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  1. Coming from the US, I'll be using an METV, plan to stay at least six months. This time I don't want to commit to a return date or airport. Booked a one way Delta flight to Chiang Mai through Expedia ($565 BZN to CNX) last leg is Korean Air ... is that where I might encounter a problem for no proof of onward travel or would that happen at the first flight? This will be 4 years in a row that I've done 6 months in Thailand (always with a round trip ticket) and the passport will show that. Would that history be sufficient to prevent any hassles? Have thought about buying a throw-away ticket, but having trouble finding any cheap flights six months from my scheduled entry. Wondering whether date shown on the 'proof of travel ticket' has to be somewhere in the range of 6 months from entry? Thanks, DS
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