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  1. Did some more research and yes, Cadmium can be used - but only 2% of world production in 2008. Can find no references to Lead other than a bit of solder. The other metals are not particularly toxic. Some nasty chemicals are used to make pure silicon, but not left in the product. So, as i said, not really any more of a waste disposal issue than other electrical/electronic waste. But i am all for 100% recycling of waste. Landfill is just an economic decision. Tax waste massively and recycling will boom. This applies to all waste products.
  2. Apparently Covid denial is highest among Orthodox jews in Israel, with weddings and other social events going ahead with numerous guests, no masks. They are also distrustful of government. Well, they want to be pariahs, up to them, but i wonder if they will complain of persecution.......
  3. The books that are actually used are the problem - most are compiled (it would be a joke to say written) by people who are not fluent in English. As someone with degrees in Biology and Geology, I have twice tried to help children understand textbooks and questions in English on these subjects - but i struggled because the English used just didn't make any sense! If i cannot understand the books, what chance do 12 year old Thai children have? If you want to teach a subject in the English language, get the books written in an English speaking country.
  4. Maybe. But if the government doesn't change interest rates, banks might not either.
  5. Long term, Bangkok sinks by a centimetre or two every year, and sea level rises by 0.3 cm a year. So looks like salt will be a growing problem. Either build a new water treatment works or abandon Bangkok!
  6. How many Thai over 55's can afford to travel? Just a 5,000 baht subsidy for the Hiso's and Middle class.
  7. Yes, GB pound up, Why? Because Brexit UNCERTAINTY is over (deal, no deal, what actually was affected). The negative impacts of Brexit were factored in 4 years ago, and very little has changed on that front. I think the first quarterly trade figures will be shocking and will have a negative effect, so expect pound to go down late March- April time. Other positives - successful vaccination campaign, political chaos in USA (that will wear off soon) and slowly improved trade as the year goes on as exporters come to grips with the new regulations. 45 baht to the pound is still a fantasy
  8. The amount of toxic waste in a solar panel is relatively small, probably similar to all other electrical/electronic waste. Batteries more of a concern i think. You also need to be sceptical of some claims - i visited a link a few months ago which claimed that solar panels are full of toxic waste - it gave a whole string of elements including cadmium and a few others which i am pretty sure are not used in solar panels. So i chased up where this article was from - wasn't surprised that it came from a site that slagged off renewable energy sources, said that coal was clean with new technolo
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