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  1. I am releasing 4 clothing ranges in 2013 and am looking for a Thai clothing and a headwear manufacturer that can manufacture garments to the level of detail the Sretsis range requires for example. I prefer Thai over Chinese or Korean, and will not consider Bangladesh or India (but will be happy to consider Bangladeshi/Indian/Chinese/Korean factories in Thailand). 2 collections per range will be released per year at this stage.

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  2. Spice I Am (southern Thai) used to be really popular with Thais until the owners put the prices up, so then they moved to another place that was much less atmospheric, Thainatown. Some go to Saap Thai, which is Issan cuisine. Bangkok in Capitol Square is popular with Thais too. It used to be an unpopular suki place called Orange Thai. I once had 'Thai' on the Northern Beaches and it was so watered down it was appalling, but it was actually run by Thais. However it was FULL of people, and my friend who took me there honestly didn't know any better. But I tend to find that a lot of places serve food from all regions rather than sticking to their own region, to give variety I assume.

  3. Hmm, spirit houses are animist though... plenty of those around in TH. I thought a lot of the superstitions mentioned were of Chinese origin, especially the ugly baby one. Hairdressers' were actually shut on Wednesdays in the 90s in Bangkok. Also, a pregnant woman must not sit on the stairs (why, no idea) and a single woman must not sing in the kitchen unless she wants an old husband are other ones I've heard.

  4. Just to clarify your definition, expats are not migrants. People who live in Thailand on a retirement visa are not expats because they have settled permanently. Expats are in country to work on a non-permanent basis. For example, I was an expat in Thailand for 5 years as my father was working as an engineer on a contract. When we settled in Australia permanently, we became migrants, not expats as the reason for living there and circumstances were different, as were our residency status (permanent).

    Also, expats and migrants to Thailand come in shades other than pasty pale.

  5. Hello everyone, some of you may remember me from a couple of years ago. Anyway, I've relocated to Melbourne and there's a festival coming up!

    Date: Sunday 2nd March, 2008

    Location: Federation Square (opposite Flinders Street Station)

    Time: 10am - 9pm

    The Festival will feature the following stalls:

    • Thai Products - Thai cultural and handicraft displays/items for sale, from the different regions of Thailand, North to South and West to East.
    • Thai Tourism - Information stalls from Tourism Authority of Thailand; Thai Airways
    • Thai Fashion - Stalls featuring Thai silk
    • Thai Community in Victoria - an information tent will provide more information on local Thai community activities
    • Thai Food - Cooking demonstrations on the main stage.
    • Thai Health - Traditional Thai massage
    • Festival Supporters' tents

    According to the site, there will be the following at the main stage at Federation Square:

    • 10.00am Monks arrive; offerings from public, monks pray, with a Buddhist ceremony and water blessing
    • 10.50 Buddhist talk
    • 11:00 Water blessing
    • 11:10 Songkran video
    • 11.20 Thai drum parade through square
    • 11.35 Blessing dance
    • 11.45 Thai Drum parade
    • 11.50 Opening ceremony
    • 12.15 Outline of events
    • 12.30 Thai Classical Dance
    • 12.35 Thai Dance
    • 12.50 Thai Language school dances
    • 1.00 Thai Festival Beauty Contest - Round 1
    • 1.20 Promote raffle
    • 1.25 Tourism Authority of Thailand - video
    • 1.35 Thai Classical Dance
    • 1.45 Thai Dance/ Thai Stick Fighting
    • 1.55 1st Raffle draw - win a return trip to Bangkok with Thai Airways & Thai cooking demonstration by Thai Select
    • 2.00 Video - Thai Fashion
    • 2.10 Thai Silk Fashion Show
    • 2.30 Thai Dance
    • 2.40 Thai Festival Beauty contest - round 2
    • 3.05 Thai Dance
    • 3.10 Thai boxing
    • 3.20 OTOP Video
    • 3.35 Thai band
    • 4.00 Singha Beer promotion
    • 4.05 2nd Raffle draw - win a return trip to Bangkok with Thai Airways
    • 4.10 Thai Classical Dance
    • 4.15 Thai silk fashion show
    • 4.30 Thai Dance
    • 4.40 Thai Festival Beauty Contest - round 3
    • 5.05 Thai dance
    • 5.15 Thai Sword fighting
    • 5.25 Thai dance
    • 5.35 Thai festival Beauty contest the winner
    • 6.00 Thai Drum Parade
    • 6.10 3rd Raffle draw - win a return trip to Bangkok with Thai Airways
    • 6.20 Thank you speech, Auld Lang Syne verse and Thai drum parade

    and there will be the following at the Singha Beer Garden Sound Stage at Federation Square:

