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  1. A job in the government awaits.. Maybe as a National Park entrance fee booth clerk
  2. Travel insurance very rarely covers bike crash injuries, and insurance companies in many cases need social media pressure to actually force a pay out. Wish the injured man as speedy a recovery as possible
  3. Even with some of the dross in the Thai political field, it would be a massacre for Prayuth, and his egg shell thin ego couldn't take it. Would actually gain a bit of respect for him if he did go into one that was live on TV
  4. Absolute scum. The security should be sacked, and there should be some kind of official sanction for this for the property owners Good on the trike owner for shaming these absolute cretins responsible
  5. Right and wrong.. Going by the picture posted with the story he looks like he doesn't know the difference between right and left Seriously though, this guy if we are going to judge him by his words lately, seems a highly unhinged, dangerous character. A coup under his watch appears almost guaranteed
  6. Kudos to the UK Govt on this one. She made her bed, now she has to live with the consequence. UK taxpayer money must be spent on worthier cases than this. Glad this has been treated with the contempt it deserves
  7. Didn't think it was the remit of an armed forces to tackle the drug trade. Having military firepower and logistical networking abilities like they have is actually a massive reason to keep the military well away from drug gangs (to limit the chances they join forces). It's very clear now that greater numbers of Thais see through the myths put out by their armed forces, it is only a matter of time before the army shoot themselves in the foot again and lose even more support they can ill afford to. Buckbee's comment up top is absolutely A1. Can only echo their sentiments
  8. The fact that bail is even an option when the gun you were actively aiming at people goes off and kills somebody just typifies the dire straits the Thai legal system is in. What a pathetic spectacle. Condolences to the family of the victim here
  9. The cab driver's excuse for bolting pretty much confirms bat woman's (no pun intended) version of events. Just a shame she didn't whack the driver with it also.. Does this one allow for a wai and 500 baht fine I wonder
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