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  1. "Remotely "..... If only officials could be remotely competent...
  2. Interesting- I’ve thought of doing that although I can obtain my hypertension tablets easily over the counter here so benefits would be purely financial . My daughter has already stockpiled 3 months supply in uk. What is the cost of a small parcel to Thailand and how long does it take to arrive...and does it always arrive ?
  3. Your problem is that it’s the Thai driver needing to hand back his licence (although likely not even having one ). They are taught nothing of value is the answer to your question and learn precisely nothing thereafter! If you’re not going to drive then you h ave to stay off the roads ,because if entrusting your safety to another Thai driver is increasing your risk exponentially.
  4. The RTA (deaths/injuries ) figures vs other countries doesn’t lie (and is likely understated). Nor does Thailand’s lowly position in the PISA EDUCATIONAL TABLES. Some might argue the two are connected...
  5. Because continued ill thought through statements are all he needs to convince himself it keeps him relevant. The problem here is that politicians /officials,unlike western countries,do not have themselves held up to the fire by msm and embarrassed when those pronouncements are subsequently exposed as arrant nonsense.
  6. Does it have VOD (Video on demand) as the majority of matches I prefer to watch (result unknown) the next morning. IPlayer match of day is pretty good for highlights next day. Footballorgin.com and fms.com do that for free on all matches but sometimes the site doesn’t work well. Screen mirroring from iPad ?
  7. There’s a system labeled 'connectivity' whereby on an increasing basis government departments are sharing information. I registered with a new doctor when in uk staying with my daughter and subsequent letters I received from DWP and then HMRC came to that address rather than my other registered uk address. Apply to renew your driving licence and they can digitally lift your photograph from your passport. Renew your passport in thailand and that’ll also send a message . Not as it was,my friend
  8. It would normally,but when the IQ figure matches the age there is little chance of those attributes
  9. Although if you have met all the requirements and have a reasonable immigration office (like Korat) it took me 20 minutes and 1900 baht . Agent?... 15 - 20k baht ?
  10. I notice the loud music has destroyed your brain cells
  11. There’s no chance of renewing your uk licence altering your tax status. You may however find that DVLA cross checks 'might' stymie your application- if you can still use the address already on your licence that may help (although that’s where it will be sent) so I would try to renew it online giving your passport number from which they’ll lift your photograph - you’ve nothing to lose. In fact ,if you’re returning for medical treatment on NHS renewing your licence may even help in ‘proving' your uk residence.
  12. Yes,the inter provincial travel is a far higher risk,but not for the reasons you imply. Far more will be killed DURING the travel process than the virus will claim.
  13. Only those countries at the bottom of the heap ( very poor /backward) like in Africa,Iran etc are not vaccinating in significant volumes. Thailand at 0.1% vs UK 50% and UAE,Israel,Gibraltar etc.even higher than this, are the bottom of the bottom of the heap . Thailand is not a poor country,by comparison,but it is run incompetently
  14. At 0.1% of the population vaccinated Thailand is amongst the very bottom of nations. UK circa 50% and the poorly performing EU around 11%. They've basically become complacent because their infection rate and fatalities were so low (some due to fortunate inherent circumstances) but this time should have been spent ensuring vaccination,the only real long term solution.
  15. It’s ill informed people not understanding the label simply denotes place of first detection (so that would be most in Thailand),but that’s a false equivalence on China who at best had unsafe practices which caused the jump of the virus into humans in the first instance
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