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  1. So murder of one of your residents is fine if the murderer promises not to do it again, is that it? What a joke. Nice start Joe.
  2. Well, it's late Monday in N.A, and nada about the Americans taking MBS to task. Seems Biden was all talk and no action. I was hoping for a separation in the public square using a dull sword. Fully expect word to surfaces of Hunter being appointed to some Saudi corporate board or other. Even some of Joe's media lapdogs are barking about this. https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/01/world/meanwhile-in-america-march-1-2021-intl/index.html
  3. Pretty sad outlook when the objective is 4% higher than the pandemic year. Exports were down pre pandemic already. This gov's high ฿ policy is hurting the Thai economy in so many ways.
  4. They took her to the hospital and put money down for her care so there's that.
  5. Can't blame him. How Brits can side with the despicable nonsense in the tabloids over a royal war vet is beyond all comprehension.
  6. I will hopefully soon be available for private Canadian English lessons for female students between the ages of say 18-22. They should wear their school uniforms.
  7. It's interesting things have gotten this far. Will the General toss the yellows under the bus? The junta looks so bad on so many fronts could he be thinking this might polish his diminished image at small cost? The thought of Suthep behind bars for a couple/few years warms the heart.
  8. Suthep sure knows his way around both sides of protests. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/may/10/thailand-protests-deputy-prime-minister
  9. That is absolute hogwash. Most days it was old matrons making up most of those participating in the protests. Guarded by south Thailand thugs acting as "security". Prem was no doubt the puppet master of the protest and the coup d'état leaders. Now that he is gone wouldn't it be wonderful if the despicable Suthep and his comrades got long stays at the Bangkok Hilton.
  10. Nope, I live 60 miles from the USA and can say we were horrified by the Americans lax approach dealing with the COVID. Our politicians made mistakes and we have our share of Freedumbers and Covidiots but overall we pretty much stuck with what the experts recommended. We also have socialized healthcare which is better equipped to deal with such a crisis. As a result our death rate per cap is much, much lower. As for the UK Boris played down the virus untill he caught it himself. By that time it was running wild.
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