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  1. Please don't quote people I have on 'ignore', I have no wish to read their nonsense. That must be half the forum buy now.... such a princess !!!!
  2. The logic of vaccination is clearly well beyond your grasp. Edit: just saw your links: Ok if we change 100% effective against death and serious cases to 99.9999 % ??? Nothing is perfect - the argument remains better to take a vaccine or not. IF you don’t wish to take a vaccine because it is reported that couple of people still died of Covid-19 after having both vaccines, then more fool you.
  3. Yes, he was flashing his wealth, and now he'll pay a higher price for doing do. No one driving a C-Class Mercedes is flashing any wealth... they have simply chosen on brand over another. The sort of projection made by anyone who thinks someone driving a C-Class Mercedes is flashing their wealth probably would be attempting impress others with a C-Class Merc while 99% of people around don’t notice and don’t care.
  4. No long term effects ??? Are you sure about that ??? we've been reading your arguments
  5. People can access their medical records !!! IF proof of vaccination is required for international travel and someone doesn’t have proof of vaccination and wishes to travel the onus is on them to gain proof or be refused travel - thats how an airline would check ! Everyone I know in the UK who has been vaccinated has the certificate (small card) which of course can be lost. There is still digital proof on their medical records.
  6. Incorrect - Sinovoc can protect 100% of lives. The efficacy of 50.4% (>70% in some areas with Sinovac) means that 50.4% of people who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2 do not contract Covid-19 at all. 78% of people are protected form having serious symptoms. i.e. 50% do not contract Covid-19 at all, an additional 28% test positive for carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus, some of whom present with mild Covid-19 symptoms. The remaining 22% can suffer moderate symptoms, but none have severe or life threatening symptoms. (according to all reports so far).
  7. Your logic is flawed and you are over simplifying and more complex matter of herd immunity and highlights a lack of understanding. Sinovac protects 50% of people from contracting Covid-19 Sinovac protects 78% of people from having medium to severe symptoms (i.e. 28% of those who do contract Covid-19 has symptoms so mild they hardly notice it, their viral load is far less, they are contagious for a much more brief period of time - this aiding prevention of transmission compared to unvaccinated people) Sinovac protects 100% of people from having serious sympt
  8. Those vaccinated and who test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, also those ‘asymptomatic’ of Covid-19 and still carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus can still transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus to others. But the risk of transmission is vastly decreased for a number of factors (which have been explained over and over again on numerous threads - explaining again is exhausting). Additionally, no one knows who would normal be ‘asymptomatic’ of Covid-19 without vaccination thus vaccination programs offer greater probability that a vaccinated community is far lest likely to be transmi
  9. I can’t believe the media is still so misleading about this. Covid-19 is the disease, the symptom. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus. Vaccines are effective to varying degrees against Covid-19 (the disease). For example, Sinovac is 50.4% effective against contraction of Covid-19, it is 78% effective against contracting mild symptoms of Covid-19 and is 100% effective against contraction severe symptoms of Covid-19 (and death). BUT, the virus can still be ‘breathed in’ someone can still carry SARS-CoV-2 and effectively be ‘asymptomatic’ Vaccinat
  10. Because Bangkok holds 15% of Thailand's population, it has 50 districts and it helps people know where the ‘clusters’ are so they can deliberately avoid those areas. I can avoid Tesco’s Rama IV and instead go to Tesco’s because of the Khlong Toey outbreak and instead choose to go to a different Tesco’s.....
  11. ‘The Sandbox model’ was a great proposal for many of us who would be returning anyway - we can quarantine at a beach resort instead of being stuck in a hotel room. If priced competitively these ideas are great for those wishing to enter Thailand. I doubt they will attract tourists. The Phuket Model is also a good idea and ‘may’ see an increase in tourism from those who live nearby, but that is also highly dependant on the need for quarantine on the tourists return to their home country. The primary issue is flights. For those travelling from further
  12. Imagine plonking yourself down at a bar stool and finding he is your new bezzy! He’s the example of why many avoid other foreigners they don’t know here.....
  13. Now this intrigues me... I see woman standing in next to her motorcycle, another woman comes up, with two hands gives her a hard shove into the road. Obviously we don’t know what transpired before hand, the fair assumption is some form of disagreement or argument. The intention seems fairly clear to me. It appears that the aggressor wanted to push the other into the road. I am now very curious how you saw the opposite (you may have identified something I haven’t) - what did you see in the video ?
  14. Valid point, it does seem strange... But, there are a lot of ’strange comments’ which when analysed seem strange but in context make more sense. Thai’s always say.. "Wow, you eat spicy food ?” which is perfectly normal in context, but I never say to a Thai in the UK “Wow, you eat Fish & Chips ?”.... The initial comments on Buddhists seem to be an attempted ironic response based on the experience many of have had here after been told by someone they can’t get rid of a colony of ant’s because that would make them a bad Buddhist, or the ‘stray soi dog’ problem can’t b
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