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  1. Well, it's a credit to you for saying that. Harper is still trying to convince people that he would not have joined Blair and Bush. At the time I was a tradesman on the prairies so had no shortage of conservative workmates to argue the merits of that war. Personally I chose to believe the weapon inspectors and Uncle Jean's judgement. I don't think any of us expected the cluster ~#\\ it turned out to be.
  2. So the Kurds have been sending rockets at Turkish towns in retaliation. Can we now expect NATO partner Turkey to invoke Article 5? Will the Americans then be obligated to run bombing raids on the Kurds.? This just keeps getting better.
  3. This all started when Iraq was invaded on false pretences in 2003. When the debate was going on whether to get involved, in our country, which side of that divide were you on?
  4. This is all part and parcel of Trump's MAGA strategy (MAKE al-ASSAD GREAT AGAIN).
  5. Kurds have now switched sides. Well done Trump. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7568915/Kurds-President-Assad-sign-deal-allow-Syrian-Army-joint-fight-against-Turkish-invasion.html
  6. Hard to have sympathy when Bibii has millions of Arabs locked up in the occupied territories. Then there are the Americans with the highest incarceration rate in the world.
  7. Well, who looks foolish now that Musk, by his own submission, has admitted to lying about Vern? Then publicizing that lie to the disgusting Brit tabs with the intent to ruin Vern. Obviously not to you, but pretty much with everyone else of half decent character.
  8. Do you think the FAA provided proper oversight in certifying the 737-MAX? My experience with North American transportation regulators is that they and industry are usually in an incestuous relationship. Most positions at the regulator are filled by former industry management. They are all one big happy family.
  9. The race to replace Scheer now trending in Canadian media. A crowd outside today's french debate sang the Star Spangled Banner as Scheer's bus arrived. There were also some holding posters of likely Scheer successor Potato Boy Pete MacKay.
  10. Looking like some Cons are moving on from Scheer already. His pathetic performance in the French debate followed by his mini-Trump impression to start the English debate has sown his fate. Potato-Boy Pete & friends have their knives sharpened. I wonder if his borrowed dog is still kicking? The election now comes down to Lib majority or minority. If minority do the Bloc or NDP hold the balance? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-allies-of-former-conservative-minister-peter-mackay-mull-leadership/
  11. Never mind Iran giving Syria oil the E.U. needs to condemn the United States for abandoning the Kurds to Turkey. All those foreign ISIS fighters were given free passage from Turkey to Syria. So what happens when Turkey take over the ISIS prison camps? Do those Muslim nuts go free? What is Trump really up to and for whose benefit? Trump may not have entered office super rich but I think he will be by the time he leaves.
  12. Good, then if shouldn't be hard for you to provide it. But of course you won't because it was madeup nonsense.
  13. I would be very interested in seeing a link that shows Clinton was projected to win by 70-90%.
  14. Those Trump haters at FOX NEWS did a survey. Not looking good for him. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-record-support-for-trump-impeachment
  15. I don't think Scheer is a real conservative either. My left wing roots are honest coming from my paternal grandfather's upbringing in working class Glasgow. Scheer's paternal grandfather was from a liberal Jewish neighbourhood in New York City. Scheer happened to end up in right wing Sask and electability likely had a major roll in which party he ran for. True conservatives should be voting for like minded Mad Max.
  16. There is no bigger phoney in Canadian politics than Trump want-to-be and part Yank Scheer.
  17. The American Conservative Party leader opened the TV debate tonite by giving his best impression of mini-Trump.
  18. Time of day makes big difference. 2am short time, 4pm long time
  19. If Lao is leaving you in their dust you have a huge problem.
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