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  1. Gee very very lucky to be alive but no doubt will be paying for the damage the rest of his life. The seen damage of a drunk driver how alcohol blinds people into thinking I ok to drive.
  2. Well hey there. I certainly agree will distroying the dog chasing and biting tourist or local people isn't unacceptable, but using a gun in the street not so good as is very very dangerous as richashading could easily take place. So good work for getting rid of a problem dog and doing the work that the authorities should be doing, but simply neglect to do so. I say this because I have been bailed up numerous times all over Thailand. That's that out the way. What I find even more frustrating is the sentence as all he did was do the community a favor by getting rid of a pest of a dog and to have a two year sentence and 40000 bt fine is madness. People get less for killing a person at times. It's the same same in New Zealand England Australia all western nations seemingly animals are worth more that people. These are my thoughts so don't condemn me for having them as I don't others. So what are your thoughts?
  3. Great work by all, just a super effort wishing you a speedy recovery lady.
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