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  1. Thank you-at last it all makes sense with your explanation. I was not aware of the tax year in Thailand. I already have the letter from the bank so will now wait till January to file for refund. Once again thanks. Very clear now.
  2. Have fixed term deposit that recently matured and I received a receipt for tax paid because of the high interest amount. It is only around 4,000 baht. I went to the local revenue office to claim back the tax paid and was told that tax paid this year is not claimable until next year-ie: tax paid in May 2019 is not claimable until May 2020. So the government has my money,earning them interest for a year while I miss out on the interest that I could have earned. Is this the way it works? Having to wait 12 months to get back your money? First time for me so not sure of how it works. Any one with knowledge of this can comment.
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