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  1. Ahem! What about kids raped and killed in the basement of a pizzeria?
  2. A pity only for some countries. As the supply is not extensible, there is no way every country could be served first. It means the first countries to place orders (the German, the French and the Dutch, if I remember well) would not have left anything for the others.
  3. Actually the UK vaccination program has little to do with Brexit - it was decided and implemented while UK was still under EU law
  4. It was corrupt, but not more than other governments pre-Thaksin or post-coup. The corrupt Suthep as herald of anti-corruption! What a joke! She did what any democratic government should do when it's legitimacy is challenged: she allowed citizen to vote her out by organising anticipated elections. Of course, there was no way the dominant network would have allowed plain citizen to have a choice on who should govern them!
  5. You are obviously uninformed. The military could have stopped protest long before, without needing a coup. Instead of that, Prayuth warned the Yingluck government not to repress protests. After that, the judiciary arm of the amart also forbid the Yingluck administration to oppose protests in the name of free speech (lol! Freedom to block elections). When the coup occurred, Suthep's protests were weakened as only paid protesters were still protesting and his funders were starting to disagree. He was not a threat any more, and the EC had agreed with the caretaker government to organi
  6. As usual, a statement without any source which is actually fake news! https://data.oecd.org/trade/current-account-balance-forecast.htm
  7. Exactly, Covid! Obviously, you did not read the whole article. The higher unemployment rates caused by Covid should have made it easier to find local manpower, but the work is too hard for them! Quotes: "Hopes that Cornish workers could step into the shoes of those who are now unable to travel from the European Union have been dashed. "It's idealistic to think that because of Covid and the higher than usual unemployment rates that those people would come in and do that work." 'Frankly, the people that we've had to come and do this work, the locals, may last a day or
  8. Complete B.S.. Suthep's crowd was becoming thin and not a threat any more at that time. That's why the army took over. Suthep's protest failed (protest protected by the army BTW), the legal coup failed (they could oust Yingluck, but not her government), and elections were scheduled in July. So there was no other solution at hand for the dominant network. And, of course, don't forget the long game was becoming shorter.... "The pro-Abhisit establishment and the powers that be are hunkering down for the long haul and Prayuth is their man. He could be in power for another f
  9. There are also low flu levels in the US or Europe. “Though caused by a different virus from the one that causes COVID-19, the flu is also a respiratory viral disease, so everything we are doing to slow transmission of COVID-19, such as wearing face masks, frequent handwashing and physical distancing, should also reduce transmission of flu,” says Eili Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of emergency medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/covid-19-story-tip-flu-cases-dramatically-low-so-far-this-seas
  10. That's the usual m.o. in order to look impartial after/before convicting former red shirts or other opponents to the dominant network It is likely that they will appeal and be soon freed on bail. On top of it, Suthep knows where all skeletons are buried and is not going to remain silent if he's kept in jail.
  11. The EU is just applying rules according to the deal made. UK is currently not doing the same simply because it is unable to implement the new rules. They will be fully implemented from 1 July.
  12. Lol! They waited for a more obvious reason than your lame conspiracy theory. They waited that the number of cases was low enough.
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