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  1. Just when you think this country could not get any worse they come out with this ridiculous idea, how is making people have a big bike licence going to stop road deaths? The Police will still be non existent and even if you do see the rare police they still do nothing, it's impossible to police the roads when the Police are drinking tea!! all bikes here including scooters are fast, unbelievable!!!
  2. Has anyone had this operation done, I've had a problem with chest pain, went to Mission at 1am this morning to be checked, blood test and ECG did not reveal anything major, went back again at 9am for repeat tests again nothing bad showing, saw Cardiologist who suggested a CT Scan to see if all okay, my Father had a Stent fitted at about my age now 64 so there is family history, would anyone know approx cost of Stent ops? My Insurance is not huge and savings not huge either so a little worried that the CT Scan will show a problem which needs sorting. Obviously hoping all will be okay, also I ha
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