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  1. Brexit passed with a very small majority. The politicians did in fact 'honor the decision' as May has in fact negotiated a deal BUT the leavers who were promised all sorts of wonderful but ultimately unachievable things don't like the deal. To be fair, no one likes the deal but that's what the Remain camp have been saying all along i.e. there was never going to be a great deal got from the EU. So we are now left with the options; take May's deal, get more concessions from the EU or implement a No-Deal scenario; one which everyone agrees would be a complete disaster. They now have 9 days to do one of them, hence why it's highly likely there will be a delay.
  2. Jeezus you guys don't even know how Google works. The reason these appear top is because they are currently the 'Top Stories' (as clearly marked at the top). They don't effect the natural rankings of Fox News but are the current, top trending stories about the subject you are asking about. For example, if I type in 'New Zealand', guess what comes up;- Obviously the attacks get top billing because they are the Top Stories. I think you guys need to take an 'Introduction to the Internet ' class.
  3. The guy literally quoted in his deranged manifesto that he sees Trump as "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose." He didn't mention any other western leader. He didn't mention any other head of state. He specifically and pointedly mentioned Trump. You asked 'Are you saying that the guy in NZ is a follower of Trump? Link to source please. Unless he is, your comparison has no validity.' Since you seem to be struggling with the replies to this and the definition of 'follower' let me spell it out for you. He is a follower of Trump. And the source is the actual manifesto this maniac wrote himself. I'm not sure you can get much better evidence than that but I'm sure you'll try and defend your Beloved Leader on this as you do on all other matters concerning Trump.
  4. I think we could all guess that you're 'not a lawyer' as that has to be the most asinine argument I have every heard in my life. So by your reckoning you can only be charged with a crime if the people investigating are looking only for that exact crime? So the murderer gets off because they were only looking for a kidnapper; the arsonist gets off as they were only looking for a burglar; the pedophile gets off as they were only looking for a rapist. You've said some crazy stuff in the past but you've excelled yourself here. Please take a bow! Oh and by the way, as stated many, many, many times before, the Mueller investigation isn't and was never about 'Trump colluding with Russia' but rather investigating links or co-ordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign to cover 5 very specific topics; financial dealings, Russian interference, campaign coordination, transition contacts and obstruction of justice. And as far as ‘witch hunts go, it’s done a pretty good job with 5 convictions and 28 indictments to include five former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. It might not get Trump (still to be seen) but you can be damned sure that as the guy at the top, he's as guilty as the rest of them.
  5. I think most of the people on this thread have given you a the best advice which is to seek professional help asap but I will add another point which is to not give up on him. A close friend of mine suffered from depression and over many, many years he lied, cheated and generally buggered up his life to the point where most of his friends and family had given up on him. A couple of us stuck with him though until it got so bad that even we thought a bit of 'tough love' might do the trick; so we cut all communications with him 'for his own good'. Two weeks later he killed himself. I live with that awful decision every day and the guilt is unbearable at times. If I could go back and change that decision I would in a heartbeat, but I can't and it's done now. You sound like a really nice guy and you've already done so much for him and I know this sounds unfair considering he's not even a really close friend of yours but he cannot be left to his own devises. Get in contact with the family and try and get him home (this sounds to me like the best plan) or if that fails get him to a proper psychiatrist who can judge whether he really is a threat to himself. He can then judge whether he needs to be sectioned for his own good (I'm really not sure you would have the authority for this as it's usually only family that can do this but it's worth a shot) or maybe he will refer him to the US embassy. All of this would be made a lot easier if he was back home. I'm sorry you have to take on this burden but I can assure you whatever guilt you may feel about walking away from the situation is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the guilt you will feel if it all goes really badly.
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