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  1. If one [ I or recruited person ] initially just 'ensures that every control is switched to "Off" state', & tries connecting the negative terminal again as 2nd connection,- does that allow chance that same event re-occur with perhaps damage to the various computer units in car's electrical & electronic systems ? Should I get Auto-Electrician to check out car's wiring etc. before trying to connect batter again ?
  2. FURTHER INFO. ; Re ; IGNITION-SLOT FOR KEY ; Nothing in the ignition-slot when connecting battery ; But, there may have been some device selected as on ; I confess to : not having thought ahead for that state being an inexperienced driver [ Yet,- I am very studious & attentive & dedicated ] not being very knowledgeable about the use of the controls of this model. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Re ; ARCING There is some Minor "Pitting" Damage now to Neg. Terminal of Battery.
  3. TYPO CORRECTION ; Above passage should read as follows ; Ford Escape is the "re-badged" Mazda Tribute [ almost ] ; And, to lesser spec. for given year of comparable model.
  4. Ref. Mazda Tribute, Benzene, 6 V, 3 litre, Auto-Transmission, 16 Years old approx., 165,000 km approx., 5th Owner Ford Escape is the lesser brother of Mazda Tribute ; i.e. Ford Escape is the "re-badged" Mazda Tribute ( almost ) ; And, not to lesser spec. for given year of comparable models Car in Soi for many months without starting ignition Tried recently ; But,- Battery depleted. New Battery Installation 1st Mains Clamp to Positive ; 2nd Return [ Earth ] Clamp to Negative ; But,- Sparks between Return Clamp & Negative Terminal ; Also, some Motor in engine bay [ I think ] engaged ; Note ; There was no simultaneous contact by Tool with Positive Terminal of Battery. I immediately retracted Clamp from Terminal so as to halt this nasty event. QUESTIONS : 1_ Consequences of that very event above ? 2_ Perhaps animal has shorted the wiring ? 3_ Overall Problem is likely to be ? 4_ If I need Auto-Electrician,- how much will fixing the situation cost approx. ? Thanking you in advance for your helpful replies, Our Man in the Tropics
  5. Great Information in those 2 links Ubonjoe ; I wonder what is easiest AND cheapest way to get Visa & Extension & Multiple Re-Entry Permit so as to allow the EU & USA & Canadian & Australian bearer to re-enter Laos as often as requested without involving new visas or visa-exemption entry stamps for each event ? Perhaps like having Multiple Re-Entry Permit & without fees for each re-entry & the departure also.
  6. Dear Fellow Posters, Is the Phu Du, Uttaradit, Thailand - Paklay [ Paklai ], Laos International Border open for entry / departure & vice versa by EU passport holders ? If "Yes", are there special considerations to factor in that are different than those involved with crossing the border at Friendship Bridge, Nong Khai, Thailand - Vientiane, Laos & vice versa ? Thanking you in advance for all your helpful replies, Our Man in the Tropics
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