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  1. Because the annoying TM30 reports and don´t make overnight trips around northern Thailand anymore. I safe the money and fly for one week to Saigon, Hanoi, Myanmar or wherever. So a tourism stimulus for me and the hotels and restaurants in the small towns in northern Thailand would be to stop the TM30 nonsense. And yes, I know I have to do the report also when I come from abroad, but only once and not 3 or 4 times after every short trip.
  2. Only the big ones with huge fields. The farmer with a few rai will get not so much. Money goes to money, always. And the CP Group will get a lot I guess.
  3. I have been at TSL at Pantip Plaza, 3rd floor. Good price, nice teachers, friendly atmosphere and I learned a lot. I can absolutely recommend.
  4. We have a 110 cc Yamaha Filano since 3.5 years for short rides to the local market or driving to the city when there are events and no parking places. Absolutely enough. Makes 90 km/h, you can start quick at the traffic light, maintenance is cheap and we never had a problem.
  5. A 7/11 staff makes 10k per month. If he has 30k he is not poor. Far away from that.
  6. I only have to have the 400k two months before I apply for an extension of stay? I have heard it´s 3 months.
  7. If every western country would act like the US, she will never have a chance to travel outside Asia. What a stupid rule from the US embassy.
  8. It´s enough to write some letters to be an "artist"? Now everybody is an artist.
  9. For non-Brits it´s so annoying: yes, no, perhaps, yes or no with deal but nobody knows what kind of deal, yes or nor without deal... - hopefully it has an end soon, but I guess we´ll talk about the Brexit in 3 years because nothing happened and the Brits still can´t make a decision.
  10. They say he was - from another farang. But I don´t know if about the visa or the drugs.
  11. Working without permit and dealing drugs. He has a huge problem. https://chiangmaione.com/nz-man-arrested-for-drug-dealing-illegally-running-restaurant-in-phra-singh-4500?fbclid=IwAR0AxmSQNyvgTgVk1ocCnTPPcj6wxQss6AkavW3M1-2JE5aXGxy4AFvk_Kw
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