, listen to audiobooks and online shop. Most of my friends chose to stay here and only a few went home and now they are worried about jumping through hoops to get back. Sure the world has changed and things are a mess it seems but for many of us life just goes on and that is the way it is meant to be. Just move with the times or winds of change.
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