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  1. Yesterday I have been at Mazda and took a look in the CX-30. I would never buy it was my very quick decision. So much hard plastic everywhere. For this price I expected a much better interior. The CX-5 has a better quality, but instead of it I would take the offer from BMW Barcelona Motors for a brand new BMW X1 for 1.99 MB, reduced from 2.4 or 2.5 MB. But this offer will end at May 31st so far I remember.
  2. If it hadn't been filmed, nothing would have happened to the police men.
  3. You are living in the past. 80% of the Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai are individual travelers and they spend more money per person/day than westerners. The sellers at the markets, the restaurant and hotel owners (Thais and farangs) are missing them a lot. More than Cheap Charlie westerners.
  4. The kids are under 16, so it´s impossible that they have a driver license. I hope there will come a hefty fine for the parents that they allow the kids driving. But I guess nothing will happen. It can´t be so difficult to find them when the bikes are so loud.
  5. Thank you @Trujillo. I will check it out.
  6. Thailand will not open its borders for every nation. The number of cases in India and Russia are increasing every day, in the UK they are still high, also in the US and what will happen in Europe after many countries allow to travel we will see in a few weeks.
  7. I like to see my car in a new color. Is there a (good) car wrapping company in Chiang Mai you can recommend?
  8. Right, but the most guns they are used in crimes are not registered. https://pattayaone.news/thailands-gun-murder-rate/?fbclid=IwAR1EJODis67vGZ39WhrxMM8T0OQdb59BozvY09klgp0kotKGeuuRpy5E_1s
  9. They are illegal but it´s too easy to bring them to Thailand from the surrounding countries. Also many guns from the military and police are on the market.
  10. If I need a cigarette, it´s not the best idea to criticize me. Remember the Snickers ad. Why the hell is the idiot carrying a gun in a rubber factory???
  11. Perhaps he thought that he can manage that officials and VIPs have to pay the full price like normal people, but he thought wrong. Then he gave up.
  12. You have to bring the total number in a relation to the number of citizens. Then Belgium is the worst country, Spain 2nd and the UK 3rd. The US are not in the top 10.
  13. If the media agree with him, they are his best friends. If they are critical he wants to close them. I think he has to learn what democracy is.
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