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  1. To be fair.. about a week ago there did appear to be a storm on the way from the west.. but it dissipated. I find it interesting that what weather is coming in from the west is being forced south by a strong northerly airstream crossing the South China Sea.. moving into the gulf of Thailand... and then circulating north into central and north east Thailand. It appears that this will continue for at least the next 10 days.. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=10.3;117.1;3&l=rain-3h&t=20210305/0000
  2. Transcending fear... It is fear that keeps us in situations that we are not comfortable in. A job we don't like, an unhappy marriage or in a social situation where we may feel like a square peg in a round hole. Fear of the consequences if we make a change. Fear is an insidious thing.. If asked to describe fear we may focus on external things that may threaten us but fear lurks in dark places. It shapes our decisions and keeps us in situations we may want to get out of and we may not even be aware that it is fear that keeps us there. We learn to distrust our intuition.
  3. ..'Transferwise are moving the times...'.. I think this is wrong thinking.. placing the blame on TW.. I think you will find that the problem is at the other end.. your receiving bank.. if your bank isn't 'open'.. due to weekend or a holiday.. your transfer won't go through until it is 'open'.. Having said that TW did send a reminder awhile ago that if money is sent at a busy time.. the 1st of the month for example.. when there is a large amount of activity.. you transfer might be delayed. I don't believe that TW deliberately move transfer times.. I think Friday is a bad day to start a tran
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