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  1. Wrong,they don’t. UK police cannot collect on the spot fines. They can in some European countries like France.
  2. I’ve been on a number of live aboard dive trips to Similan islands going back 15 - 20 years when the only people allowed to stay on the islands where Park Rangers. Towards the end I saw that policy ending and understand I would likely be disappointed we’re I to repeat the experience now. I also notice that the snorkeling I used to do even off Phuket before then is pretty lousy now even off the beaches in Ko Lanta . Have to take a speedboat trip to adjoining small islands to see anything at all now .
  3. The courtesy you see face to face vanishes when behind the wheel. This is simply cowardice and reveals their true nature when the feel they are anonymous.
  4. I would counsel you against assuming anything. When I extended in January using BE income letter I asked the IO about this ,showing them an audit trail comprising funds leaving uk bank,fx company 's paperwork and Kasikorn bank book. I may as well have been presenting a paper on the theory of relativity. Now imagine presenting them with 12 sets! Remember,all they had to do in the past was look at income letter and do a simple calculation of the exchange rate,so compared to this what you will assume is straightforward forward will be anything but to an IO. You will arrive with all this as the only basis to renew your visa ,be told 'no good' and then what....you think you will win the argument?
  5. Yes,It said from the outset, 65k transferred per month from a foreign transfer ,no provision for making it up by transferring double in the next month.There is also an issue where those using fx companies like Transferwise (rather than expensive banks) into banks other than Bangkok bank are showing up as Domestic transfers on their statements - like my Kasikorn account. Did you see those threads?
  6. You are 'joking' aren’t you? This isn’t about clarifying and unifying the procedure- that would require thinking things through and drafting rules clearly and unambiguously . As ever it’s about grandstanding and image.
  7. YOU are confused! The marriage visa does NOT require you to hold 400k 3 months afterwards. Some offices ,as previously ,want you to maintain that amount in the account during the 30 day under consideration period until the visa extension is confirmed.
  8. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/59931/engine-remapping-and-car-chipping-does-it-work
  9. Read the police rules on the income method effective from January this year ( and on several other threads) which stipulates that where your embassy no longer offers an income letter, then for each and every month you must show an international transfer of 65k into your Thai account. Miss just one of those months therefore and the basis for your income based next extension is invalidated. I can’t believe you’ve missed that unless you’ve misunderstood my post? PS are you Lucy's Dad from Times on line?
  10. Because,oh short sighted one ,if you’ve just extended your retirement visa in January (as I have) and rely on the income method,then it effects your planning effective from this month (February) because in order to have 12 monthly transfers of 65k from abroad to qualify for your next extension,the first one will have to go on this month. Don’t get that done and you will have to resort to the 800k deposit route.
  11. Apologies if this slightly strays from the topic but given that knowledgeable guys are on this thread I wanted to ask about ‘chipping ' my Isuzu pickup as it’s 4 years old and out of warranty. 2015 3 litre manual 4 door. I understand the process can deliver better economy and power . If anyone can guide me ,or indeed has kit that they now want to sell , I’m all ears. I did learn from this thread about the different suspension between 2 and 4 door ,subsequently checking my 4 door to notice there are just 2 leafs in the spring and Bridgestone tyres - so thanks for that! From my perspective I can say the ride is reasonable other than on patchy surfaces but guess a live axle and leaf springs will always be inferior to a car's setup.
  12. Great comedian,and a very bright guy (4As and Oxford). Don’t go if easily offended or a fan of PC.
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