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  1. Not just in the US. In my teens, I was briefly (well, not that briefly—over eight months) enticed into Jehova’s Witnesses. There were people from all walks of life and all income levels. The member whose home we met at was a multi millionaire. My best friend at the time (and today still my best friend) often tried to pull me out. I once mentioned to the minister under whom I studied the bible about this and his response was for me to ditch my friend. At that moment, something snapped into place in my head. My friend never threatened to abandon me if I didn’t ditch the church. But this guy, thi
  2. Trump has set the bar so, so, so low that if Biden could just avoid looking like he’s jerking off two guys while dancing to YMCA, he’ll look presidential.
  3. oh, no doubt he’ll be back. Like a little floating turd that just won’t flush.
  4. tag line: Can’t Spell ‘Patriots’ Without ‘Riots’!!
  5. Does trump have an iota of respect for his MAGA supporters? Here’s a clue: he just preemptively pardoned a man who was charged with ripping off his supporters. He disdains his MAGAS, but is happy to ride their waves of stupidity to enrich himself and cronies. Trump campaign manager indicted by Trump justice dept for ripping off Trump supporters to build a fake Trump wall gets pardoned by Trump to the delight of Trump supporters.
  6. Wait! There’s still time for him to release his taxes, explain what “infrastructure week” was all about, get Mexico to pay for the 3% of wall he built, save coal jobs, and unveil his “great” healthcare plan.
  7. Trump finally got his wall. “When Trump sends his people, he’s not sending his best. They’re insurrectionists, loudmouths, racists, and some*, I assume, are good people” *actually, none.
  8. Rudy’s right now at the DC (Dinner & Conversation) Supreme Food Court with his legal briefs waiting for the judge and everyone else to turn up.
  9. Yeah, man. We’re still on day 796 of Infrastructure Week.
  10. I guess IQ is not a common denominator among MAGAS. Perhaps a lack of empathy is a common denominator. Plus, who can resist a leader that believes the same things they do: patriarchy, white supremacy, might-is-right, etc.
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