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  1. This very same website reported only last week that 90% of Thais wanted the borders to remain closed to foreigners. The quality, balance and consistency of reporting on TV is fast approaching that of the Grauniad or the BBC.
  2. The media is now trying to convince everyone that Black Panther wasn't in fact barely comprehendible PC garbage, as the next installment is due out (I can't wait, obviously). Hollywood seems hell bent on ruining everything, they've done it to Star Wars, Bond too. And now, because of cash, the Chinese are insisting that stories and even history be rewritten to not offend the CCP, or let it be known that in fact the Chinese in general are a bit <deleted>. Not very principled the Democrats I'm afraid.
  3. In the time wasted on writing this post, you could have called a vet. If you really do want to help. Instead of virtue signaling.
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