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  1. A CCTV doesn´t help so much when they are masked. Nobody called the police or did they need too long to arrive?
  2. A friend came back from Italy to Thailand 2 weeks ago. He said that in Cinque Terre are 50% of the tourists came from Asia and many of them from Thailand. Also you see many Thai Tourists in Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Millions of Thais are travelling abroad. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1611190/thai-visitors-unfazed-by-japan-levy?fbclid=IwAR0tWW_XaWEEB641yfsUKUri1TP4vlx4cAgrXzpd9DbhcOPluU0C5VgvqFg
  4. So the officials say: "Come to Pattaya where we have nice beaches at polluted water". I am not sure if this is a clever marketing.
  5. Is it sure that the planes will fly? At the Chiang Mai Balloon Festival the balloons never fly, they are only blown up for show. Boring.
  6. In Chiang Mai I go to my amphur, pay 20 Baht and get it in a couple of minutes. How can you own a condo and have no yellow housebook or something similar? Perhaps that´s the problem.
  7. Where can I find her or him at Ram, do you have a telephone number?
  8. but also Now I am confused. Is Dr. Morgan a good choice for this? Is she right or the endocrinologist at Ram?
  9. If there's a fire to set somewhere in the world, then the US is doing it.
  10. Nobody will be charged. They occupy the land, sometimes for many years and if somebody finds out that´s illegal, there comes an "oooops, i am so sorry" and that´s it. The same with illegal build hotels in National Parks. The owners earn a lot of money, never had to pay for the land and if they close the hotel, the former owner is a rich man. Surprisingly nobody demands a rent for the past years when he occupied the land.
  11. There were so many beautiful events for free. Unfortunately the lantern release was allowed only one day. But I enjoyed Loy Krathong a lot. This video I have taken with my phone: 500 dancing ladies and a beautiful parade. But I understand the complaining Chinese. Someone thought he can make easy money with the Chinese and doesn´t expect that the Chinese go public.
  12. Why not? There are so many leisure options in the city and around, especially when they count Pattaya too. I don´t want to live there but sometimes a one week stay is never boring.
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