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  1. Kurds have claimed 800 ISIS family members escaped a detention camp when guards had to withdraw due to Turkish attacks. A few ISIS fighters have also escaped prisons when these were shelled. ISIS to regenerate? Resettling millions of Syrian refugees in Kurdish areas of North Syria is basically going to mean ethnic cleansing of Kurds there. So, now that the Kurds have done a deal with Assad, will Erdogan stop his attacks? Or will it be war? If war, might be the end of Erdogan, with any luck.
  2. Snakes do not scare me, just give them some room. Beware of spiders ….. I have a friend, 2 metres tall and strong as an ox, bitten twice in last year by (probably) small yellow ones. In hospital each time with internal organ and nerve damage. Doctors warn next time might be his last …….
  3. On the way home from shopping tonight, within a one kilometre stretch of road, 5 motorbikes pulled out in front of me from being parked without first looking to see what was coming or indicating they were pulling out. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre not known here. I could easily kill a dozen a week without really trying. I always assume my car is a magnet and all other road users are iron ….. it does seem many Thais are oblivious to the dangers of their driving habits.
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