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  1. The idea of a forum like this is to enable people to ask questions from members for advice etc. it would be pointless if all the answers were as helpful as yours. Please explain the retirement freedom and the marriage headaches so we can all understand.
  2. I am with SCB and transfer my pension each month from the UK, when it arrives they notify me on my phone. It arrived yesterday and the message stated IFT, or Inward Funds Transfer. This shows up on my statements as X1 but looks pretty general, not sure if it is good enough for the immigration office though !!
  3. That's what i have organised, and i increased the withdrawal/transfer amount to so that i can be emptied in a couple of days, this way she doesn't have to mess around with probate and banks etc.
  4. I read in a magazine that he was not on target with his sales so they fired him, it was thought that he aimed too high with his projections and failed. Then someone had a hunch something was wrong, it was just a shot in the dark, so they rifled through his drawers and found the real statements.
  5. I think this section of beach is self cleaning!!
  6. So it is unfair to photo a section of shoreline plastered with rubbish that no one will ever clear up and that could float round the corner where it would matter.
  7. Congratulations Colin on your well deserved top poster award. We have a lot in common, divorced 96 came over here and had a ball, met a great woman, (still with her today), fell on hard times and came through it, cannot get around now and in the throes of getting a scooter like yours. The only real difference between us is that i am from Yorkshire, so i have sympathy for you being born in Lancashire it must be awful. All the best for the future. Michael
  8. "Two Nigerians arrested in Phuket over romance scam Did i misread the headline?
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