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  1. After being involved in a Thai business for one year I can tell you western logic and principles dont apply here. My first thought was whats more important to a Thai. Dirt on the floor or putting their hand in their pocket. Theyd sell their mothers for 10 baht. That and there seems to be a holiday / festival / religious event or otherwise some sort of pi$$ up on nearly every week or some reason for business to be quiet that week. I feel sorry for the poor Thai buggers trying to live hand to mouth make a few bucks everyday. Theyre certainly up against it
  2. In our home countries these people would be seen as servants of the people, paid by our taxes etc. Different culture here. The people.....Thais and farang alike are meant to show respect to government officials as they represent a higher power. I was in the motor registry once and the dog faced woman there suggested to my wife next time I come I wear long pants. She pointed to a dress code on the wall of proper attire. I was dressed expensively and tidily, just I was wearing shorts. My wife explained it was a show of disrespect for their office. I jokingly asked my wife to ask the officer if there was a stronger way I could show my contempt / disrespect. I had to pull her back before she actually did 5555 I am not saying it is right or wrong, but it is the way it is here
  3. My last extensions was for being the parent of a Thai child but basically the same as Marriage visa. I went through a similar thing. Fair enough they did tell me it was difficult and were trying to push me to a retirement visa but they didn't tell me exactly how difficult it would be. The paperwork, all the copies and specific photos took a few goes, not to mention signing about 5 copies of everything. I can live with that. Then I had to get photos of 3 people in my moo baan in the house with my child at three key areas including the bedroom. Try and get a middle aged well to do Thai women in your bedroom for photos! Back with the photos and they informed me the three people would need to attend immigration for an interview the next week. Was all done piecemeal and involved many trips back and forth. I'm not sure if you are aware of these extra requests or not yet but usually on your first application, sometimes every extension you need to round up people who can vouch you live with your wife / child
  4. This statement is ambiguous to me.... You can immediately spend the 40K income each month, but if you only had 320K in funds, you can't draw down on it because you would be under the 800K minimum requirement. I could interpret that 2 ways...The calculation above adds up to 800k 320k deposited and not touched for 12 months 480k monthly deposits of 40k per month Are you saying the monthly deposits I can deposit from abroad then immediately withdraw leaving only the lump sum of 320k in the bank untouched all year? So at the end of the year the sum of total deposits would equal 800k but during the year the actual balance in the bank will be well under 800k? Or are you saying that I could only draw down on amounts over and above the monthly deposits and lump sum deposit if I had deposited money over and above 800k? (320 + 480k)
  5. Don't feel too bad mate. Like others have said I know quite a few long termers here still get sucked in. And still try to tell you the "this one is different" stories. Guys who only a few months before would have told YOU to go and get your head read and go and give yourself an uppercut if you told them the same thing. I used to think maybe they use some form of black magic or something, but I think the long distance thing magnifies your feelings. When you are with her probably having he best time of your life and have made commitments to her. You go back home and reality kicks in. There is no honour or truth here and she will be looking at your relationship with her as get everything you can while you can. A mate of mine summed it up perfectly once for me. He's been coming here for 30 years. Supporting a bird in Pattaya. Older girl too and has a few psycho issues. He told me he couldn't break it off with her because he was so worried she would frk someone else. I mean a bargirl living in Pattaya of course she was frking EVERYONE. Its like trying to hold on to the impossible. Even if you moved here and tried living with her, doing the right thing it wouldn't work out. I don't know of any bargirl relationship, marriage etc that have had happy endings. If you like Thai girls and really want to find a good one...maybe come and live here....is sort out where you want to live and then find a girl. (Not Pattaya or Phuket). I am up country in a big city and they will be queued up for you. Pick of the litter and most normal decent girls. Money is always an issue here, Thais are obsessed with it. But the non bar girls are controllable at least. If you are living in Australia do not support one here as a holiday GF. Just ridiculous. Like time share where you only get it 2 weeks of the year but in a Thai girls case you will be paying 100% upkeep and expenses, as most likely will many others. Send her a sorry goodbye message and run. She will be ok
  6. You really don't want to take legal action for anything in Thailand unless absolutely necessary. Particularly against a govt officer. Understand your frustrated but better deal with things and make your own enquiries at your local offices / banks.
