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  1. Because some of us are planning for our families - having a best idea helps us predict what difficulties we may encounter in the future. Given Thailand's lockout of those with families in Thailand some are no longer confident Thailand is the place for them, especially those whose work involves frequent travel out of Thailand. Thailand has shown its hand regarding how it considered foreigners who live in Thailand. Uncertain entry requirements in the future if there are second waves, mutated outbreaks the absence of family rights raises questions as to whether or not Thailand is the right place.
  2. That does not included admitting foreigners who are not holding work permits. When Thailand announces it will allow tourists in from every nation, then we can be sure there are no restrictions. Prior to this I believe Thailand will have a tiered admission policy whereby countries with no new cases or low numbers will be permitted entry - i.e. Asean countries and most certainly China! Those from Western nations may face further delays, I would also be concerned about second waves, further complications as other countries have second waves etc making travel for those who frequently fly in and out of Thailand quite difficult.
  3. Thanks for the input. I wonder if the decision is influenced by the fact that my Wife would be traveling with a British National. Would 'staying with your husband' for 2 months be deemed a reasonable excuse?
  4. While this crisis has brought out the best in people, it has also brought out the worst in others. Those with a tendency toward sanctimony are wallowing in the mud without any awareness that they themselves are primary factors in the destruction of communities as trust breaks down and the Orwellian nature takes over. I see friends who were recently at other friends houses boozing it up judge others for not socially distancing - hypocrisy and sanctimony are rife and becoming more so as people lose sight of a bigger picture that we should all be supporting each other, human nature is sometimes so ashamedly flawed.
  5. Eva Air has flights to London Heathrow (if I'm not mistaken). I think there are also Swiss Air and Qatar Airways flights. @ HBH: If your 17 yo daughter can secure a flight, the UK cannot prevent her entry as she is a British National. This topic is of interest for me as I'm considering 'ditching' Thailand as my base: I'm currently in the UK and can't get back to Thailand. Thus, in a month, once my (6yo) son's school term is finished, I'd like to bring my Wife and Son over to the UK (Wife is holding a 10-year regular visit Visa). My work *(before the Covid-19 crisis) was international, primarily in the UAE (on rotation), I worry of the hoops I may have to jump through just to get back to my family each time, I'm concerned that we may be dealing with these issues for a couple of years. My son is in (International) Primary School in Thailand; we were looking at moving back anyway for his A levels (in about 10 years). Thus, I figured, this could be the right time (and apply for Spouse Visa, then ILR, then British Passport etc.). So... with all of the above in mind - I'm here in the UK, will probably just get a house here, bring my Wife and Son over for the Summer before Schools starts (obviously have processes to go through on the schooling front etc.). The Key question is flights and admission to the UK - At this time (Covid-19) can a non-EU citizen enter the UK with a regular Visit Visa? (I've looked online, and can't see anything which suggests this is not possible)
  6. If we can take a Covid-19 test upon arrival and confirm a negative result - is there a need for quarantine at all? This also brings into question how accurate are the Covid-19 test. If they are only 70% accurate (example) then that's clearly not good enough. From the other thread in which we exchanged opinions I know, 473geo, that you are against anyone entering Thailand as exposing your family to 'any risk' of exposure to Covid-19 is already too much risk, whereas other risks such as driving etc are already known and evaluated; i.e. the Covid-19 exposure is as yet still an un-modeled and uncertain risk. With this in mind I am still wondering when it is acceptable to open Thailand up? what would be the case load cut off in other countries to permit entry? This disease is with us, just like Influenza, it will not go away. A vaccine may be more than 1.5 years away, even then, its effectiveness may not be 100% (the seasonal influenza vaccine is only 40-60% effective). Original objectives of lock down: Not to overwhelm the health services. This has been met. New Objectives: To eradicate the illness through lock-down? which will not happen. New Objectives: Lock down until a Vaccine is ready? it may only be 50% effective. Thus: with a Covid-19 CFR (latest stats) means 1 in 100 die. Still atrocious numbers - but that's because all deaths are tested for Covid-19 - the stats show those dead with Covid-19 in their system, not those who died as a direct result of complications due to Covid-19. The same deaths could have occurred from a Cold or Flu. As more and more people are being tested, the numbers of asymptomatic cases is increases reducing the CFR, estimates are that Covid-19 has a CFR of close to 0.2% and could be closer to Influenza at <0.1%. Thus: Potentially waiting so long for a vaccine which is potentially 50% effective against a virus which is close to as dangerous as something we've been living with for a long time already may seem foolish. Of course - the stats are yet to prove this. But whatever the stats are, they are already significantly less than those initially modeled. The reasons for the initial lock down were sound, now we know more the risks are significantly less (yes, they still exist, but so to so many risks - as we previously discussed). IMO - A Covid-19 Certificate (within 3 days) and taking another Covid-19 test at the Airport is the ideal solution.
