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  1. A flat-earther? Are flat-earthers even worth mentioning? Everybody knows that if the earth were flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge long ago.
  2. That's just it. My point was that there are so many decent, "nice" women. Some of them ultimately want money, but...
  3. No, just making a point that successful assignations can be done in Thailand as easily as in Japan. I knew an old western geezer in Malaysia who had to fight then off with a stick. I know another one in Thailand who's quite obese, but has a very good personality and hence has an amazing gf.
  4. I've always been repulsed by bar girls. My first Thai gf was a mid-level officer in the Ministry of Education. My second one was a plastic surgeon's RN. My third one was a very beautiful and shapely family cook in an open-air restaurant in Chiang Mai. All of these were the finest of women, real ladies (but passionate and open-minded). I've had interest, as well, from a beautiful airport ground staff girl, and a luscious, wonderful pharmacist. Seems to me that farang men who can't do any better than bar girls are of several types (a) green 20-year-olds who think bar girls are all that Thailand offers. They could at least have visited ThaiCupid.com before traveling. (b) fat, ugly, bald old geezers who have no other choices (c) idiot sex tourists of all types. (d) guys who have no imagination or don't even try. It's so easy to meet a "real" woman in Thailand. Then there's the desperate dowries--geezers who go up to the Udon Thani area and buy their bride with a dowry (and find themselves building a house--in the wife's name, of course--and supporting half the village.)
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