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  1. I took Cetrizin for 2 years here because it didn't make me sleepy. Just started having that effect last year. it's like you are running on half power. Certainly clears up the allergy but I need something I can take everyday for the next month or two without being out to it
  2. I tried Loratadine last year and found it made me even more drowsy. I will try the brand you suggest here as I think some contain Pseudo and some don't. Loratadine is generic Clarityn
  3. Hi all. Get pretty bad allergy this time of year, sneezing, itchy eyes. Pretty miserable. I used to take Cetrizen which is a generic brand of Zyrtec which is supposed to be non drowsy but last 2 years I have taken it feel like a zombie all day. It does relieve the symptoms but can't get anything done. Does anyone know of anything else?
  4. It keeps ten times more government employees on the payroll than they actually need. That's why
  5. I thought you could still contract Covid after being vaccinated only the symptoms are lessened? That means someone could be vaccinated but still bring the virus with them or am I missing something? I can't see how anything would be different to now re would require quarantine, negative test etc. Anyway in any case I am sure it is just more of the childish / ridiculous wishful thinking you read here in the media everyday
  6. Well I was single at the time, couldn't read the sign, and it looked like a normal doctors clinic, and the only one I could find open in the middle of the day. Most don't open until the evening when the doctors get back from working at the hospital. Anyhooo I realized my mistake when I walked in and the receptionist asked me if she could help. Apologized and told her I need a medical cert for drivers license. No Promprem
  7. I have a bike and car license. Renewed both of them three times over the years and right from the start always needed a medical certificate going back 7years. The beauty clinic had a registered doctor, so yes yes yes you can. I have never once been asked to watch the video though I have seen the room crammed with people watching it
  8. Always needed a medical certificate. The last one I got was from a beauty clinic. I went in, receptionist told me 50 baht. Went in the office, I assume to get the doctor to sign the paper, and out again with my certificate. Didn't even see the doctor. Apparently standard procedure in Thailand. Just as ridiculous as going to transport to get a letter, to give to Immigration to get a residents letter then back to DLT again. Professional time wasters.
  9. I wont be doing it. We were enrolling our kids in a new school this year. We were told we had to come on the 6th of this month to enroll, get uniforms etc. We could only do it on that day. This is a big school with hundreds of students in a major red zone city. And I have to wear a mask driving in my car?
  10. I downloaded the app the DLT woman suggested the other day. Get to the second page where you have a choice of adding your passport number or ID and wont let me enter a passport number. Mrs called DLT again said app not fully developed for foreigners yet and farang can not use yet. All par for the course here. You say you made an appointment with the app DLT Smart queue? I bet they still have 50 employees in the office (or at home) and only 2 or 3 seemingly working.
  11. Hmmmm, there is an agent near home does our inspections, might see if he can help
  12. Have to do some sort of test anyway. Hearing, sight, brake reaction time but no big deal. I was hoping to hear from someone who has done a renewal recently.
  13. Renewing my 5 year bike license this month. 2nd renewal for me. My Mrs rang to check this morning and they said these days you need to download an app, do some sort of online test then make an appointment for a test, at the moment latest they can do it July. My license expires this month? Anyone had to do the same thing lately. Just want to make sure there is no communication breakdown and they told her the wrong thing thinking I was applying for a new license or something. If correct what exactly is the online test about? Not the 50 questions I hope
  14. I saw this advertised a few weeks ago, 850 baht for up to a million baht coverage. Sounded like a fair deal and already have insurance for my car with them. Paid the money, got an email reply back saying will get a copy of the policy in due course. Was a 14 day wait period so I assumed would have received it by end of the 2 weeks. Anyway, 2 weeks came and went and we called them, both me and the wife on the weekend. They have the insurance underwritten with a company called Tipinsure. Called them first, they fobbed it back onto Roojai. Roojai tried to fob it back to Tipinsure. Roojai made all
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