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  1. No need to put up any pretenses. Just buy a long term multiple entry tourist or business visa for the duration you want and enter and then do whatever you want once you’re there. You just need a separate work permit if you want to get a job working for someone else. But none of those stupid rules in Thailand like you need a work permit to paint your one house or anything like that. Unlike Thailand, their police focus on real issues, not immigration overstays and work permit violations. And that’s why it’s much safer and less road carnage. Remarkably, you hardly ever see motorbike accidents there, or at least like 90% less than in thailand.
  2. No need to carry. Withdraw as you would from any atm machine or use credit cards as your normally would in a normal country.
  3. Contact Vietnam rush visa +84 91 4217550 http://www.vietnam-evisa.net/ I got mine (EU passport) in about 30 minutes after initial contact, total cost about $500 usd. 1 year multiple entry business visa. They meet you as soon as you enter the arrivals hall with a VIP sign with your name on it. You give them your passport. They come back 15 minutes later with the visa in it. Done. no need for 90 day reports or leaving every 90 days. 1 year means one year. uoh love like a local from that point and have all rights including opening bank accounts at some but not all banks, as some require a work permit. Repeat the process a year later upon re-entry or do for less money with same or similar agent for even less money. Youll still need a work permit if you plan to work, but an employer can easily help you with that. Or if you open a business, you can sponsor yourself. overall 1000% easier and cheaper than Thailand in every way. overall very welcoming to foreigners and their money and investments, completely opposite to Thailand.
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