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  1. I got a dozen , often the shelves are empty but they are slow to restock . I asked a staff and he check and bought out , he said , the last 6 ... Would not be surprised if there are still a few lying around , I check once a week . PS I am in Samui They still have Margaux De Boyd , Grand Vin , 2014 priced at 870 Baht but I was not that impressed .. Still a very good price .. In the UK 22 GBP . https://www.decanter.com/wine-reviews/france/bordeaux/tesco-finest-margaux-de-boyd-margaux-bordeaux-2014-21902
  2. Stocked up on Rioja Gran reserva 2012 .Tesco 315 Baht https://www.decanter.com/wine-reviews/spain/northern-spain/tesco-finest-vina-del-cura-gran-reserva-rioja-2012-33511
  3. Registered at Central for AZ Vaccine on 7th June . Very quick more staff than people registering . Showed passport and driving license .
  4. So for those of us who have registered at Samui Hospital do we now need to go to Central to register also ? Who is in charge of the distribution , is it the Tesse Bahn ?
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