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  1. Sounds like this idiot hasn't learned much through any experiences she has had. A true charlatan. Sadder still though is that she'll get through to a fair few of her followers. Critical thought is thin on the ground in LOS at the best of times
  2. He just doesn't have ANY shame does he, it is actually difficult to know where to begin dismantling the BS hypocrisy.. Easiest one.. in most people's book taking over a country via the gun & still having its citizens live under your authoritarian regime 5 years or so later is definitely wrong. And the catalogue of other major wrongs since 2014 is LONG. What a donkey (and to be fair, eventhat does a massive disservice to donkeys)
  3. Wonder what his sentence for killing his stepdad was. He is 31 and the justice system is slow (although i guess he confessed to reduce the stretch to serve). This idiot should just be drowned in the river. What a waste of space (and air)