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  1. Well obviously but when you proclaim 'Attacking Trump supporters at any chance, claiming all are racist......', can you see why this happens when there is so much validity from even the acts you have mentioned here? I don't think any fair minded individual is foolish enough to think that the 77 million Americans who voted for Trump are all racist but they were obviously quite happy to turn a blind eye to what can be easily see as racist policies, racist advocacy (Proud Boys, Charolttesville etc) and racist dogma. THIS is the worrying thing and though undoubtedly unhelpful to tar everyone
  2. I can't remember exactly where I saw this quote but I think it sums up quite a lot; 'Not all Trump fans are racist, but all racists are Trump fans'.
  3. You still have plenty of time to sort this out but as has been suggested previously, if you have a medical exemption certificate (perhaps start working on this now with your American doctor) coupled with a certificate from a Thai doctor, I can't see how you will experience any problems. All countries will realise that not all people will be able to be vacinated and will have special dispansation for those that can't IF you can prove your daughter is exempt. Best of luck. I hope it all works out for you.
  4. The very definition of a straw man argument. What has China got to do with Americas (abysmal) response to the pandemic?
  5. You don't need to have Parkinsons to be offended by what he said about Michael J Fox; you don't have to be gay to be offended by his "AIDS Update" section that mocked the deaths of gay people and you don't have to belong to a street gang to be offended by what was a VERY obvious racist quote.
  6. Range finders are a must in Thailand. I can't tell you the amount of times I have corrected a caddies guess of distance by anything from 10 to 30 yards! I also have no problem in letting my opponents have a distance if they don't have a range finder. I'm never in that serious a game to make it a 'thing'.
  7. And he would be completely correct. Trump has the blood of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) on his hands.
  8. So when he was being racist, homophobic, mysoginistic, a climate change denier, alleging Michael J Fox wasn't ill and even that second hand smoke isn't dangerous, how was he exactly 'speaking against liberalism?' The 'extreme hatred' you are fond of quoting is nothing to do with his political views and everything to do with his stoking of needless fires through all the things I've mentioned above and an extreme amount of conspiracy theories. The man added nothing to civil discourse and nothing positive to the betterment of America. That's why he is hated. And yes, I'll happily
  9. That's why it's important for those that can take the vacine to take it in order to protect people like your daughter. Herd immunity only comes when 70-90% of the population are inoculated, therefore protecting those that cannot be vaccinated. Your daughter will not be forced to take a vacine she has adverse reactions to. As long as you can prove this.
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