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  1. Instead of resigning,why not instruct his party MP's and himself to join the opposition when serious/essential voting comes up for discussion/debate e.g-the up coming budget bill. That would put Prayuth and his mob under all sorts of pressure and just might convince Prayuth they are serious in their actions. Then again,why bite the hand that feeds.
  2. Re entry permits are available at IO 's and both International airports in Bangkok. Probably at other air ports that have Immigration clearances.
  3. Where did I say I expected to be treated for free? I have ALREADY PAID out of my own pocket. I am prepared to pay for my treatment so that would negate the need for insurance on my part if that option was available.
  4. I have brought into Thailand , thru Swampy ,6 months supply of two prescription medicines on many occasions. Always in carry on luggage and never been asked/searched once. Both are available here but terribly expensive. The Australian PBS helps with the cost.
  5. I agree-not enough scope in the survey. I am 74 and do not have health insurance(have been denied since age 70 and now have existing condition ) but I do have enough money to cover my public hospital treatment (last time 200,000 baht +/- ) so I think some consideration should be applied in these sorts of circumstances. If push came to shove I would go back home for treatment but only as a last resort. Nothing left for me there.
  6. The Big C store in Phitsanulok has been packed with people from many near by provinces spending their 1000 Baht. The car park has never been so full and pity the poor shoppers who want to get in and out in a hurry. Madness.
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