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  1. I went to the pharmacy and very little available but did find one really helpful lady gave me some nasal caps to put on a syringe. I am going to make a mix of saline with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and try that. When you say irrigate do you mean you actually fully squirt water flush or is it like a mist spray?
  2. Drove through there it is beautiful but not suit us to live there. Anywhere particular you could recommend for a swim? Waterfalls etc. Have small children so can't just trek up mountains etc lol
  3. Was really hoping to get something like I had before was great. I got one here yesterday but most of them burn the inside of my sinuses. The particular one I had was eucalyptus, saline and maybe a tiny bot of oil. Best one I used.
  4. Quite often get really dry sinuses which leads to restriction and headaches. I did have a nasal spray which I think was effectively eucalyptus and saline which seemed to work well. Any body sourced anything like that here? Local pharmacies looking at me like I am from outer space
  5. Been living in Khon Kaen for 4 years now. Good big modern city, has everything but a bit too big and congested. Very compact and concentrated. We have kids so we have to drive everywhere in the car and traffic here is abhorrent. It's gotten that way it is nearly unpleasant to go out. Seems to be very hot here too. very featureless place as far as nature goes. So we're looking for a place maybe a little slower place, a bit more spread out and easier to move around whilst still having most of the conveniences (Makro, Big C, Tesco). My wife has a fast food western restaurant (mainly Thai customers0 as well which does well and we would like to relocate so the area would need to be a bit more modern type people. Maybe a big uni? I lived in Chaiyaphum before, ticked most of the boxes including nice places to go....waterfalls, mountains etc. City was great and easy to move around. But Chaiyaphum very rural and I don't think the restaurant would do well there. Would appreciate any ideas from people living in other areas. Ubon sounds ok. I have also been to Nakhon Panom briefly and it seemed nice. Kalasin? Mahasarakham? I like Isaan and would probably like to stay here. Any advice appreciated
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