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  1. Thai discrimination now the Thai governments policy
  2. Yes and preferably so far away they can't be heard or annoy anyone.
  3. Agree with all but the Future Forward party. From what I have seen and his action to date, this guy might be the real deal. That the military are constantly trying to take him down only really confirms this.
  4. Yes but being beaten to death in jail is considered a natural cause in thailand anyway.
  5. Anti narcotics police. Must be the faction in opposition to the narcotics police
  6. The Thai parliament is full of criminals, treasonists, human traffickers, drug dealers, money launderers and murderers. I would think he is amongst good company and has the right type of qualifications.
  7. Yes but 'war paint' has a similar effect to 'beer goggles'!
  8. The government approved the contract and accepted it. That was the only time consideration could be given to the company's qualifications. And if it wasn't done, the government is at fault, not the contractor.
  9. And the Burmese culprit/scapegoat would have already been in jail for years.
  10. I hope they check the company is qualified and the company considers maybe not being paid for 20 or more years
  11. The case has been dedermined through various courts and appeals. Now after 20 years, whether the company was qualified is their only hope. Awarded by government who I assume was approved by a superior authority and now the government is questioning whether the government should have awarded the contract to this company. The monkeys and buffalos are certainly in charge.
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