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  1. Only interested in ruling through coups and meddling by attacking those whose politics differ from his own, and moreover not demonstrating the neutrality that a man in his position must. A dangerous lunatic and zealot to match. Wouldn't be wise having a person like that anywhere near politics really
  2. Hats off to the opposition here. The Prayuth regime have spent appallingly since 2014 (completely unchecked). The waste has been eye watering. I wonder how much Thai airways will be allocated, that should definitely face major scrutiny
  3. Call me cynical but i predict he'll get off scot free and also get a promotion before these 2 unfortunate victims get any closure or financial compensation they are due Great disclaimer in the OP also haha
  4. What hope can Thailand actually have when an MP supposedly in the good guys' camp is bona fide human garbage? The fact his party haven't cut him loose fully already speaks volumes about just how murky the Thai political sphere is. As much as i loathe the pro military camp, you can't help but feel that this idiot is as bad as or worse than any in their ranks. Trying to get bail after a death sentence has been given in a pretty open and shut case is the pinnacle of absurdity. Depressing as per
  5. That's a whole lot of stuff attended that could feather his ego and allow him to sound benevolent when passing the message on. A propagandist's dream no less. But about the bag issue, if you want to accelerate the restrictions on, or banning of plastic bags, and outline workable frameworks for enforcement of it. You need only to visit any market in Thailand to see just how outrageous the problem of plastic misuse is, and how tough a nut to crack it will be.
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