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  1. In Udon Thani we have seen a later start to the wet season the last few years, but more rain in July - September. It used to be that the ponds were not full until September, last 2 years full by end of July. This year the wet has continued on to the end of October so far, but only light rains. Rice so far is good.
  2. Exactly. You need a nationwide net work of railways to support your own train making industry. Thailand basically has about 5 main lines........
  3. Someone didn't check their facts - probably do not have 10 million people who can qualify .......
  4. Possible problem is water buildup behind the concrete - cannot see any drainage holes on the front face. You had a landslip .... At that steep angle, you cannot expect concrete slabs to stay put without some anchorage, unless you start from the bottom of the pond. Also quite possibly erosion has undermined the concrete slabs from below. Terracing the side will also reduce slippage risk - but hard to do on an existing pond.
  5. 1.57 trillion baht is about 9% of Thailand's 2019 GDP, and still 3 months of losses to add. Hard to see that Thailand will only lose 7% of GDP this year .......
  6. I see many grills like that, particularly at our fruit and veg market. You often have to park on top of them and you always wonder when they will collapse ..... Generally, small road repairs are very poorly done. On our local village road (the surface of which is quite good) the road was dug up twice to lay drainage across it. In each case, initial repairs appeared OK but come rainy season the surface collapsed (I assume the fill was not consolidated before concrete was poured). The surface sunk sufficiently you needed to drop to a low gear to negotiate it and cars with front spoil
  7. UK can be expensive to live in, especially London. My son pays 900 GBP a month rent for his share of a flat - and bills (fuel, water, council tax, insurance, internet) are on top. Not much change out of 1200 GBP. And his Landlord demanded an extra 100 GBP a month from this October (no Covid help there). In normal times he also has to pay for his commute to work (another 150 GBP a month). All other day to day costs are on top. With such heavy outgoings, many Londoners live close to the edge - loose your job - debts rapidly mount up. Now that government furlough scheme is being cut,
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