  7. The lock-down objectives of not seeing the health services over loaded with critical Covid-19 cases have been met. With numbers so low continued lock-down does not make much sense particularly when regarding further damage to the economy. Imagine a Vaccine which is 99% effective... Would lock down be released then? Would you / we be happy taking a vaccine which offers 99% effective protection from severe Covid-19 complications. As it stands, in aggregate we are already 80% protected (no symptoms) and 99% effective from death (latest data presents 1% CFR and dropping as more and more asymptomatic people are tested which offsets the stats from only people showing positive symptoms being tested for Covid-19). Note: the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine is 40-60% effective.
  8. Of course Foreigners with ties in Thailand should be permitted to return. Not just those with families, but those with property, long term rents etc - those who call Thailand home, those with existing Visas etc An additional choice was missing from the poll. I would want to return - take a Covid-19 test in the UK before travelling. Take another Coivd-19 test in Thailand, and quarantine at a hospital facility while awaiting the test results. If the test is clear there is no reason we can't go to our families. If there comes a time were we can have an instant Covid-19 test (i.e. <2 hrs for results) I don't see why these tests cannot be carried out at the Airport, completely omitting the requirement for quarantine of negative case.
  9. Its been mentioned enough times. The bike moved to towards the center-line to pass behind the pedestrian, who then hesitated creating additional confusion, the motorcyclist had to swerve again. Of course the motorcyclist should have stopped instead of trying to second guess or anticipate what the pedestrian was doing. But, the pedestrian was never supposed to be walking blindly into the road in the first place. The motorcyclist is certainly complicit, however, the incident is the fault of the pedestrian.
  10. Are you trying to tell us anybody stops at a Zebra crossing I challenge you to try it. No.. thats you 'putting words in his mouth'... He's saying it wasn't at a pedestrian crossing, implying the pedestrian is responsible for causing the incident. Had the same incident occurred at a Pedestrian Crossing the Motorcyclist would have been at fault for not stopping.
  11. It likes like the motorcyclist had already swerved to the right anticipating that the woman wouldn't stop. The woman hesitated and stopped in the middle causing the accident. Motorcyclist could have / should have stopped. The woman should never be crossing the road until its clear. BUT... thats the way people cross the road in Thailand. Cross 1 half, then stop, look the other way and cross the other half - very very stupid on a road which doesn't seem that busy.
  12. A 43 story building serviced by such a narrow soi in an area already cursed by gridlocked traffic is pure idiocy.
  13. No the person that has created the "situation" is the one who has shoved his seat in your face. This selfish, inconsiderate provocateur has to then accept there will be consequences. As for your remote distance psychological evaluation I can assure you I am mentally perfectly stable. The person who is reclining the seat is not in the right, they are clearly in the wrong, they are selfish, inconsiderate and creating a 'situation' as you say. It's polite, considerate and the right thing to do not to recline. To shove a seat in someone's face is not right. It's very wrong. If there were an ashtray in the seat handle, it wouldn't be right to smoke, would it? Smoking next to someone would be a massive imposition and inconsiderate. Shoving your seat in someone's face is also a massive imposition and inconsiderate. The use of the language you use such as 'shoving' and 'in your face' implies that you are unable to view this topic with balance. When you then suggest 'IT'S ON' a further lack of subjective balance is implied. Modern air-travel is not a great experience, but its made much worse us such minor issues anger you so much. The smoking analogy is flawed: Smoking on a flight is illegal, reclining your seat is not. IF a person reclines their seat carefully (and not abruptly slamming it back), they are not in the wrong at all. You just don't like it. Your like or dislike of something doesn't make it 'right or wrong', in this case it just highlight your incredibly minimal level of tolerance. IF you are prepared to get angry with someone on a flight because they have a reclined seat you really to need to look inwards.
  14. Pedestrian primarily at fault. She walks out into the road regardless of the on coming motorcycle clearly expecting the motorcycle to stop. The motorcyclist doesn't stop but anticipates the woman will continue walking out, changes his path towards the center-line to go around the woman, who then stops. The motorcycle has to adjust again. The woman puts her hand out in protest, strikes the rider and and those on the bike fall off. The motorcyclist could have stopped, the mistake the motorcyclist made was not stopping and assuming the woman wasn't going to behave like a dumb tool. But it was the woman who walked out into traffic.
  15. I drove further after arriving in heathrow on a repatriation flight. This guy who's wife had symptoms drove to isolate in a house nearby extended family, so that if they were to become seriously unwell the extended family could look after their child. They were in a separate property and had food placed on the door step - Domonic Cummings executed common sense. London to Durham is about 4 to 4.5 hours drive the press headline is a hyperbolae and tells us all we need to know about the exaggeration and bias in what seems to be a witch-hunt. Don't let crappy press politics get in the way of what is really a 'non-story' - which is someone ensuring they had their bases covered while self quarantining.
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