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  1. In a few weeks I'm coming back to Hua Hin for 6 months so will be looking for another 6 months data package sim card. The 1mbps speed was OK for me last time and I think it had an upper limit of 300gb which was plenty. It cost 300 bt +7% last time I'm with tru for calls so that might be easier Anyone know what the current deals are? My physio in Soi 102 got me last one off lazada as she has account. Alternatively are there any good calls & data pack combos I should be looking at? Last time I used to buy the tru90 pack for calls only, 200 mins for 30 days, 90 by +7 %tax. And I had the data sim separate. I have a dual sim phone. Thanks in advance Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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