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  1. The writer of the link argues the Liberals were hurt themselves by not changing the voting system. No reason electoral reform and pharmacare could not both be done next term. I've been in favor of TMX till now even though my rail shares would do better if it wasn't expanded. Listening to the likes of Kenny & Moe the last few days I'm starting to change my mind. I usually don't take good to threats. One option might be to hand it over to some BC native bands and let them kill it. https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/10/22/Trudeau-Electoral-Reform-Broken-Promise/
  2. See - Harold Wilson 1974 but with more parties and vote splits. Propping up corporate newspapers was intended to save union jobs. My old union lobbied heavily for it. Nearly all of that ungrateful lot then turned around and endorsed the Conservatives. I think they should let the beggars go broke. The so called scandal was much about nothing. There is a UN Convention against corruption. Canada belonged to it for years and had a law where Canadian companies could be charged and fined if caught giving bribes to other governments in order to do business. Graft is the norm in many countries including LOS. Then a conservative government amended the law to give the option to the Attorney General to use the old method or have the company and or its officers charged criminally. If convicted the company can also be prohibited from bidding on jobs in Canada. Trudeau advised his Attorney General that the law was stupid and that other first world countries did not do the same to their companies. He told her she should go by the old route otherwise the company may go under and lose Canada thousands of jobs. She ignored him and he fired her. Which to me was a proper course of action in the circumstances and seeing he's been made Prime Minister again many Canadian thought that way too. Anyone think BA or Exxon don't give bribes to countries officials to do business? If they were caught should the company be folded?
  3. That should read some were wrong. I was not in doubt. The Conservatives are a 2 province pony show and were never really in it. As a social democrate my party is the New Democrate Party (NDP). We lost nearly half our seats but gained an enormous clout in setting government policy. Trudeau either plays by our rules or has to cozy up to the single province separatist BLOC. The Liberals and separatists are long-term sworn enemies so not much likelihood of that. As our price to keep Justin in power we will want a major new social program. By bringing in national pharmacare he can gain a full term in office as long as he governs well to the left. Most of Canada's best and most loved social programs were brought in under similar circumstances. Trump should beef up the border patrol at the northern border in Montana. There are about to be a mass of conservatives asylum seekers trying to head south.
  4. Nonsense, Liberal-NDP in 1963-68 gave us Medicare, the maple leaf flag, Canada Pension Plan, all over Tory opposition, then the Trudeau-mania majority in 1968. The Liberal-NDP in 1972-74 got us Petro Can then a 1974 Liberal majority. Conservative dinosaurs have no place in a progressive country like Canada.
  5. It's a joyous day. My kids, grandson & myself, all WASPs in The Peg, voted for the victorious NDP. Like 1963-65-72 we control the agenda in a Liberal minority. Less seats but big power gain. With zero representation in the government from the State of Alberta & the Land of Green People expect pharmacare and cancelled pipelines as priorities. Young Justin can name a Lotusland MP to represent State of Alberta interests and one from The Peg for Sask's. Scheer seemed more concerned about taking out Mad Max and Ralph Goodal than forming government. I sure hope they keep him around. I've been saying for 4 years that Trudeau will likely win 4 terms. With this win after making so many mistakes maybe it will be 5.
  6. What if the Mex Gov stopped enforcement of drug laws? Would it lessen the bloodshed? Americans seem to care less about illegal weapons going south.
  7. There is a major military base in that city so I don't buy it.
  8. It took 3 days but finally one of the many Post Media daily newspapers ran a column about the biggest scandal of the election. Seeing the Bay Street based Post Media demands all its papers across the country endorse the Conservative Party and employs as a writer the political consultant who carried out the dirty work at issue it is fair to ask if the newspaper chain had involvement. Once re-elected Trudeau needs to stop subsidizing this rotten chain of newspapers with tax payer cash and allow them to slip into bankruptcy. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/chris-selley-scheers-silence-is-either-suspicious-or-baffling
  9. Some people need to do serious jail time. 100's died because of Boeing greed and FAA negligence. Funny how when financial analysts like Cramer get caught schilling unworthy stocks they always play the victim.
  10. I feel sorry for people who voted Tory in the advance polls then afterward found out about this terrible scandal. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2019/10/20/news/scheer-has-his-own-scandal-now
  11. Could be worse: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/09/shutdown-highlights-that-4-in-5-us-workers-live-paycheck-to-paycheck.html Personally it wasn't until my last few years working did I accumulate any significant savings. My wealth has increased at a greater rate since I retired.
  12. I thought it was obvious that the reference to knuckle draggers was to the electorate there.
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