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  1. No.. they didn't say any of that.. but they did say that if I left my application until after the 31st I would be on overstay.. read what you will into that. Since there has been no announcement what else could they say? It doesn't mean that there will not be a last minute announcement of an extension of the amnesty. As the boy scouts say..'be prepared'..
  2. Thank you for the clarity. I always appreciate your comment and reliable information. You are a legend Joe!
  3. I'm a little bit hazy but think the way it works is that you get a 90 day extension during which time you apply for the 1 year. I could be wrong but I think the new visa applies from the day approved.. My advice is go immediately.. there were a few ferangs doing the same as me today but I could see that they were very busy processing what I think must have been Lao visas.. from workers I presume.. I'm thinking it is going to be hectic as we approach the end of the month.. good luck..
  4. You probably can.. but go to immigration immediately. Today I changed from tourist to non imm O on marriage.. was told all on amnesty have until July 31st to make changes... after that you would be on overstay and would have to leave the country. The office in Kalasin was busy today.. a few ferangs but saw them processing what I think must have been stacks of Lao visas..
  5. OK..I just got back from Immigration Office in Kalasin.. the good news is... YES.. anyone on visa extension (Amnesty) to the end of July can apply for change to Non O visa without leaving Thailand .. After July 31st you would have to leave the country.. 90 day extension given.. time enough to season the 400K if you act quickly.. Good luck...
  6. I'm 75 ...116/78 this morning.. I'm no saint but I do exercise 1 hr...nearly every day and try to eat healthy food..
  7. I'm going to talk to immigration here in Kalasin this morning. I am currently on tourist visa which expires on Sept 19.. We got married recently.. I have 400K in the bank.. 2 months on Aug 1st.. I will ask for Non O based on marriage.. will let you know how I get along..
  8. That is true.. the guidelines change as new research informs the understanding of best practice.. The American Heart Association is a world leader in this research... doctors worldwide refer to their findings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Heart_Association
  9. There isn't universal agreement about what is 'normal' blood pressure but I think 120/80 is generally accepted now. My Dr prefers to see systolic pressure closer to 110 saying that this reduces stroke risk considerably. He sees diastolic pressure as less important unless consistently over 90.. also sees low diastolic as ok unless you experience faintness .. when standing up for instance. Blood pressure changes throughout the day depending on many factors... activity, stress etc.. It is important to take your blood pressure at a similar time and circumstance. I take mine in the morning after exercise of an hour (bike riding).. and a light breakfast. It is very important to allow enough time to cool down from the exercise before taking the reading.
  10. Google has the answer.. https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+healthy+blood+pressure+rang+systaltic+diastaltic&rlz=1C1GGRV_enTH748TH748&oq=what+is+healthy+blood+pressure+rang+systaltic+diastaltic&aqs=chrome..69i57.23071j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 This is interesting as well.. https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/lowering-elevated-diastolic-blood-pressure-will-lessen-chance-of-developing-elevated-systolic-blood-pressure/
  11. I don't think sheep dogs get beaten .. but they are certainly chained up or in cages when not working.. I've seen it on outback stations.. not a nice life..
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