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  1. Nonsense. The same day Biden made his speech, Pelosi made a statement which left no doubt about which ban she was talking. It's quite obvious that Biden and Pelosi had the same agenda. Quote: "The Trump Administration’s expansion of its outrageous, un-American travel ban threatens our security, our values and the rule of law. The sweeping rule, barring more than 350 million individuals from predominantly African nations from traveling to the United States, is discrimination disguised as policy." https://www.speaker.gov/newsroom/13120-2 About your other claim, you surely know that Chinatown is mainly populated by Asian Amercan citizen, not by Chinese citizen. This claim is a nonsense, too.
  2. So all you have is one guys raising a few objections, which is not unusual during a debate. Nothing like the wild opposition claimed by Trump and Trumpers.
  3. China confirmed H2H transmission on January 20 and information started to be widely diffused after that. After January, no information was hidden and additional information was also given by other countries. Trump had no excuse to downplay the epidemic risk in February and March.
  4. Not only did the army already have the next coup in mind, but Abhisit has been very instrumental to it, as he did all he could to make sure Prayuth be appointed army chief.
  5. I don't know anything about gasoline production. Does anyone know what these "inputs" could be?
  6. I was referring more to the types of danger. One danger is spying. As it involves sending a data flow, it may be traced, at least ex post The other is the possibility to take the network down in case of crisis/war. In order to avoid it, it's necessary to check the whole source code, which is a bit painful, if not practically impossible The trick is also that the code may be changed over time. There are plenty of articles about it on the Internet.
  7. You are right but average GDP doesn't make sense for China, as there are very big differences between regions. One part of China is still a developing country, but the other part is starting to be quite developed. And this part is already larger than any developed country.
  8. Well, in China, they don't really 'spy' as it's quite official and everybody knows about it. Any data that goes through networks is checked and monitored, and all CCTVs are connected to the network and also linked to face recognition systems. Having said that, the US have good reasons to suspect that backdoors may be used as they did the same in China with Cisco routers. Actually the risk is not so much about backdoors, as there are ways to check it. The risk is more that there may be a few hidden lines of code allowing to shut the network down.
  9. That was really a moronic statement! This guy is really lucky Trump is his opponent!
  10. Lol. Have you read the article linked in the OP? Has it been written by leftists, as well as the large number of trials which have been analysed?
  11. Well, it looks like it's the Republicans who oppose spending money infrastructure , same as last year. https://www.startribune.com/early-divisions-as-congress-weighs-next-help-for-economy/569262322/
  12. Come on! You perfectly understood what he meant and are trying to deflect again. Let's state it more clearly for a last try: - Trump is free to do whatever he wants with his health - however Trump is an opinion leader. For some people, he's a role model (OMG). - therefore, his statements may have an impact on people's behaviour - when Trump is touting a controversial drug, he likely influences other people who may follow his example - so it shows a lack of any sense of responsibility. You may disagree with it and think that a country leader may say anything that comes to his mind, whatever the consequences. OK, but it has nothing to do with first amendment and the other diversions you make.
  13. I know. He's likely an 'early indicator' of the next wave. Instructions will soon follow.
  14. It looks like Trumpers are changing their arguments. For weeks, they have been claiming HCQ benefits for treating the disease. Now that negative evidence is being accumulated, they switch to possible prevention benefits (which still remains a valid hypothesis). We can expect a new wave of posts trying to explain us that Trump has never touted this drug as a treatment, only for prevention!
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