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  1. 11 Million Asians - 8 Million foreign tourists = 3 Million non-foreign Asians = 3 Million Thai tourists.
  2. Fortunately I was never ever married in the West, only lots of girlfriends. So I have no reason to complain about any ex. I could complain about German divorce and alimony laws that state that the ex has always the first right to alimony. And precisely that is a problem for many Farangs and their (mostly younger) Thai wifes: after a divorce you are supposed to starve out your new Thai wife. The ex in Germany takes it all. So it *is* a problem for many.
  3. Visa agents just click the "nothing has changed" checkbox, and the data in the Immigration's Database get an "updated on <date>" flag. Very fast, and very efficient.
  4. I've gone to school there. That's their normal outdoor dress in winter time.
  5. I'm quite sure mummy or daddy in Europe will have the funds to pay for their offsprings' additional insurance. An additional travel insurance is something every tourist should have anyway. And since the premiums for health insurances are calculated by age, the young ones will be better off this time.
  6. Yes, provided you didn't have Corona as a condition. Which in Thailand probably means you have to be inside the country.
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