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  1. This will never happen for several reasons, but one is the major concern: the missing infrastructure! There are not enough hotels in the area, there is no large hospital, that is equipped to treat severe trauma, an F1- race is not just "the race": there are training-sessions and qualifying and a bunch of activities around it...it would be a logistic nightmare and - I am sorry to say- Thailand is in no way capable of handling this! Even IF the race track in Buriram would fit all the FIA rules and regulations! This is as much a pipe-dream as hosting the football world cup!
  2. At least it SEEMS, there is way away from the "one fits all"- dam solution! A number of smaller sluices, might make the management easier as well as more "direct"! I for one "hope" this will work and put into practice and be done right...but then again...there are problems! >coughthailandcough<
  3. Since "Asahi" is reporting this, I am somehow not surprised...
  4. The Army threatening a journalist and a party, that might be elected in a (fair and democratic) election and decides to cut military spending, when they are in power! Classy!
  5. Yeah...ahm...if the idiot in the White House is still looking: Global Warming is in Thailand! (I am being sarcastic- I actually know the difference between weather and climate! Unlike the President of 'Murica and his climate change -denying friends!)
  6. And the distinction you might want to make, is to take an outside perspective into account! But I forgot: greatest nation/ democracy on Earth and all that.... Have a good day!
  7. Yeah...because this is an 'Murican only"- thread on a 'Murican only" forum!
  8. Oh puuuuuleeeeaze! Not again, that old chestnut!
  9. How about answering the question? And IF I were 'Murican...yes, it would be something, I would do!
  10. Is that why Australia, Canada, Germany etc have such high numbers in gun related deaths, almost rivaling those of 'Murica? Asking for a friend!
  11. Okay...since you are not that good with braining, let me help you: Illinois may have "some of the most draconian gun laws of any of the United States'...and that is, where the problem starts! There are many states (some 50 or so!), that don't have such "draconian" laws! And since Illinois is not surrounded by a wall, but has relatively open borders, it is....WAIT A MINUTE!!!!
  12. Okay...another reality check! 3 million voters LESS agreed with him, then with HRC! Your dumb voting- laws prevent the popular votes- winner to be president! To your point regarding the Democrats blocking everything: does the name Merrick Garland ring a bell? And that would be only one example of maaaaaaany, where the REP's blocked the Obama administration, every step of the way! Even IF the 'Murican people would be FOR the wall (which they are overwhelmingly not!): I guess, they were for it under largely different terms! Just one example: MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT!
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