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  1. For me it is two different things and get either / or very infrequently. Obviously eating something doesn't agree with me. Two things I know can do it coconut or very charred meat. The acid thing is when I get like some acid coming up in my throat and neck. No biggy just noticeable and mildly uncomfortable. A sip of antacid normally does the trick The other one is like a sharp pain in the chest area that comes and goes in waves. Not really the chest but inside the chest area. Obviously the stomach or intestinal pipe inside the chest area. I don't necessarily get acid in the mouth o
  2. I rarely get it Sheryl, usually once in 2 or 3 months, and have had it on and off for 20 years as do many people. Coconut can do it to me, probably other things too. The first time I got it I actually did think it was a heart attack. Was getting referred pain from my chest up the outside of my neck, around my jaw. When I would take Zantac or Ranidine would be gone in minutes. I got that Diagest once before while I was away and I think it worked ok though not that quickly. Thanks for your advice
  3. I find this one good for when you get acid coming up in your mouth. But not for the reflux pain
  4. Thanks Sheryl. Most of the pharmacies here keep suggesting Omeprazole products but it looks like to me that is for chronic ulcer or intestinal type issues. I do only get it very infrequently so wont be keeping spreadsheets etc. It's that awful pain in the chest area, where it feels like a balloon is inflating / deflating inside you. Comes in waves. Is that indigestion or heartburn? Anyway, I ordered some Gaviscon off Lazada. Strangely if you search Gaviscon on Lazada it doesn't come up. If you google search Gaviscon, it comes up Lazada suggestions lol. What do you think
  5. I did a double take when I read that because for me the rate actually went down substantially, but I am converting AUS$. You must be converting US. The US fell against our AU dollar late last week where I was receiving 80c AUS / 1US$. Now AUS$ 76.6c this morning. And consequently I got a great rate on the Thai baht as it seems to follow the US$ That seems a huge fall in a couple of days? Anyway, I think first time since I arrived here 6 years ago I have had a win with the currency. Was getting so bad I was having friends ask me to tell them when I sent money so they would wait. Min
  6. Talking about the type of indigestion / heartburn when you get the waves of pain in your chest. Not acid reflux. I don't get it often but when I do man it is uncomfortable. Always took a medication here called Ranidine, which is generic Zantac. I believe these products have been banned in the States and indeed in Thailand as they were found to have cancer causing agents. My pharmacist gave me some other pills but they just don't work. The Ranidine (Zantac) was almost instant relief. Can anyone can suggest anything? Photo of the pack would be great I can show my chemist.
  7. Anybody else having problems on the Thai immigration site? I click on 90 day report and coming up with a message backend server failure (or the like)
  8. Completed two transfers today and so far not a hitch, Have confirmations from TW they have received my funds which was very quick. I wont see the money in my account until Monday as there is a holiday here tomorrow then the weekend but I expected that. Thanks all for the assistance
  9. There does seem to be a link between the US$ and THB though. If US goes up or down THB generally follows in relation to AUS$ anyway. Like you said ex rate THB/AUS has been climbing but you'll see the US$/AUS$ also climbing. Peaked at 80c today
  10. Buddy, appreciate your help but you are making some pretty ill informed comments or haven't read my post clearly. I am only worried someone else will see it. If you have a look at the US to AUD graph there has been a recent steep climb, about 2-3 cents which will make a huge difference to me. I am not talking about US to Baht ex rate. I am interested in the AUS to Thai baht rate which is affected by the US. US falls against the AUS$ so does the baht which seems to be pegged to the US. I am not transferring Bazillions but it is a substantial sum, to me anyway where I will receive ab
  11. I used them last year and found them amazing. I locked in a very good rate this morning with them, 84 hours it was, and I am waiting for money to be released in Australia, probably tomorrow. I will be transferring money to them manually from my bank. Only thing I was wondering is say I transfer AUS$ to Transferwise from my bank tomorrow or Saturday, they may not get it in the 84 hour window, by Sunday....being the weekend and all. I know after I transfer I have to log back on again and confirm that I have transferred. Does the window of time they give you to make the
  12. A couple of questions. Firstly is Transferwise still operating normally? Haven't used them for a year and need to send money from Australia to Thailand (I have no requirement for visa as far as showing foreign deposit for visa etc, just want to make sure they are still safe) Can I select a deal / ex rate and transfer money to them tomorrow or next day, ie lock the rate in or is it an instantaneous thing? I see this morning the Australian dollar 80c against US which in turn has made the AUS / THB ex rate very favorable, or better at least. Does anyone have any
  13. Was at Tesco about 2 months ago and found 2 jars of Tesco sweet mustard pickles, or as you Brits say I think Picalilly. Was cheap too about 50 baht a jar. Bought both but since then I haven't seen it again. I found it in a really random area too, I think the wrong area. Has anyone seen it in Tesco or was it a one off thing. If so where do they normally keep it? With the sauces or with jam / peanut butter etc?
  14. Been her about 6 years and 5 years ago bought a nice leather sofa from Index, about 45k baht. Was the only comfortable one we could find. They seem to like sleeping and sitting on cement here. Anyway, it has deteriorated pretty badly in 5 years with only fairly light use. the leather seems to be that thin glued onto a backing. So I have decided I wont be outlaying that kind of money again hoping for quality. The vinyl sofas seems to be the go here but the vinyl while it does have nearly the feel of leather doesn't seem very strong. Has anyone had any experience with them? I al
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