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  1. This is the anachronism but I understand some countries laws prevent denial of a returning citizen even without a test ,which obviously includes Thailand. Airlines however can insist on such a test to allow boarding.
  2. Given the short timelines aren’t most original documents actually emailed attachments from the test laboratory rather than mailed hard copies ?
  3. A qualified (non bar stool) response eviscerating the original post has been posted by Sheryl
  4. Exactly the point. What analysis has been done or even considered regarding what functioning remaining infrastructure,skills etc. from an industry that will have died by then and how to restore it ? I suggest that this kind of level of thinking,foresight and planning is way beyond the competence of virtually every official. Much easier just to spout meaningless unsubstantiated claims
  5. Talking of 'numbers' - that’s a similar problem,so they’re not going to understand that either!
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