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  1. Quote: "The UK is encouraged by the improvements made during the previous review period, such as the consideration of ways to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights. We likewise appreciate Thailand’s responses to our written questions." Next?
  2. Trump is so funny. To some extent, I will miss him!
  3. Pro-Brexit economists are ultra-liberal economists. They will probably explain that there are: too much tax, too much regulation protecting workers, too high wages, too much social services, etc... and that all will solved after Brexit as a truly liberal economic regime will be implemented in UK. https://www.economistsforfreetrade.com
  4. These deal are mainly continuity deals of deals previously negotiated by the EU. It has nothing to do with an ability to negotiate quickly. They just took the EU deal and changed the name on the agreement. Many deals are also transitional, pending negotiation on final deals.
  5. They are not punished because they are very cautious. They talk about fraud on TV but don't use this word in front of courts (I.e. Giuliani " this is not a fraud case"). The numerous conspiracy theories Giuliani is bragging about on TV are never addressed in courts. It's just aimed at gullible Trumpers!
  6. France and Germany (along with 24 other coutries) very bad for not agreeing with proto-fascist regimes exerting political control on the Media, the Judiciary and other institutions able to check abuse of power by governments. Oh, they are so bad!
  7. There's still some hope...... “If you had done your job, America's governors wouldn't have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the middle of a pandemic, as we successfully did in Maryland,” Hogan tweeted in response. “Stop golfing and concede.” https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/527089-hogan-ramps-up-criticism-of-trump-stop-golfing-and-concede
  8. These criteria are not particularly extravagant and are overwhelmingly recognised, I.e. in UK. You know, such as freedom of the Media or independence of the Judiciary.....
  9. I won't follow you about the Italian study which has been heavily criticized by other scientists. However, you raise an interesting issue. We all agree that China messed up at the beginning, but how would other countries have handled it? Let's imagine the first outburst occured in L.A. instead of Wuhan (conurbations are around the same size). Would a total lockdown and total isolation of the city have occured early enough (or occured at all)? Or would Trump have declared that it was just another flu, and the most frantic China bashers (who are also anti-lockdown, anti-masks, etc...)
  10. A big thank you to the EU for negotiating the initial deal! Quotes "agreed an ‘agreement in principle’ to roll over current EU-Canada trading arrangements and begin negotiations on a new, bespoke UK-Canada trade deal in 2021." But wow! "with the potential to go further in areas like digital trade, the environment and women’s economic empowerment"
  11. She's been appointed by Thaksin. It doesn't absolve her of any crime but explains why she got 50 years while others are still running free.
  12. He shot at an unarmed guy who was trying to pull a rifle away from someone who had killed another unarmed guy a few minutes before.
  13. Except that he shot at someone else before, and that's why they wanted to take his gun. Who was in self-defense? Anyway, the key question is: how did adults let a minor parade with a gun in a protest and be involved in a mess he wasn't able to handle? Obviously, some adults did not fulfill their duty. And it's not like he looks older, he looks like the kid in Rin Tin Tin!
  14. No problem! In the Trumpers' alternate universe it doesn't matter!
  15. Well, it's quite possible that they have been threatened by someone else..... Trump called Monica Palmer, Wayne County official who asked to 'rescind' vote certifying election https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/11/19/wayne-county-rescind-certifying-election/
  16. Hartman's racist memes can be seen here: https://mobile.twitter.com/DelWilber/status/1328860684352950278
  17. Priceless! While Trump is bragging about widespread voter fraud, his lawyers are not filing complaints for fraud! A few quotes: Giuliani: “this is not a fraud case.” Donovan: He noted that there was “no claim of voter fraud” in Trump’s complaint.
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