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  1. Agreed... I think the Thai Visa News Team should be passing any potential articles, entertainment based or otherwise, through you for your approval. ... back to copying and pasting in the worst-joke thread to hunt for likes !
  2. Please note the word LEGAL in my earlier post. Goodnight; As usual please don't bother to respond! Life must be impossible for you if you are struggling with the simplicity of registering a SIM card (legally). SIM cards can be registered online.
  3. As edwardantubs wrote earlier in the thread, he only had to wait 2-3 days for an appointment, so no real value at that period of time in the ‘premium service’ where someone can just walk in. At a busier period with longer wait times for an appointment the service may be useful. The premium service doesn’t make the HMPO side of things any faster.
  4. I e-mailed on 15th Oct asking for an appointment and offered 3 dates (19th, 20th, 21st), the response was that the next available appointment was on 30th at 11:30am so I took that. Its a rather dumb system - a much better system would be were one can ‘select a booking slot’ online rather than e-mail. I suspect that back in Nov the lock down restrictions in the UK were less and such that more of the staff could work on passport renewals etc. Perhaps now the lock down tier is more strict and less HMPO staff are permitted in the work place. IF I had to head o
  5. How do they legally register it with the OP's passport? The ASQ have copies of the Ops passport from application - they can use that. Or, a the Op could send a ‘friend’ a copy of his passport..... A friend could even register a SIM in their own name and leave it at the hotel for the Op. The Op could also simply apply online for a SIM card and have it delivered to his hotel - He could do this online. Registration is Via an App (send a scan of your passport). -------- So many simple solutions, the stumbling blocks are
  6. I had to wait 2-3 days for my appointment so I don't know where you heard about waiting 2-3 weeks. You just send them an email with your preferred dates. No need to pay for premium but even if you do you'll still be waiting 6-7 weeks for HMPO. Just a different experience with regards to timing with both VFS and HMPO. I had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment in late Oct. A friend had to wait about 3 weeks around the same time. In this case - if time was important Premium Service is an option (i.e. if someone needed to travel away somewhere).
  7. You can buy them at the airport. This is the first thing I would buy. Currently you can not do this on arrival Easy enough to e-mail the ASQ hotel and ask them to get you a SIM card (which they can bill to your room). OR, have a ‘friend’ drop a SIM off at your ASQ. Additionally, the reply is hardly insensitive - while it's easy to sympathise with the Op for not being able to communicate when he needed to, there is also an abundance of simple alternative options which are incredibly easy to access.
  8. More than 24 hrs into a soi dog thread and I can’t believe someone claiming to be an ‘alpha male who can stare down these dogs into submission’ has not posted their delusions....
  9. There is no specific ‘template’ - A simple letter from a Doctor which states you have no Covid-19 symptoms and are Fit to Fly will suffice. That said, there are some ‘formats’ floating around the web (I think a Thai Airways format somewhere) - but ultimately all thats needed is something which ‘looks’ official, with a Doctors contact details and Signature which states ‘fit to fly’ (and no Covid-19 symptoms).
  10. No.. CoE is entirely free.... You will however need to meet he insurance and ASQ requirements etc which can be relatively costly.
  11. I think user70 was not very clear in the disclosure of information... It would appear that he's not just applying for CoE... He is applying for a VISA for which he has to send off his passport and also applying for a CoE, hence his confusion on timing and complaint that its taking longer than others have claimed their CoE application takes. Two different types of application.
  12. Correctamundo.... additionally, the VFS send the scanned copies off with the application... some real life experience and wisdom for Nout !!
  13. Two of you confused... I may not have been clear. When e-mailing VFS for an appointment you will usually get a response offering an appointment in 2-3 weeks. However, if you take the Fast Track option ‘Premium Services’ you can walk in without an appointment (1560 baht extra). It saves 2-3 week of waiting for an appointment. https://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/th/en/hmpo
  14. You wrote that your passport runs out on June 22 and you will apply on June 21... (as in 2021) You didn’t mention you had run out of pages. I figured you were kidding and being a bit silly with an implication that the HMPO are that slow... Two passports prevent the one getting full too quickly (use one passport for Thailand stamps etc and the other for entry into ‘other countries' - a little life experience and wisdom for you !) Love the arrogance of this comment... as if the Middle East is the pinnacle of Life Experience !!!... but just inc
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