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  1. I thought the headline was going to be Thailand government promotes 18 measures to make life unbearable for people on long stay visa / extensions.
  2. Other news making headlines Lack of critical thinking makes Thailand's competitiveness ranking slip
  3. In other words, invested heavily into the new country they wish to now call home only to be rejected when they get sick. I do understand what you are saying, but a lot of these cases would not occur if Thailand had a friendlier path to citizenship where people could work in any occupation and pay their social security and taxes etc.
  4. Indeed. In fact if 80,000 foreigners are seeking medical treatment and then skip out on paying the bill, then Thai logic says let's charge those who don't pay double or triple the rate of locals. That is laughable.
  5. Didn't they already do that? I faintly recall some amount being added to the tax of flight tickets a while back. Is it time for another go at the trough? does anyone recall a tax being added already to cover medical emergency
  6. But if we weren't fearful of losing face we would tell them to f@$k off
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