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  1. I just changed from an old Samsung Syncmaster... I bought my wife a new 55" TV.. I've hooked up her old (2 years) TCL 40" TV as a monitor.. it is great! Excellent for photos, videos & movies .. big is better..
  2. That is a hard one.. I've lived in and enjoyed many places.. Vancouver Island Canada... Jersey Channel Islands.. New Zealand for a year.. but Sydney in the 1970s was great.. good friends great parties.. wild times.. Adelaide for 25 years.. music concerts.. WOMAD... vibrant place for the arts which I and my wife enjoyed.. Thailand isn't exciting but I enjoy my life here..
  3. ..because if they push for bankruptcy they will definitely lose everything.. if they allow Thai to keep trading there is a possibility that they may get some or all money back.. in time.. what would you choose?
  4. Pretty much sums it up.. there is rain activity around but if you follow it on Ventusky (Windy.com if you prefer) you will see that there is a lot of rain activity around but not easy to see just where it will fall.... if you skip forward to 7 PM you will see a lot more activity coming in from the SE.... https://www.ventusky.com/?p=14.5;110.1;4&l=rain-3h
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