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  1. That is an easy question to answer. Nearly no passenger service railways make money without public subsidies. They exist as a public service. As for whether it will help an ordinary noddle seller somewhere the same could have been said about the MRT, BTS lines or Swampy. These types of projects are meant to progress a city or country's economic progress. I think most people using the service won't be going to China or Singapore but within Thailand a couple of stations or so. Say Bang Sue to Korat. As for safety these rail line run in viaducts and are a heck of a lot safer than Thai highways th
  2. There were a lot of naysayers on here crapping on the Chinese-Laos high speed rail line. Well to their disappointment it is now almost complete.
  3. Sure seems like a lot of envy from the Americans and English. Anything to do with they themselves not getting any fast train networks built themselves?
  4. Subs are on hold and the fast train network will provide 1,000's of needed jobs. As long as Thai labour is used rather than cheap migrants.
  5. The Chamber lost all credibility when it stated foreigners were lining up to invest in Thailand. Economic decline predates the pandemic.
  6. Any concerns the TTC has about "monopoly or unfair market dominance" can surely be overcome with an abundance of fat brown envelopes.
  7. Seems Chinese investments are bad but Yank investments are good according to western biased media. When will people learn to ignore this nonsense. Did WMD not teach us anything?
  8. Above all he did not respect democracy nor the will of the Thai people. How do you fight corruption by appointing Kamnan Poh's boys to your cabinet and the mayor's chair in Pattaya?
  9. If Americans ever held their leaders to account after leaving office Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and both Bushs would have been locked up.
  10. Have you been there? Sure doesn't seem like it. Plenty of big industry going on including Canada's largest oil refinery. Look up Irving and McCain conglomerates. International ports at St. John and Halifax.
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