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  1. If you know what switches are (a basic concept of linear algebra) you can get rid of unsolicited offers on Facebook, too.
  2. Yes, Web 2.0, Social Networks and AI changed a lot. But the basics are still the same.
  3. I started with MS-DOS and IBM Mainframe operating (virtual punchcards on studip terminals)
  4. Yes, apps are object-oriented capsuled program pieces, mostly programmed in Java. While the Java Compilers are programmed in C++ (extension of C structs into classes)
  5. For me, it starts here : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_(programming_language)#K&R_C While HTML, invented in Stanford and also programmed in C, came a bit later. HTML's also got a pioneering name : Marc Andresen, Netscape.
  6. In fact, American DARPA invented the Internet, based on a programming language called C with an integrated TCP/IP stack. Because they were afraid of a nuclear blast followed by a complete blackout - so they invented the "data packages find their own way" principle (IP = Internet protocol) The World Wide Web with Google etc was invented later, in California and Geneva.
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