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  1. Rocketman with Taron Egerton was also slated before it was released - I thought it was excellent. Boheniam Rhapsody was excellent, as was 'The Dirt’ (Motely Crue).... I’ll still see it and probably enjoy it....
  2. Hmmm... A flight BKK to Chiang Mai with Bangkok Airways is 1350 baht (with 20kgs luggage) A flight BKK to Samui with Bangkok Airways is 2460 baht (with 20kgs luggage) On average one would need to take approximately 50 one way flights to break even. Or fly to BKK to Samui and back (return) 20 times in 2021. Mr. Chulin Kocharoen, Vice President of Sales and Acting Vice President, didn’t really think this one through.
  3. Correct - there are a number of requirements to secure your Embassy issued CoE (Certificate of Entry). - Meet the entry criteria (Marriage cert etc... work permit etc etc) - Insurance >US$100,000 cover including complications as a result of Covid-19 - Flight Booking (tickets can be refunded - I’m still waiting for a refund 14 weeks later from a booking). - ASQ hotel Booking (payment arrangements depend on the hotel - mine was 50% fully refundable if cancelled <7 days before arrival date - each hotel will have differing requirements) - Visa Application (meeting t
  4. This may help some. I stayed at the TwoThree hotel (Sukhumvit 23) in July on an ASQ package - 45,000 baht / 15 nights. Room: Superior Double - 24 sqm - I felt the room was OK, nothing great. No complaints, the bed and pillows were comfy, the room was quiet. The bathroom had a shower only, no bath. Food: Outsourced to PAK Bakery - I was quite happy with the food, a choice of 3 options each meal (Western, Thai or Chinese-is) Drink: As much drinking water as you want provided - Instant coffee in the room & a kettle (my wife dropped my nespresso machine roun
  5. I’m confused... Your Non-Imm O Visa had a 60 day extension 1 month ago - So you are not on Visa Amnesty or anything else. Whats the difference between a 60 day extension and 12 month extension ???? (other than time). Affirmation of Address is a requirement, as is a Medical Certificate (if renewing from 2yr to 5yr). I reckon you should go back and try again. If they say no, ask for someone senior and obtain a full explanation (this obviously depends on the quality of your Thai respectability of your ’translator’). They may use a longevity
  6. A phone for a 7 year old ???? If he’s not going to use it to make calls and its just for playing Minecraft, Roblox, watching YouTube videos etc a tablet maybe a better option. My Son (6) has my old iPad Mini and also makes his TikTok videos - its incredible how they learn themselves, making and editing their videos - the educational side is quite impressive so long as he doesn’t watch too much junk. My Son has actually learned an awful lot from YouTube. His teacher agrees that a Tablet can be a useful educational tool. One note: Parental contr
  7. Excellent..... But again, Thailand takes a facet of a problem and handles it as if the real issue does not exist. Now kids are being asked to promote helmet wearing which circumnavigates the proverbial elephant in the room, that the Police are completely apathetic and ineffective. Not wearing a helmet is an issue across all age brackets. This ‘cutesy-na-lak’ approach highlights the juvenile mindset involved.
  8. Pre-Flight Covid-19 tests are dependant on the Airline and destination (or transiting) country - each situation is individual, its best to confirm with the Airline. My ‘assumption’ is that if someone tests positive at (any) hospital in Thailand, they will be admitted and isolated, and treated if necessary - I suspect at least until a Covid-19 negative test is secured (Note: this is just an assumption - there have been so few such cases - its an unknown)
  9. Yes, I noticed a big group looked like Chinese the other morning coming out the just open Sugar Palm Hotel at Kata Beach. I wondered how they got here ??? Were they Chinese? or were they Thai’s of Chinese ancestry? Loads of Bangkok Thai’s evacuated the capital this weekend (long weekend) - many are the ‘white skinned’ ChineseThai’s.
  10. Is there a government or anyone in Thailand capable of effecting the sweeping change required to improve road safety? It requires a fundamental shift in attitudes from the top down in all levels of government right through to policing and down to the noodle seller in the street - it requires a complete cultural shift.
  11. The whole point of the article emphasises Arthur who does not identify with any gender wanting to be Martha. Syntax analysis is the whole point of this article - claims of not being specifically something, while claiming to want to be one of the somethings he doesn’t identify with. Anyone of the LBGQT community or any other community wanting to be a loving parent is fine - there are children in the world who need loving parents. I find it an interesting topic - particularly now that I am so woke I’m offended any the disingenuity
  12. Come back Guido Fawkes. All is forgiven. The right wing political news website ???? .... or the Guy Fawkes, of the failed gunpowder plot in 1605 ?
  13. The underlying issues are perhaps down to respect for the decision makers. In Football... “The Referee’s a [email protected]#ker!!” In Rugby... the Referee is the most respected person on the pitch In Football, the spoiled overpaid children playacting, rolling around and attempting to cheat argue like spoiled brats and the fans emulate them and behave like brats. In Rugby, the men want to play hard and fair and get on with the game. The fans are in awe of them and behave respectfully in mixed stadiums.
  14. The Petchaburi disaster 30 years ago: - 20 year old unlicensed truck - Illegally modified - Steel used in the construction of the gas tanks not thick enough - No cables or bolts in place to secure the gas tanks (rope allegedly used) - Autopsy of driver found Alcohol and Amphetamine Can Thailand honestly say it learned anything from this and made and permanent changes or improvements ? If we go back to news articles from 30 years ago I bet we will read ‘crack down on fuel trucks’ !!!
  15. They want to be loved and cared for. Duh. If he was quoted as saying "I want to be with the kids and I want to watch them grow and be with them every day. I want to be a parent.” there seems to be less pretence. While claiming to be non-binary Sam Smith used a gender specific parental roll. It somewhat whiffs of attention seeking, deliberate in announcing that he wants to be ‘mommy’ as someone born male - as if his intention is to generate attention and some form of controversy.
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