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  1. This is absolutely insane. The country that unleashed this virus on the world, ruined economies and caused untold suffering and who do you welcome with open arms? The same creeps that did all this. Sheer madness.
  2. Prayut and his toadies seem hell bent on destroying what’s left of the Thai economy. My heart goes out to the millions of our Thai friends who are suffering mightily while their government perpetuates this lunacy.
  3. Will these guys ever learn? Are there crazy big bike guys, yes, but there are hundreds of thousands more “little” bike fools everywhere on Thai roads driving like maniacs with no helmets. Are the laws enforced? Everyone reading this knows the answer to that and until traffic laws are enforced across the board edicts like this are useless.
  4. This is just so crazy. If you’ve ever been to China, spitting anywhere seems to be a way of life. I can only hope that immigration tells them that we have a public “no spit policy.!”
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