    • 12.00 Thai music CDs
    • 1.00 Acoustic set by Veroon
    • 2.00 Bonus Band
    • 2.45 Thai Fashion Show
    • 3.00 Megahorn's Jazz
    • 4.00 Thai band
    • 4.45 Thai Fashion Show
    • 5.00 Marta
    • 6.00 Kick boxing
    • 6.00 Hip hop band
    • 7.00 Bonus Band
    • 8.00 Tiffany Show
    • 8.00 Thai band
    • 9.00 Thai music CDs

    The site is http://www.thaifestvic.com if you want to know any more information. See you there!

  6. Hum, I think that's just the beginning. Not only do you lose brownie points for causing conflict openly within the workplace, you've hurt his relationship with his mother too. Everything should have been done through her, really... but then for something like this she would have needed a lot of guts. Be prepared for the consequences and good luck!

  7. I found Thai people amongst themselves very closed and 'unfriendly'. Lot has to do with culture, not that they are really unfriendly, they just don't show it. Showing affection and warmth to eachother is also not done. Woman-mother sisters father, never a hug or such things. In the west we hug and kiss all the time, so that was a big difference. I think the western openness and showing friendlyness (also amongst strangers) is better. :o

    Khun Jean, Thai people express their friendliness in different ways, like wanting to spend time with you, giving you things and so on. Some people on this forum have even described this type of friendliness as cloying. Some Thai people grab other people's attention by sidling up to them and giving them a soft pinch of the arm! Unfriendly is when they don't bother to look at you or talk to you.

    I don't like my Italian/French relatives slobbering on both sides of my cheeks and squeezing me until I feel my intestines are going to come out either end of me. I know they love me, but I just dread it when I visit them. I'd prefer a wai any day! Or maybe I'm a stuffy young English git. English people aren't too forthcoming with affection anyway.

  8. why the swim suit, were you shy having the cat see you naked :D

    It would have been a bit weird picking the cat up while in the nuddy... hehe! Also, at least she would have dug her claws into it instead of me, in case she decided to go off the rails at any point... you never know with cats!

    Toptuan, that's hilarious. :o Well, maybe now, I'm sure you were in extreme pain and shock at the time though.

  9. I used to put my cat into a bath with a shower head and soap her thoroughly. The worst she ever tried to do was crawl away. In the beginning, I had to don a swimsuit and get in with her as she was not used to being cleaned. She used to get really dusty.

    Edited to say: She once got a couple of suprise baths from a mean girl in our condo who threw her into the condo's jacuzzi, but it didn't put her off being bathed.

  10. I live in Chiang Mai, I'm a man, and I can't fit in Thai clothing.

    All I can say is that I've never seen a decent sale for things that I'm interested in here. :o

    Oh, Chiang Mai. Well then, that is a different kettle of fish entirely. I'm talking about Bangkok. Now if I was doing your shopping, I'd be able to find you clothes around Chinese New Year at decent prices; I can bet on it and I would win.

  11. Not me, thank goodness... I'm 5 foot 2, size 6 or an 8, depending on the brand and instead of being an XS or S in Australia, I'm an M in Thailand. The odd thing is... women's clothes in department stores are aimed at Thai women, but the men's clothes are all in farang sizes. What's the deal with that?

  12. There are seemingly millions of Vietnamese women living in America primarily employed as nail techs. But beware they are not the same as real Vietnamese women, they have been Westernized.

    How dare they hoodwink the American male population by looking Asian on the outside and being American on the inside! Shameless hussies!

    It's not suprising actually that Vietnamese women are nail techs - Professionail is a massive nail salon chain in the States and Australia and it is owned by none other than a Vietnamese. Your useless trivia for the minute.

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