  7. Can I clarify a couple of things I'm not sure are clear in the OP or have been contradicted through these last 30 odd pages...Probably Tanoshi should have the last word on this as there seem to be many contradictions 1) Combo method there is no min / max /guidelines on what your lump sum in the bank is? 2) You mention seasoning using the combo method. What aspect are we seasoning and for how long? I assume you mean seasoning the lump sum component? Is it 3 months before and after, same as using the 800k deposit method? After this do you need do also have to maintain 400k in the bank all year around or does the combo method negate this? 3) Per above If I use the only the income method ie: 65k per month, there is no need for 400k in the bank year round? And in fact nothing to season? I can withdraw deposits immediately as living expenses? 3) Say for eg: using the combo method I put 100k lump sum in the bank..... Means I need to make monthly foreign deposits of around 60k per month to equal 800k In the OP you say combo method you need to maintain a balance of 800k at all times through the year. If I start the combo method now for the first month I will have 100k + 60k. As the year progresses towards the end of 12 months I will have a balance near 800k but its not going to be all year? Also if I am drawing down on the income deposits for living expenses I'm only going to have the lump sum balance of 100k most times. Am I missing something here? Regarding the 800k funds in the bank method....I keep reading over and over again is 2 months for the first application, then 3 months every year after. Same as it has always been. Being a new system / rules....for someone that is currently on a retirement extension now....will our next extension be deemed as a new application as the rules are new....or exisiting retiree extensions will still required 3 months seasoning? Many of the posts seem to suggest under the new rules all of our first extensions under the new rules require only 2 months seasoning, even if we are currently on retirement extensions. I would find this very hard to believe or that IO will interpret it that way. I think the 2 months only for people never had a retire extension before.
  8. Why are you asking the OP or should I say demanding? He was kind enough to do the research and list the new requirements. Go and ask your own IO now and see what they say. Forewarned is forearmed. If it looks like you are going to have trouble head it off now
  9. Might be a good idea to start a pinned closed thread. Summarise what we know now ie: opening post and add updates as they are received and known as fact. The last 27 pages could have been answered with "refer opening post" and things are just getting more confusing, particularly for people who haven't read every post. Using property as collateral for 800k? It's not really that difficult is it? The only thing really that has changed is the milestone requirement for the 800 / 400k lump sum requirement in the bank and that income method does not have to be from a pension anymore. Essentially Marriage and parent visas are the same. As far as demanding answers from the OP as to how your local bank will manage verification of overseas transfers and how your local IO will interpret the new rules is ridiculous. We all know this will vary from office to office and in fact the officer you deal with. This is your responsibility to do some investigation and sort this out yourself. The way I see it many will not be affected. Those on marriage visas and those who already have 800k sitting in the bank year round already. This would be a great percentage of us. The guys who will be most affected are the ones who do not have the funds required and were before getting embassy letters. I make no judgements here. Financial bad luck could happen to any of us here. If you are low on funds use the combo or income method. It's not ideal but its doable. The good thing here is you can draw the funds straight out again and live on them...and you do need money to live on right? There really is no need to have 800k in the bank to live here and if some of us use our heads you may be in a better financial position than before re using agents.
  10. Cut it off now mate...at the neck. Some of these girls are like bad drugs u just cant quite kick. In all likely hood she has a guy in the village. Ive lived here for 5 years and lived in villages nearly every hooker that went back home that had a farang had a thai bf too. Any money you have sent will have been p$$ed up the wall on gambling and booze. Im sure youve seen many warnings signs that uve passed off as cultural differences or ur over suspicious imagination. Ive went through it myself. Horror story. Dont appologise, dont pay her off. Send her a goodbye note and block everything. Its harder that giving up the fags but do it now. There is no future with a bar girl. She has no respect for you or your hard earned because its too easy for her to go and find more
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