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  1. 2nd retirement announcement, many more to come.
  2. ฿40 from the nearby motorbike stands are an option too.
  3. You mean the NTSB whose board members get appointed by Trump, 555. I'll be sticking to Airbus while the Trump Regime is in place. This may be his "atta boy Brownie" moment.
  4. It's official because that's the story he made up to tell family as a cover? Rubbish. The Keystone Brit cops should have solicited information about missing asian women of about her age by using the media. Although from what I've seen of Brit papers, outside the Guardian, they are more interested in reporting the goings on of soap stars than hard news like dead bodies being found. She lived 25 miles from where she was found not a continent away. Total and complete incompetence. Much like we are witnessing with the present Tory gov and this Brexit nonsense.
  5. What a joke. Those Keystone Brit cops had a dead asian lady and an asian lady disappear 25 miles apart. Yet couldn't connect the dots. Was it 2004 or 1804? No doubt family and/or friends had it figured out. They lived with the husbend's family for bloody sake. A bit of foot work by the Keystones would have flushed that out.
  6. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck and not a serial killer she randomly met. Dollars to doughnuts the husbend did it.
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