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  1. Monty Python had the Ministry of Silly Walks while here we have the real life Ministry of Silly Thoughts.
  2. Indeed,the money that could have been diverted from the pointless 40k outpatient cover would have bought a more realistic limit
  3. 'A quarter did not know who Wong was' . The other 75% pretended they did...
  4. Most do,and not only that 'find my iPhone/iPad can tell you exactly where it is to track them down.
  5. And her brother the children’s entertainer,Pete O’File.
  6. Don’t laugh but I had a company 1.8 Marina in the 70s. Most unreliable car ever - went through 5 differentials and the wheel spacers I put on it buggered the bearings! It was a Toyota Supra twin turbo manual followed by an M3 when I had my own business..
  7. I’m quite interested in a CRV and liked the idea of diesel vs the old technology petrol engines they offer. But I’m put off by the low 1.6 capacity and BHP output. I’d imagine it would underperform. I test drove a crv hybrid while in uk which was very good in that respect but don’t think that’s available here ?
  8. Because like big multiple exhaust pipes connected to nothing they 'look good'
  9. While not disagreeing with your central point,Thailand is not a third world country, it’s in the top 30 by GDP - which only puts its low priorities of properly training their police in an even worse light.
  10. Do you understand the concept of proportionality? The shooter didn’t and this was the result
  11. I think he was referring to the IQ ....which is likely far more achievable.
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