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  1. 1_ Prayer ; And,- sure why not ? 2_ Thanks for that ; I take it as authoritative. And,- I will remember it. U just saved me from some impending grief in getting better handle on Galvanic Corrosion ; Although,- I will still have to "dip" into it. p.s. Apologies for attributing the wrong name to post introducing the "Ramp People's Ramps for Steel Tracks with Rubber Coating" when it was actually u who posted this ; I immediately followed up with the necessary correction.
  2. I had not noticed recent replies from "sometimewoodworker" & "bankruatsteve" & "lemonjelly" ; Thank u for ur input. I accept the good advice to avoid plates too heavy for 1 man to lift each. Please note that I still wish to have rust-proof & durable & anti-skid metal surface for tyre tracks. ...................................... @ bankruatsteve ; Ur post informing me of "Ramp People's Ramps for Steel Tracks with Rubber Coating" is very interesting information in itself ; However,- I expect that this superior bright improvisation idea for tyre tracks of my car port would be too expensive for my budget. But,- I will be exploring this product anyway for its intended purpose. Many thanks. .................................... My latest inspiration : A_ sections of aluminium chequered-plate butting each other & pinned into the earth, somehow, through holes counter-sunk on chequered-plate surface. B_ hot-dipped galvanized mesh of optimum lightest gauge for to surface the remaining ground & pinned into the earth with galvanized deep U-nails [ perhaps made from galvanized rod by installer ] I hope to be able to maintain acceptable gap between Aluminium Chequered-Plates & Hot-dipped Galvanized Mesh, with a Strip of Plastic Profile. Thus,- avoiding the Galvanized Coating of the underlying Steel of the Mesh corroding the Aluminium by ironical "Galvanic" Corrosion.
  3. Hi Crossy, Thanks for the Online Metal Weight Calculator I may resort to using aluminium, or stainless steel, plates that cover only the tyre tracks [ thus leaving the rest as earth or covered by other material ] ; And, yes, I would include extra width of plate to outside of each tracks so as to allow car users to avoid stepping on the earth [ if remaining surface is un-covered ]. The total mass of metal plate will be much less than wished for as optimum solution ; Plates can be maneuvered into position onto surface, onto bed of truck, by 1 person using lever : actual crow-bar or improvised crow-bar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Ref. Ur other question How are you going to stop the plate tipping when the vehicle is driven over the edge? Plate positions are maintain to be non-overlapping on the flat-ground ; Thus,- no fulcrum ; Thus,- no tipping when vehicle driven over edge >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> READERS OF THIS THREAD FOR THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF THE ORIGINAL POSTER'S APPROACH TO THIS PARKING BAY CHALLENGE MAY BE BEST SERVED TO THINK OF IT AS ; A "FALANG'S PONTOON-BRIDGE OVER UNBROKEN-LAND" "Falang has unbroken-land version of Pontoon-Bridge ; So,- can quickly lay, or un-lay accordingly, that car-port surface. He example of new breed of Falang sheep who avoids being regularly shorn ... hopefully Very difficult for me to send reply ; Computer & / or internet conncection to this website is / are acting-up.
  4. Hi sometimewoodworker, I would include ur latest post as a quote ; But,- my computer / internet is again acting-up. I appreciate that which u say ; Indeed,- I now agree with it except that the following options are worthy of pursuit : 1_ "Aluminum Chequered Plate of 6mm or 8 mm or 10 mm : should fulfill : functionally criterium 1 person man-handling criterium durability criterium [ some 10 years ] may [ guessing only ] be too expensive for my budget 2_ Stainless Steel Checquered Plate of 5 mm ; should fulfill : functional criterium 1 person man-handling durability criterium [ some 15 years ] may [ guessing only ] be too expensive for my budget
  5. Dear Fellow Thaivisa.com Posters, I would be grateful for all yer constructive relevant input to the following proposal ; "System of "cheap type" 25mm thick Plywood Sheets [ perhaps costing some THB 500 in main hardware chain stores ] that are then covered in "rubbery" Mastic [ for elastic response, & ease of removal -- if wanted later -- by solvent & scraper ], & then butted edge-to-edge according to area to be covered, & then surfaced with suitable floor tiles, is "feasible" option as top floor supporting the comings & goins of a pickup truck motorized vehicle ? Thanking yee all, in advance, for yer most helpful kind relevant replies. Regards, Our Man in the Tropics
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