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  1. Hi all. Have one of the small MQX android boxes. Second one Ive had now. One I have now was the latest one about 6 months ago, They're ok and do the job and all but forever getting errors, locks up, need to restart etc. I suspect they don't have the memory required. Lets face it cheap as chips at 1500 baht off Lazada. Is there something better someone could recommend? I don't want to spend a fortune. I understand how they work now and can update stuff, update Kodi etc but I am far from a tech head so want something easy to use without super nerd mods etc. Can anyone recommend a more powerful reliable unit
  2. Mine are slick as on the back. Sidewalls still ok. Mine is all city driving though. Reason I was concerned I got T boned, hit pretty hard in the rear quarter by another bike. There was only minor cosmetic damage. Hit lower frame near the drop down stand. Front end of the other bike badly damaged. Bike rides true. Never noticed it pulling or dragging or anything and like I said the wear is even Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Will do. Are the Pirellis considered ok? Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Cudnt get Michelin in my size online. I opted for Pirelli angel citis
  5. The Tabien baan and ID is normally a requiremt. Photos outside the house normal for a child / marriage ext. Never been asked for a retirement ext tho
  6. Never mind. All sorted. The critical difference is the 13 vs 14 which I know now to be rim size
  7. Hi all. About to purchase some new tyres for my Forza. Current tyres are Dunlop Scootsmarts. 140/17 13 MC 61P 120/70 14 MC 55P Not at all sure what the ratings are but have seen a set of Michelin City grips 140/17 14 MC 68S 120/70 14 MC 55P Some differences there. Original rear wheel 13 MC 61P, whatever that means. New one 14 MC 68S. Is this a critical difference or maybe rated faster or slower?
  8. Got a 2016 Honda Forza 300. Noticed back wheel very bald. Even wear but slick on the area in contact with road surface. original Dunlop Scootsmart tyres, bout 20,000 km. I notice the front tyre wear not too bad though. Is it normal the back tyre would wear faster than the front?
  9. After being involved in a Thai business for one year I can tell you western logic and principles dont apply here. My first thought was whats more important to a Thai. Dirt on the floor or putting their hand in their pocket. Theyd sell their mothers for 10 baht. That and there seems to be a holiday / festival / religious event or otherwise some sort of pi$$ up on nearly every week or some reason for business to be quiet that week. I feel sorry for the poor Thai buggers trying to live hand to mouth make a few bucks everyday. Theyre certainly up against it
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