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  1. What about V power diesel which has no associated octane rating differentials etc.next to it.? Certainly you are quite correct about wasting your money putting in higher octane rating petrol than your car is rated for,the only caveat to that being that occasional use for the greater cleaning additives can be helpful. This is based on UK criteria.
  2. Many if not most countries require a visa for a foreign spouse to join you,but unlike Thailand they are not suddenly barring spouses who already hold such visas from returning to their families just because they’ve been out of the country l
  3. I hope you wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitise and keep your distance Condom may still be more important You’re right but I was suffocating and had to revert to the mask
  4. Wrong. And they pay "You can travel to Australia if you are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or are a New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia. From 23:59 AEDT on 28 March 2020, all travellers arriving in Australia will be required to undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities (for example, a hotel), in their port of arrival."
  5. Does the small print say that the expiry date of the annual visa you have been granted is meaningless?
  6. In February there was no advice or official restrictions on travel. That’s why if you had expensive tickets probably booked several months previously and didn’t travel you would lose them with no recourse to insurance.
  7. Most civilised countries in the world do not prevent the return of a resident with a valid visa,especially if involving separation of families ,even in these circumstances. Quarantine at the expense of the returnee is perfectly functional and acceptable to all concerned
  8. I very much like to walk a mile in another’s shoes. Then they are a mile away and I have their shoes...
  9. You seem to have difficulties in grasping principles. If 'fewer' (correct English) people entering reduces the chances of infection then it stands to reason Thais should also not be allowed to re enter ,unless you want to argue that a returning Thai carries less risk than a returning farang father/husband?
  10. Some /many are likely rather more informed than you and have explored their rights concerning refunds,for example the joint liability your credit card company may have for non delivery of goods or services.
  11. Because the situation is mirrored to a large extent in most other countries
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