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  1. This sounds like complete nonsense. Me nor anyone in my family have experienced treatment like this in Canada. Are you from Alberta? There are consequences to electing conservative governments. I dislocated her finger while living in Pattaya. The treatment was top notch but it cost me $1000 Canadian (฿30k) while back home in Canada it would've been completely free. then
  2. Keep him in the basement and let Trump defeat himself. He has been doing a terrific job of it lately.
  3. Construction in Laos started 4 years ago. Estimated finish is Dec. 2021.
  4. China will soon be the largest economy on earth. Better they gain influence by building and financing infrastructure rather than dropping bombs like the Americans did in this region not that long ago. Prior to the pandemic Cambodia and Laos were booming because of Chinese investment.
  5. Trump ought to be banned from these platforms for his repeated lies.
  6. Trade agreements can not make up for the ruinous policies of the military gov. Prior to the pandemic exports were in free fall and they are unlikely to recover.
  7. This stuff has just as much chance of working as what Trump has been telling his people to use.
  8. Obviously you are not aware of who the cement company owner is.
  9. Whether election or appointment the same mafia family always gets in.
  10. How much say did the people of H.K. have in making Patten governor?
  11. There must be an angle in this for Trump somehow. There always is.
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