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  1. You don't need an Affirmation of Address... Or rather, in the pas 24 months I've sold a Car (to a Thai) and a Motorcycle (to another Westerner) - Proof of Address was not a requirement in either transaction. What was required. 1) Change of Ownership Document 2) Power of Attorney form (if not accompanying the buyer to the DLT) 3) Passport Copies (ID and Visa Page) 4) Signed Blue Book (Car) / Green Book (Motorcycle) Power-Of-Attorney-For-Bike.pdf Ownership-transfer-form.pdf
  2. It doesn't take much for that to happen... it does seem that there is a disproportionate number of ThaiVisa.com's more vociferous posters who express somewhat extreme misogynistic, bigoted and racist tendencies... Although in this case it would appear you are being 'gamed' and those misogynistic, bigoted and racist tendencies perhaps originated under circumstances similar to which you now face...
  3. It was perhaps because of the simplicity of the question asked by an adult that the en-masse 'burst of fire' was unleashed.... The take away is... If she's not texting you without a prompt, she's just not into you. The fact that she is telling you she is into just means she's ready to 'play the game'... as another poster put it, you are just 'another fish in a barrel' Play it as you will from here on in, personally, I'd advise a friend to walk away or at the very least ensure they don't get emotionally attached.
  4. These days a medical certificate is not required, you wasted a trip and the associated stress. Different provinces, different strokes... When renewing my DL last year I was told that I didn't need the Medical Certificate (by the person manning a front desk)... when submitting my documentation I was asked for...... a Medical Certificated... I of course questioned this, but was told it was a requirement (this was DLT in Bangkok, Sukhumvit). In this case, I wasted the Trip and associated stress of not have everything I needed and more !
  5. I stopped reading after that.... anything else is superfluous to reality... She's in it for the money....
  6. I was definitely interested in the F850GS - but the 'Non TFT' screen put me off, I may well have otherwise already been an owner... But of course, to stop Guzzi from swearing I'd have to even things out with the V7 ii racer...
  7. Your wife has some pretty strong misconceptions. Anyone, Thai or otherwise, is happy to show their property to a genuine perspective buyer. When I was selling my Condo I got upset with an Agent for wasting my time after I change my plans to show a family of 5 my two bedroomed apartment, which as soon as they looked it was clear it was too small and wrong for them. I have also had my time wasted by so many agents trying to show me properties of places which clearly didn't match my specifications. Thus, some people may just be sick of agents, but they will welcome a genuine prospective buyer - its the crappy agents who sully their own image. That said, its irrelevant how things work in the US... you are not in the US. So.. Decide what you want, Size, Number of rooms, Price, Location etc.. contact an agent - You will get bombarded with <deleted>, but you can filter through the pictures and locations etc to come up with a short list of properties which interest you. ------ I was just in the market to move closer to my Son's new school (in BKK) lots of agents sending me so much rubbish, nothing interested us (wife and I) within my criteria for rental and we spend days wasted looking at places which we didn't like - we ended up biting the bullet and just Buying a place outright in a nice development which we did like and will rent out easily if we need to move.
  8. Indeed, this is nearly exactly what i do, Honda Wave for the town and a Triumph Tiger 800 for out of town (i wanted to buy a Honda, but Honda is only selling the low version of the Africa Twin in Thailand) I wonder how many Africa Twin's Honda didn't sell because they only have the pygmy version in Thailand... I'm also wondering how hard would it have been just to have both available - the logic escapes me. I've thought about having 3 bikes... the BMW F850GS for touring (not that I ever do much), a Scooter for around town (I really did like my old 155cc TriCity) and something retro for posing... (of course, that would just be a little to extravagant, unnecessary and wasteful). It's the 'Machine' for posing on which will be my next bike... But seriously... is it even possible to own and be happy with just the one bike? I also wonder if it's possible to hire something like a Tiger or 850GS (in Bangkok or Chiang Mai) to use for trips?
  9. Its pretty obvious isn't it... She's just not that into you as you've not yet convinced her you are a gullible enough mark.... She's too busy playing those who will deposit more ! Don't be the sucker...
