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  1. You better go and solve your problem instead of looking for a scapegoat.
  2. That's OK then. I mean those weekend millionaires that are actually living in their mother's house in the West where all kinds of greedy heirs and heiresses are already waiting for the old lady to die.
  3. Not to forget Western Cheap Charlies that promise their Mia a rose garden when in fact they have nothing.
  4. No, you can't blame Prayuth for the so-called German reunification, you can't blame Prayuth for the unelected EU with their so-called "competence cabinets", and you can't blame Prayuth for their Asset Backed Securities programme of the ECB in 2014. Nor can anyone blame Prayuth for the devaluation of Western currencies (incl. the US Dollar) back in 1971 during the Vietnam War. Pattaya (where I live) can be glad that the current government established an Eastern Economic Corridor in Chonburi so to take some burden off slightly drowning Bangkok.
  5. I still get pensions, and I will get them life-long. So I would take a job as a Digital Nomad as a nice add-on. Getting a work permit in Thailand would only be possible if there's no Thai to do the job. Which would probably mean to work on a Mainframe computer with VPN. Im used to that.
  6. So did I. And since I'm an experienced senior IT Professional in a Global Data Warehouse, I guess it would be quite easy to get a job as a Digital Nomad or something like that.
  7. I'm old now (a pensioner), but it was always my dream to go back to South Asia or SEA to retire here. And here I feel well, may these Germans back in the EU say what they want.
  8. Isn't there something like a statue of limitations in the USA?
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