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  1. the baht will shoot up now with this news. unmovable
  2. but do they cover covid 19? also that will come in handy if i get murdered
  3. yet again you're patronising me, yet another one on here with a superiority complex. i can read obviously as i said im NOT from the US so no good to me whatsoever.. jog on you melt
  4. well two things one. thanks for being so patronising (like so many on here) and two. i'm not from the US!!... so no use to me at all mr patronising !!
  5. ok. well i think thats gonna be harder than finding hen's teeth
  6. exactly what i thought there is confusion on which cert you need,is a fit to fly or a covid free cert?
  7. what i wanna know is how they gonna know if your insurance covers covid 19 and covers the required amount? are they gonna check each insurance company and what it covers exactly? will be time consuming surely or are they just gonna want you to prove you have insurance and show the documents they you have got insurance.
  8. "chinese government hospitals now provide covid 19 testing for about $30" i know china has over a billion population but we dont all live in china mate!!
  9. so that doesnt cover covid 19 thanks for clearing that up
  10. im talking about insurance that cover you for covid 19 not just normal travel insurance.
  11. ill look into it but there a hell of lot of people saying exactly the same thing as me. also how long after did you get your insurance? as maybe if it was just after the outbreak then that is why.
  12. well ive always thought that but then surely they cant do that forever,yet the baht has been strong for 3-4 years now so i dont know.
  13. no im not in thailand in the uk you cannot get a insurance policy that covers you for covid 19,and you are talking before covid 19 which was my point you cannot cover insurance now that will do it.
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