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  1. China is probably the biggest hardware producer in the world now (followed by India and other Asian countries), and they produce the infrastructure for supply to consumers. For consumers in the West (still) What is the West actually producing except paper money and idle talk about "Western values"?
  2. 'Never start industrialization with ressources from a foreign country' - is that what you mean?
  3. Better than to become a second Manchuria colonized by an axis power. Anyway, WW2 is over now, isn't it?
  4. Maybe Thailand invited the Japanese in to keep the British (British Burmese) out of the country, in order to stay neutral in WW2. That's tricky, but it obviously worked out. Thailand was never a Japanese colony, and it was never a British colony.
  5. The Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore, and it didn't implode. Ronald Reagan threatened to armour the Soviets to death if they don't surrender, that's why the USSR was dissolved. But Russia's still there, and Russia is now part of the BRICS countries. Guess Asian countries will adopt the most successful economic style after the American War in Asia (aka the Vietnam war): the politics of two systems, as laid out by the former mayor of Shanghai, Mr Deng tsiao ping. China has her special economic zonesn, and Thailand has them too. Anyway, back to topic: OP is about older Indian tourists. I've talked to some of them, in Bangkok and Pukhet. They are old, wise, well-educated and well-mannered. Certainly not the brand that roam around Pattaya Beach sometimes. And they come as tourists, not as settlers.
  6. Western women. Many Farangs here disgust Farang women (and vice versa). Most male Farangs in SEA prefer Asian women - and at the same time disgust their countries (and the male natives there). I'm from a "developed country" (Germany), and I see the West going down the gutter (economically and socially), while Asian countries are improving. And this is too much for folks that are used to be treated as the masters of the universe.
  7. Guess the neighbouring countries will follow the "native land only to natives" rule. But you surely don't need land-grabbing for investments. Suffering at "home" is a bad idea for an orphan like me who burned down all bridges to a country that he never wanted.
  8. Exactly this doesn't work over here. You need land-grabbing as a foreigner, and land-grabbing is illegal in Thailand and - as far as I know - in India, too.
  9. OK, I wait for eye-witnesses. Should be about 8,000 years old and been all over a country that probably didn't even exist 8,000 years ago. There are paintings and ancient books there, even in Germany where I come from - and there are Indian scientists.
  10. My factual observation from All-India is that there is no such thing as an Indian race. I saw more white-skinned Indians than black-skinned Indians in the North when I was there in 1969, and there was an obvious language barrier between North and South India. Does anyone have an idea what the Sanskrit word "varna" (colour) refers to in the background of a caste system? Last not least, does anyone have an idea how Buddhism came from India (or Nepal) to Thailand?
  11. Maybe the "nose factor" (the smell of Indian curries) There are open air restaurants in Thailand, though, with mixed menus.
  12. Then everything is oK. A little bit of hassle is normal in a foreign country. Please forgive me, I didn't have time to watch the whole vlog.
  13. I have been in India (without a camera), I know what Sahib means. Harald Badar could at least have asked for permission to make a movie. Anyway, he obviously made his movie in the overcrowded bazaar.
  14. This Western tourist is obviously not able to sit down, put his camera away and behave like a normal native. What does he expect from India? If he wants to make a movie, the Sahib should pay the actors and actresses, at least give them a big tip.
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