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  1. Clearly doesn't understand the difference between flip flops and thongs.....
  2. They were obviously hungry and waiting for the sign that dinner was cooked
  3. Remember to havee a break on the Sabbath. You don't want the powers from above coming down on you!
  4. But they still manage to live under their constitution written 800 years ago. Wonder how many coups and constitutions Thailand would have in an 800 year period.?
  5. If bankruptcy is enforced though the courts day one has already commenced and unsecured creditors can say goodbye to what is owed.. Or at the very best wait at the end of the line for your return of 3% if you are lucky. New debt going forward should be guaranteed by appointment of an administrator and probably financed by the government.
  6. Sewers or storm water pipes? Rain shouldn't have any impact on the sewer system.
  7. I assume he just wanted to give the relationship one last shot?
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