  10. I know what you mean about the Harleys... but I promise not to grow a 'horseshoe' moustache, wear a leather waistcoat or ever enter a bar called 'The Blue Oyster'.... Seriously though, the Harley Roadster is rather un-harley like in style and has a semi-retro look that I like. I'll have to see the Thruxton and Speed Twin in the Skin - the photos etc don't particularly move me, but as JonnyF wrote - looks better than in the photos. I have and would also consider a second hand BMW RnineT - but there are only a couple around on the Thai Markets (unless I'm looking in the wrong areas)... and its the 719 which I really like and I think that's a rather new model. The best one I have seen is this one.. https://www.motors.co.th/en/bikes/details/BMW-R-nine-T-2015-1522405258 for which the owner is asking 759,000 baht for a 2015 model (but at least its the 'proper' with online suspension etc). Or this RnineT https://www.bahtsold.com/view/bmw-r-nine-t-limited-edition-grey-2015-304843 but the owner is asking 990,000 baht for a 2015 model (again, the proper one) - but a crazy price fo a 4 year old second hand model. The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled doesn't do it for me, the Full Throttle and Cafe Racer are nice, but I've sat on them... they're small. Responding to Chazar - the bikes I'm interested in are more sports-retro rather than CBR type - that said, your comments were taken onboard as I do like the Honda CB1000R & 650, the Yamaha XSR700 & 900 and the Suzuki SV650X... all more modern 'sport-retro' and in their own rights all great machine and probably far better for every day use... but less so for posing which really is what this is all about and I'm not shy to admit it !!!! In fact - it motorbikes weren't about posing we'd all be riding around on a Honda wave in town and a 600-1000cc Honda / Kawazaki out of town... All too much deliberation... no rush though - I don't need a bike....
  11. Power-Of-Attorney-For-Bike.pdf Ownership-transfer-form.pdf
  12. There is a format: Transfer of ownership and Power of Attorney - see attached, I used the Power of Attorney form for a Motorcycle transfer last year, I'm not certain if the Car one is the same form or not. A google search should bring out some more examples... This thread also has good info and the forms... Its obviously best you get everything sorted out before you transfer... just incase there is anything else outstanding on the car (i.e. that its not even their car or there is an outstanding loan on the car etc).... Given that they haven't paid the tax for 3 years, I'd be wanting to do the transfer with them present at the DLT just to avoid any further complication. Regarding the Tax - if not taxed, the car is on the road illegally, thus, insurance could be void. However, as this is Thailand its probable you'd get away with it. A sharp policeman will notice your out of date tax though (I didn't notice that mine was 3 months out and I was stopped !). When you transfer the car into your name, its quite probable that you will have to back pay the tax owed. I'm not sure how much 3rd Class insurance costs - one thing to check is to ensure you have a 'bail bond' covered (usually about THB 200,000) as well as cover for passengers or 3rd parties who may be injured as a result of an accident caused by you (all fairly normal stuff for 1st Class insurance). There is also the compulsory insurance 'por-ror-bor' (about 700 baht) which you cannot get without Tax.
  13. This is only about CYA for Thai Airways... If there is an incident onboard involving a 15" Mac Book Pro Thai Airways have the ban in place. Its impossible to implement but it diverts some blame and responsibility from themselves in the event of an incident. Not really much more to see here... its the same as Airlines Banning the Samsung Galaxy Note - did any airline actually check anyones phones? all they did was have an announcement on the flight, that was it.
  14. Grab is an excellent service... the industry needs to evolve. But, the outstanding issue is that of licensing - Taxi Drivers and 'Red Car' drivers have to pay for a license to operate - it is this which make the competition unfair. IF Grab Drivers had to also pay for a license to operate the playing field would be even. Or, even better so, eradicate the Graf - why charge people to pay for a license to operate Taxi or Red car, but then also take measures to ensure the Taxi's and Red Cars are fully insured to carry passengers. I can see how this is a little unfair for the Red Car drivers, but I have little sympathy given their aggressive and gang-like behavior, also doubt they are fully legal themselves.
  15. Have you ever worked with Thai people? Yes... they are highly educated, driven and professional... mostly anyway, at least the ones I've worked with both domestically and internationally, who are well educated and paid well. But if you are comparing someone with whom the average westerner is more readily exposed, i.e. those without an education or performing menial work with someone in a similar position in the UK (or anywhere else) you may find similar traits and ethics towards the job - i.e. spending all day playing candy crush...
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